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Our mission is to put social progress alongside economic growth as a measure of national development, to make better use of scarce resources and to improve the lives of the people of India.

About Us

The Social Progress Initiative is the first initiative of its kind that measures the socio economic gap and its relationship. The purpose of this initiative is to measure the country’s basic social landscape at a sub national level.

It has been proven that economic measures alone do not fully capture social progress. Several indexes have already tried to go beyond GDP, as an indicator of progress, such as the Human Development Index and the Happiness Index, but none, specifically tracks social  outcomes which include access to schools, healthcare,  sanitation and nutrition, which is the focus of Social Progress Index.

Institute for Competitiveness, India in collaboration with the Social Progress Imperative, has taken upon itself the mantle to add to the body of this research at a sub-national level, using the same guiding principles of exclusive social indicators, outcomes based measurement, actionability of the data and its relevance in India through this initiative. With the focus primarily on measuring three broad dimensions of datasets: basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity; Social Progress Index in India would provide a comprehensive outlook of India’s social standing at the sub national level.


  • To create a credible and robust measure of social progress for Indian states and districts, to benchmark performance, identify priority areas for improvement, and to identify successes that can be scale and replicated.
  • To help state governments formulate strategies for inclusive growth and prioritize public investments.
  • To identify how the private sector, through CSR and commercial activities, can most effectively support social progress.
  • To help civil society organisations to advocate for and deliver social progress, identifying and scaling social innovations.
  • To foster cross-sector collaboration to address social progress challenges.


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