why did mikan kill ibuki

At the end of chapter 3, was the Nekomaru that returns as a robot the real Nekomaru? Legends of the Multi-Universe: Weirdmageddon. It's very possible that she was a target of slander by her fellow classmates due to being very different and beautiful. Who knows if she was hiding a knife somewhere in case her plan to strangle Ibuki didn't go as planned.

Mikan's execution is one of the more confusing ones. There are two options here. It can take about 10-20 minutes for a hanging victim to be completely dead, while strangling can kill someone in less than 5 minutes.

After seeing what she had done, Hiyoko ran away in shame, forcing Mahiru to go after her. From AI Junko's perspective, you're potentially crippling bodies you want to download yourself into. However, if Monokuma had that power, why not simply do it to everyone so they could exit the program loyal to Junko? There are only three confirmed students part of the 77th batch. Mahiru adressed Mikan as Mikan-chan, and was one of the few in their class who called Mikan by her first name. She didn't hang herself - and so she never actually walked up the stepladder, hence why there are no footprints. geezus Didnt danganronpa 1 always have solid reasons for killing off characters for the most part?
Why? Why is he able to get away with blatantly destroying property (including at least two monitors and cameras) with his initial bomb in the hotel/restaurant? Anime/Game - Danganronpa/Super danganronpa 2 ~ Ibuki x Mikan ~~~ (Yeah, it's Ibuki and Mikan but both males, in fact this hole story everyone is the different gender.

There is also an emotional reason, the same reason why Junko puts so much effort into driving the students into killing each other instead of going for more direct methods. I guess? Okay you make a sound point with Nagito unless they only had enough of his info to fill in some of the blanks, and the fact that yes Nagito's brain is very damaged while making said Avatar is why it is still present but if they are only the actual students without any avatar or programming related help then have could Gundam have his hamsters with him? and why Ibuki anyway?

She helps Mikan with treating her comrades when they get injured. The needle that lit the rocket was injected into the "arm", starting the process. She claims to no longer care about anything except that person, believing they were the only one who ever loved and accepted her. There was blood on Ibuki's soles and the side of the stepladder, but there were no bloody footprints on the stepladder.

This interpretation has received a fan-animation, to see how far his luck would protect him. In spite of her often tightly pent-up demeanor, Mikan also shows by far the most sexual desire among all of Class 77-B's female students, particularly for Hajime. Honestly, I just finished it and the fact that I liked Mikan(which obviously made the last half of this case pretty annoying) aside it was a pretty bad case.

And that is why i think: Ibuki and Mikan were a couple back then, she killed her Girlfriend because it would bring more Despair than killing anyone else, But what about Ibuki only wanting a deep platonic relationship and not a relationship with love? It's heavily implied that the candle did go out, and that the camera was destroyed once she got to the club, but either way, how was she able to ensure that Hajime's screen would go dark the instant she wanted it to?
It's still strange that the creators completely forgot about it, but in the end it wasn't needed to point out the culprit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the danganronpa community. It'd be possible for the future foundation to implant memories about Genocide Jack being someone resembling Toko, but that wouldn't serve any purpose whatsoever. There is a beauty mark under her left eye's corner. There's nothing in-game to imply this, but it makes the most sense given the circumstances of both Junko and Mukuro's bodies. 3rd Class Trial - Did I miss something? She is often one of the first to notice when Mikan finds herself in these situations and claims that Mikan looks so adorable whenever she is embarassed. This is practically WMG, but it answers your questions, so I put it here. The comic at the end also really just covered how she tried to hide her being the killer. 1. This is later confirmed in Danganronpa 3 - Side: Despair where their relationship is revealed. The Imposter was very kind with Mikan and encouraged her to be more confident due to her shy nature. When finally backed into a corner and revealed as the culprit, Mikan ultimately finds solace in her beloved, and says that her motive for murder was simply her affection for them. It's implied (or, at least, the only explanation is) that, after strangling her, Mikan put the noose around Ibuki's neck, lowered the lighting rig, attached the other end of the rope to the rig, and then raised the rig back up again. However, deep down, Hiyoko actually does care for Mikan. Ibuki said she left her former group due to creative differences, and tried to go solo. In the final trial, when Makoto, Kyouko and Byakuya enter the virtual reality, shouldn't their memories of being in the virtual reality have been erased when the forced shutdown commenced? This means Mikan would likely have been in the 76th, not 77th like Hiyoko as Hiyoko is still in her pre-growth spurt state implying she is a year younger.


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