xfinity x1 problems

After two chat sessions and a phone call I am still  not up. If they argue back, all you have to say is "I want this taken care of now instead of getting you to come back out again". What city are you in? I asked comcast to refund/credit my $69.95 installation fee as part of the Comcast Customer Guarantee but they will not as they claim it is not a service offering and that only applys to services. If you find interference, you can shift the position of the router / modem. He calls it a "clog" in the pipes that keeps occurring and we must just wait for it to unclog. I've also manually put the box in power save when going to bed, and not had a second's problems with anything. If you want to save mobile internet, you can set. Your X1 TV box should resume playing in 5–20 minutes. Sometimes its 59 min showing, other times only 10 minutes. We ask that you post all of your X1 related technical issues (Audio, Set Top Box, etc.) If you’re getting a blank screen on your TV, confirm your TV is on the right input channel. The problem is when I turn on the X1 it takes like 5 minutes to boot up, 5 seconds to flip from one channel to the next, press a button on the remote and expected wait time is 3 to 5 seconds, leave the box on all night and then try to go into the On Demand service and it freezes up. Don’t let frustrating Comcast Xfinity problems keep you from watching your favorite shows or streaming music. I asked multiple times, does it have to do w/ 2 accts? Mostly DVR for me. And I am sure that I will be told that it is my fault that there is nothing wrong with their signal or their box. Do they rebate for extended downtimes like this? Anything I can do? With the new package it was suggested that I swap my older set-top box for a newer model. here.

This isn't an X1 issue, specifically, but more likely a coax/splitter issue. Earliest appointment they said they could get me was today, Sunday the 12th between 10 am and noon. [X1-X2] X! Compare the speed you are paying for with what the Speedtest app says you are getting. Speedify automatically prioritizes audio and video streams and dynamically adjusts to network conditions so you get unstoppable streams. This has been a complete nightmare. After 5 minutes, connect the cable box back to power. To access Netflix on Xfinity X1 requires an eligible X1 set-top box with Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet service. Required fields are marked *. I have been having pixelation problems for about a year now. If the issue started suddenly, you don’t need to pay them more money. Moved to a bar a halftime. They have switched out the boxes twice. Basically, having Xfinty internet problems is a pretty sucky thing. If you have just one connection, Speedify can optimize it for you. It has a lot of neat features, but since I got it I've had a problem with the picture breaking up and pixellating. No other channels. connectifymeMay 16, 2019Fix Slow Internet, How To. And like any other internet provider, there are problems that can make the connection slow or uneven at times. Most of the "bugs" are actually connection issues caused by poor/shoddy installations. When calling XFINITY you will get the automated robot, there is a few lines that will be said every time you call about waiting time and COVID, you cannot bypass this.

How to Find Your Xfinity WiFi Network Name & Password. If you’re having Xfinity internet problems, it could be a problem with your modem or …

locked up during NFL game. Comcast charged me $69.95 to come out Friday and updated my old cable service to X1. Moved 30 minutes into the programming to a neighbors house.

You can also open a chat with a support agent at if that’s more convenient for you. I had no luck finding the DeoxIT so I disconnected the input and rightmost output connectors from the splitter and cleaned them with isopropyl alcohol.

The backyard is still hopping. Guess I'll have to order it. Anyway X1 when working is very nice and it has shown me that I want a modern technology provider but one that actually cares about its customers and can provide service. I have the "triple-play" option which includes cable TV, internet, and VOIP phone service. Same issue day after day. So after waiting 2days a tech was sent to replace the box because it was determined to be a "hardware issue". The on going to the modem is 3000MHz and the one going to the X1 cable box is 2300MHz. I want to Show More Less. The Nikon Cafe is in no way affiliated with Nikon Corporation or any of its holdings.

Don’t let frustrating Comcast Xfinity problems keep you from watching your favorite shows or streaming music. Got my new X1 remote box and on install the panel lights on the STB flash in sequence and I have a blue screen that is half cut-off that says something about SNMP and I can't see the remainder of the screen. Address your Comcast Xfinity problems with these 6 fixes. If Comcast’s system is having issues, your On-Demand streams don’t work. make sure that every time it not working you call so they can note it. New X1 pX001anc box installed. Speedify can bond any combination of 2 or more Internet connections and will intelligently distribute your online traffic between them for optimal performance. Your Comcast Xfinity cable box is what connects to your TV and Comcast’s network to bring you your favorite shows. Tune to a channel included with your service.

While Comcast does its best to fix the issue as soon as possible, sometimes, an outage can last for hours or even for a couple of days. Which box (dvr or terminal) is giving you troubles? They keep taking our money and aren't fixing the problem. Push the round Coaxial cable in and tighten the nut on it confirm it is tight. It could take days for them to send someone out to fix your issue.

You can restart your modem and see if the problem is fixed. If Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are pausing a lot as you try to watch your favorite show, you have slow Comcast Internet problems.


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