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Related to the above Link Dimension hypothesis, There will be a Link/Pendulum Monster at some point.

There will be duelists who fall into comas after being defeated. To go along with this, a fitting antagonist for those trying to gain the truth would naturally be liars, people who cover up the truth or even Consummate Liars.

ARC-V. Un épisode introductif à la … He may encounter Yusaku and befriends him, giving Yusaku advice in Link VRAINS. Revolver either thinks he will somehow restore his past memory by destroying LINK VRAINS, who have/seem to be having romantic feelings for each-other, his father was imprisoned by SOL Technologies for three years in an attempt to cover up the incident, was one of the 6 children from the Hanoi project, over inadvertently causing his father to get bedridden in the first place, All of that because he wanted to save the six children, It was the Ignis themselves who created the Judgement Arrows and the monsters to destroy the Cyberse world. it just... exists.

In this case we could have at least these 3 scenarios: In the first opening, we see the Eye of Horus for the first time since GX. anime to air on Nicktoons. Yusaku was once a member of the Knights of Hanoi.

Jossed. Confirmed, although Yusaku doesn't see Ai as a companion.

Takeru Homura/Soulburner was one of the six children kidnapped in the Lost Incident/Hanoi Project. Ryoken/Revolver was the whistleblower who exposed the Lost Incident/Hanoi Project, but no one else knows this.

[[spoiler:Confirmed. as described in the most recent episode but without the entire 'swapped bodies with the real one' thing.

The cyberspace is created by Reiji after an accident that rendered Yuya incapable of participating in an Action Duel anymore. VRAINS is the fifth spin-off anime series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Learning this might have broken Ai, who is still reeling from being The Last of His Kind and made him conclude that if coexistence was impossible... Then Let Me Be Evil.

It's subtle, but the extra monster zones they use has a horizontal rectangle going across it, like the main monster zones. Episode 68 reveals the mysterious boss (a dark silhouette enveloped in light) to be the Light Ignis' personal program (akin to Echo for Windy), all but confirming this. From what Episode #55's premise suggests, it will involve Playmaker and Soulburner Dueling Blue Girl and Ghost Girl in a Tag Duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! •

You'd know what be interesting? ...thus delivering a TakeThat of epic proportions to the previous series which ran on the concept of the mysterious companion to the main character. The monster will be the evolution of Firewall Dragon to show it's truly his Ace Monster. It would also explain how the enigmatic faction had access to Cyberse monsters - who better to ask than the Ignis? While they both look similar, young Aoi's pigtails are C shaped and our lost girl's pigtail is Shaped. first ritual,fusion,synchro monster in Yugioh Vrains (English Sub ... Star Wars Rebels | Disney XD - Duration: 46:16. Plus while in public, he conceals his identity with a scarf and sunglasses—much like.

The accident that happen to Kengo and Windy's origin is different.

moving to XD would make a nice addition to Disney XD's newly-formed anime block. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/YuGiOhVRAINS. We were unable to post your comment. One could argue that something like those memories probably could have been removed after they'd served their purpose, but there does not appear to be any evidence in favor of that concept. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Cyberspce anime always tend to be darker and serious so VRAINS will likely have a dark and a serious tone.Their will be somany violent and blood scenes and we get to see characters bleeding often. anime series.


In season 3 Jin and Miyu will enroll to Yusaku's school. This is what happens in Playmaker, Soulburner and Blue Maiden's battle against Lightning. We see birds in the opening a few times: when the circles turned to birds that became the title card, then when Yusaku (and Naoki) first appear and we close off by watching a bird fly away. Episode 49's duel is pretty much painting Haru and his group as the second coming of DOMA.

As he is essentially Playmaker's number 1 fanboy, he may attempt to follow Playmaker and accidentally overhear about a meeting in the real world, causing him to go there and learn about the identity of his idol in the process, forcing the others hand and make him join them so he doesn't spill anything to the public. Read Vrains official trailer xD from the story Yu-Gi-Oh Random pictures by Tsukiko05 (Tsukiko) with 362 reads. How ironic indeed. It's possible that the Cyberse is naturally occurring, and magical in nature, and LINK VRAINS was built around it using methods analyzed by SOL Technologies. If this is the case, then the mysterious figure inserting memories of Bowman being a member of the Lost Incident but altering them to say he was Yusaku/to react to the incident like Yusaku did is... even more atrocious than it already was.


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