you are the scrum master for four scrum teams working from the same product backlog

C) Write or cause Product Backlog items to be written clearly, and with as little ambiguity as possible.

Forecast the most likely Product Backlog items to meet the goal and discuss in the upcoming Sprint Retrospective why this happened and what changes will make it less likely to recur. Mikhail: All the options related to self-organization are correct: B, D and E. Mikhail: Of course the answer is “True”.

The Scrum Master is a servant-leader for the Scrum Team. However, we can try to arrange them:

No one tell the Dev team how to turn Product backlog into increment of potentially releasable functionality. Wrong. Answer :Coach the Development Team to improve its skills, tools and infrastructure over time and establish a Definition of "Done" that is actually possible to achieve given the current circumstances. I think the following values were touched in the question: openness, courage and respect (c, d, e): Openness: The Product Owner of your Scrum Team tends to add ideas of all kinds to the Product Backlog as a reminder to work on them at a later stage. Note, the PO is the only person responsible for ordering and assigning values to the PB items. The PO is responsible for making sure that the Key Stakeholders attend and interact in the Sprint Reviews, but really the Stakeholders can be involved with the Scrum Team any time where it’s valuable to have the stakeholder input. There is no need to wait for the Daily Scrum to approve it. At the end of every sprint the teams should have a potentially deployable product. What led to this? Mikhail: The whole Scrum Team should come to a solution about the first Sprint length before starting it. From my point of view, DT owns DoD on behalf of the whole Scrum Team. Information that a Scrum Master might require from a Product Owner when wanting to update their team on the product, or a market’s reaction to it, would include any information that could provide the Scrum Team with an understanding of why something is of value to customers. or by completing the entire wish list. Complexity and unpredictability of requirements are addressed by Scrum via constant work of the PO with the Key Stakeholders and the Development Team (Sprint Reviews, Backlog refinement sessions, etc.). The answer is “The PO and the DT with permission of the PO.”. And the larger the organization is, the more management level there are, the more likely failure is lurking around the corner. I would notice that removing technical debt is usually included into the Sprint Backlog by the Dev Team as a sub-task for completion of some PBI. How do we ensure that whatever a team comes upon will be resolved even if it falls outside their area of competency? SAFe’s central premise is to divide the work into value streams.


Incorrect. Scrum recognizes only Developer role in the Development Team. 4) What are two ways in which technical debt relates to velocity? Stefan Wolpers GitHub The Scrum Guide tells: “Development Teams are cross-functional, with all the skills as a team necessary to create a product Increment;” and “teams are self-organizing”. Too many people in the team could be the root cause. Wrong. What would you consider three ac-ceptable solutions for the problem? Good luck in passing the exam! Choose 2 answers. You work in component teams and don’t want to change them into feature teams. What are two things you take into consideration when moving away from component learns toward feature teams? I need clarification. The three frameworks also encourage you to use Lean principles to optimize your flow. He has calculated that your team’s velocity needs to be 10% higher to live up to the commitment at management level he made for delivery of the project. * No changes are made that would endanger the Sprint Goal; The Scrum Master participates as a peer team member in the Retrospective from the accountability over the Scrum process.” However, developers should follow it for every Item during a whole Sprint. Incremental deliveries of “Done” product ensure a potentially useful version of working product is always available. Add a Product Backlog item to address the security issue. E. Acceptance test pass.

Image courtesy of Jeff Sutherland and Scrum Inc. They are self-organizing. What are your thoughts on this? Inside of these sprints, all of the activities necessary for the development of the product occur on a small subset of the overall product. What comes when?

* If the DoD is strengthen in a middle of a Sprint, it could affect the Sprint Goal because items from the Sprint Backlog will require more time to be completed. Component teams are not recommended but the transition to Feature Teams is hard, regardless of framework, and our experience is that perhaps SAFe makes it easier because it has mechanisms and roles that give the perception that the pain of component teams is manageable (via Program Board and Release Train Engineer).

“When a Sprint is cancelled, any completed and “Done” Product Backlog items are reviewed. The Key Stakeholders are typically customers, purchasers, users, and the people that fund the product’s development. Each scrum sprint involves the same process: Role (people), Events (meetings) and Artifacts (tangible by-products). Mikhail: Agree. Too short Sprints do not allow to implement bigger features in one chunk, but give faster feedback. A . removing technical debt, they can be introduced by the Development Team into their own Sprint Backlog, if they think such stories are necessary in order to help mitigate a technical risk. Choose 2 answers. D) You explain that technical risks are best controlled when architecture and infrastructure emerge alongside the development of functionality. Until becoming part of an iteration, user stories can always be changed and rewritten. However, only the top items for one or two next Sprints should be refined enough (be in “ready” state).


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