xue meng 2ha

And who let Mo Ran run around on Zoom in boxer shorts, anyway? Enter the Mei Hanxues, gods of the harvest, who were definitely not invited to his hall, and who let them eat his pomegranates anyway?

The land, which had been beautiful and orderly, was suddenly thrust into chaos. He could not kill TaXian-Jun at the end, and was instead transmigrated into his younger self along with Mo Ran after the latter killed himself.Chu Wanning was given a second chance to make things right. hi! – Ele pediu.Xue Meng estranhou um pouco. I already ship Shizun with Xue Meng. BE GOOD TO HIM!! [3], Mei Hanxue is a disciple of Kunlun Taxue Palace. The cultivation world had never known peace since the rise of Taxian-jun. 薛子明 – Xuē Zimíng Just for info I tag 2ha spoilers as #2ha-spoilers so block that tag if you haven’t finished the book and didn’t want spoilers! He deeply cares about his family. “Ten years ago, Mo Ran called himself Lord TaXian, massacred everyone in the seventy-two cities under the Rufeng Sect, and even wanted to decimate the remaining nine of the major sects.

I can’t with this emotions!! The era of No Stick, lol!

He used to teach you cultivation and martial arts, protecting you on all sides. even if the erha live action sucks (which it hopefully won’t!) Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I cultivate the footnotes Dao. He has good self-restraint and can professionally take care of sect matters despite the circumstances.

Now's your chance to create your very own custom fandom sampler set! “I feel like it wasn’t worth it.”. Additionally, Eik’s the one who got me to start reading this novel, and I’d like to thank her for introducing me to this amazing novel. The Husky and His White Cat Shizun Chapter 1.

His eyes widened as he stepped back. Does it have a happy ending?

The majestic palace where Mo Ran resided shone with peaceful candlelight. He’s so devoted!

Video of 2ha Xue Meng. He had so much to say, but it was all choked up in his throat.

Next time when you see a man, you won’t need to ask him for his age, just ask him how many years of ‘No Stick’ he is!

Drinking the best alcohol in the world, marrying the most beautiful woman in the world, becoming ‘Lord TaXian’, the union leader of the cultivation world, then bestowing the rank of emperor upon himself.
There is someone translating main story and another person translating the extras, so it’s really fast!

This nonsensical affair which had lasted ten years was finally over. It’s you, you’ve come, haven’t you?”.


[10:58AM - 20 November 2019] with 54 notes. ), much happiness ~ lucenorthstar . For the third three-year period, the people were ready to swoop in. Mmmm was his shizun that bad?… he preserved him so many years in a beautiful place, in a seemly peaceful rest… and Yue said things that cant make me look badly at this shizun of them….

“You should know how he used to treat you…” Xue Meng said tremulously. "Um casamento? Leaving behind those words, he went up the mountain on his own with nothing else but his sword. I think what you’re trying to say here is that the MC is the gong, not that it’s ML PoV.

You should use that if you want to ask about something like this. He was the very height of evil, his hands stained with blood.

Say no to becoming the emperor of the whole country!!

I tend to be particularly sensitive to certain kinds of violence in media, but although some of those violences are super graphic in 2Ha, I don’t feel like it’s ever romanticized or portrayed as desirable or even excusable. After a long pause, there came a soft sigh from Mo Ran.
(蒙 has many meanings; the more fitting ones for names include ‘fine’ as in ‘fine drizzle’, ‘first light of dawn’ from 蒙蒙亮, etc) This is one of MC’s two fellow disciples, and also his younger cousin who kept calling him a dog-fellow. Everyone knows Taxian-jun- how could they not? Between sects, each tried to pull the arms of the other, and no one was able to make massive changes with their own power.

“Here, I found these,” Mo Ran said, as if Chu Wanning didn’t just watch him steal them. That puppy was grey and white with three flames on its forehead, and it looked a bit like a wolf.

Black Iced Teas Thank you so much for translating this! Xue Meng They drifted into the coffin, drifting onto his cheek.

Mo Ran really was like a silly dog shaking its head and wagging its tail.

He could almost feel how clearly his organs were twisting, dissolving, turning to foul bloody liquid. A razão?? But then, on the eve of his birthday, Xue Meng hears something he can no longer ignore. Who takes a liking to a person like Chu wanning.? In contrast to this ‘Steamed Noble Consort’, the second grave was new, and the earth had been filled in recently.

Picking a gleaming, plump grape from the plate of fruit, he slowly peeled off its purple skin. 薛蒙 – Xuē Méng

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The cold, dank wind carried the sounds of leaves rustling. His younger cousin called him a dog-fellow. Why did he keep hearing a cat meowing when he knew it could not possibly have been Veggie Bun?

tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. People had closed their doors and cursed about it. He is EXTREMELY DILF. thank you so much for picking it up, Noice. Spoiler warning!Content beneath this line contains spoilers. Sect Leader Jiang deserves his army of simps. During his youth he was called the "darling of the heavens". I find it already telling that the MC has been preserving his Shizun’s corpse all this time, and in such a pretty way, too.

Hmm, seems like you haven’t read the index page? Do you mind my translating it into Russian? Please consider turning it on! About Grandmaster Chu…we are all very remorseful and grateful towards him. Xue Meng On Tumblr Xue Meng Fanart #my Doodles Tumblr Posts Husky And His White Cat Shizun. – Perguntou Xue Meng.- Aqui! This isn’t something to find major fault with, so what’s there to complain about.”, Now this was a little harsh. ( Log Out /  Hello! At the end, he didn’t write anything on his own headstone with those unrestrained words of his. After months of bloodshed and battle, the revolting armies finally reached the foot of Life-Death Peak. I adore 2Ha and I think it’s amazing, but it’s definitely not gonna work for everyone (and that’s okay!).

Thank you very much for translation! That’s what I meant.

This tall mountain in Shuzhong was shrouded in clouds and mist year-round, and Mo Ran’s palace stood proudly at the summit. This is the first sect leader, the only sensible sect leader, in the entirety of the novel, who is so curt and rude about even a bit of praise.

As he laughed, he cursed under his breath, you dog-fellow.

(燃 = ‘to burn’, 微雨 = ‘light rain’) Our MC.

Of course, there had been some dog-related descriptions that weren’t too bad. Although, it had to be said that those people were quite right. Thank you for picking this up, Luka Luka! “You think Mo Weiyu will come down on his own and kneel and beg for forgiveness in front of you if you wait like this?”, “Other than Shizun, I don’t have anyone else I can be close to.” Pulling free the corner of his robe that the old monk had held onto, Xue Meng said hoarsely, “If you’re not going, I’ll go myself.”.

Day 25: Disorientation; 0.5 Gen, implied Shuangmeimeng. Re: Guardian and MDZS - I don’t think I can actually compare them.

xue meng please 2ha is the story of the gays baby meimeng erha 2ha the husky and his white cat shizun. That grave outside had been dug by himself for himself. The cultivation world didn’t need any emperor or king.


He rules both sea and land. Alive He didn’t know what this Steamed Noble Consort and Stir-Fried Empress was all about; probably the headstones Master Mo the Learned[3] set up for his two wives.

Algumas pessoas realmente não estão felizes com isso. Blood poured from the corner of his mouth.

[4]: Originally 梨花白. I feel svsss vibes here In my own opinion, the narrative does an unusually good job in finding a balance between “I understand why you’re doing this” and “but understanding why doesn’t mean you’re actually justified in making these choices.” That said, some parts were really emotionally difficult and everyone’s got their own threshold around this sort of thing, and that’s also okay.


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