Social Progress Index

 An innovative way to measure the development of a region

The Social Progress Index (SPI)

The Social Progress Index is a tool to capture the social progress of regions based on social performance. The index measures the extent to which social needs of citizens are being fulfilled.

The index as an starting point of a strategy that seeks to improve the quality of lives of millions of people in India. It measures social progress through the three dimensions: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing and Opportunity, by aggregating 35 social  indicators. The dimensions of the SPI reflect three distinct but interrelated measures to quality of life.

SPI – Framework

The Social Progress Index Framework defines the structure of the Social Progress Index. It is build on three architectural elements: Pillars, Components and Indicators.

The three pillars of SPI are Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing and Opportunity. They  reflect three distinct but interrelated measures to quality of life. For each of the three pillars, there are four components. These components reflect the broad areas that can be captured within the pillar. Every component reflect a different area of concern. Then there are appropriate indicators under each component.

Why SPI?

A broader and more inclusive model of development requires new metrics with which policymakers and citizens can evaluate national performance. The Social Progress Index aims to meet this pressing need by creating a holistic and robust measurement framework for national social performance that can be used by leaders in government, business and civil society at the country level as a tool to benchmark success, improve policy, and catalyse action.

Created in 2013 by the Social Progress Imperative, in a process supported by several world-class scholars and specialists in public policies, the Social Progress Index is the result of a two-year process guided by a team of scholars and policy experts. It synthesises a huge body of research to identify the dimensions of social and environmental performance of societies (Social Progress Index 2014).

SPI Principles

The Social Progress Index is designed on four broad principles.


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