where in mexico was sons of katie elder shot
Now, the four Elder boys receive a frosty welcome home by law enforcement, especially John. Four of the brothers were falsely accused of horse theft, were arrested and brought to Graham, Texas. Dr. Marlow was the town's first physician and a prominent citizen. [17][18][19], Boone had earlier killed James Holstein (or Holdson or Holston) in 1882, a man allegedly hired to "intimidate settlers", after an inebriated Holdson began shooting at him on the Gilmore farm near Vernon, Texas, just across the Red River from the Indian Territory (his sister Elizabeth had married into the Gilmore family and the couple had set up a place there).

'I've Licked It': JOHN WAYNE SAYS HE HAD CANCER Movie Star Reveals Operation Removed Malignancy in Lung WAYNE CANCER Here's the real skinny about how Kate came to betray Doc, thereby losing him forever. HARRISON AND LERNER REUNITED: Star, Lyricist to Do New Musical -- Wallis Plans -- Of 'L.S.D.' Some historians of the Old West believe she was Mrs. Doc Holliday, and some don't. [35], Clinton Rutherford was found not guilty on November 22, 1890, and the court removed Rutherford from the indictment, but bound over Eugene Logan and Verna Wilkerson.

The two renewed their relationship, and things returned to the  erratic romance they had previously enjoyed. Tombstone before the 1881 fire that destroyed most of the business district. Outdoor locations were filmed in Durango, Mexico, and on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, Colorado, USA. But when the movie was made 12 years later, the film's plot had been drastically changed. Harbolt, put some poison in the food that his sister took to Boone. In fact, Logan had not been one of the guards but one of the men in the ambush party. John, the eldest, is a notorious gunslinger, so fast on the draw his opponents barely have time to twitch a finger in the direction of their guns before they’re cut down.

Four years later, Henry Hathaway also directed John Wayne in his Academy Award-winning role of Rooster Cogburn in the original screen version of True Grit. The. , the youngest, was her shining light.

In the interview, he said that deputy sheriff Eugene Logan had been one of the guards taking the prisoners to Weatherford, and had been wounded in doing so.

| A mob then tried to avenge the sheriff and attacked the jail, January 17, 1889, but the brothers were able to fight off the mob. Anticipating John’s return, Morgan has hired Curly, a gunfighter whose reputation as a killer rivals John’s.

Big Nose Kate's gravestone in Prescott, AZ. This film is famous (or infamous) for one of the most blatantly obvious continuity errors in a western, when John Wayne fires 13 shots from an un-reloaded six-shooter during the final gun battle.

$23 million[1]

[30] The Marlows (Charles and his wife, Alfred's wife, Martha, Lewellyn, and Boone Marlow) were sitting down to noon dinner. Bailey immediately brought out his pistol from under the table, but before the man could pull the trigger, Doc's lethal knife slashed the man across the stomach. 44 entries; see 3 spoilers; Continuity. [34], George and Charles where summoned to testify and asked for and received protective custody from U.S. [2], Talbot Jennings was credited for the script.[3][4]. Bill729 George spotted an ax and borrowed it to separate the remaining men. Each time the lever is opened it must eject the spent shell casing so it can receive and load a new shell into the chamber. [19][34] The deputies guarding the brothers ran away, in league with the ambush party. Mama Horoney died in March, followed by Dr. Horoney in May of that same year, both of unknown causes, and 14-year-old Kate was placed in the foster home of Otto Smith. When returning to the blacksmith the characters "DA43" can be seen burned into a post.

In fact Logan had not been one of the guards but one of the men in the ambush party. Relentless research has brought to light additional facts and details about Katie's life.

[25] George and Charles were both wounded (Charles severely so) but escaped, using Burkhart as a hostage and being aided by Clift, and went to their mother's house on the Denson farm (about halfway there they stopped in Finis at a farm house, they asked to stay the night, but were refused. Hathaway in mood to sound off. In fact John Wayne's weight had exceeded 260 lbs by the summer of 1964, although he lost weight after undergoing surgery for lung cancer in September. Hastings shoots his own boy in an attempt to prevent him from testifying. Produced by

), would be separated from the other defendants, and would go all the way to theUnited States Supreme Court, see Logan v. United States, 144 U.S. 263 (1892), filed March 16, 1891. Now, the four Elder boys receive a frosty welcome home by law enforcement, especially John. The Elder brothers are heading for a shootout, and much to the dismay of the older men, young, inexperienced Bud wants to be in the thick of it—his mother’s biggest fear. Continuity mistake: When the Elders are at the ranch waiting for John to show up, Tom and Bud are talking and Tom has a deck of cards in his hands. The youngest brother Bud says he is almost eighteen, yet his elder brother John was in his late 30s or early 40s (although played by John Wayne, who was nearly 60). She was born November 7, 1850 in Budapest, Hungary, the eldest daughter of a wealthy physician named Dr. Michael Haroney.

[6] Frank Burt was to write the script, John Sturges was going to direct and Alan Ladd was to star, making a return to Paramount after several years' absence – he still owed Paramount one film left. For … They evidently chose to leave this in the film. Kate wanted money to tell them, but they refused to pay, so most of her story will never be known. [33][35], The brothers managed to get some weapons, get to cover, and hold off the attack, but Alfred and Lewellyn were killed.

In Dodge City Kansas the following year, the pair registered in a rooming house as Dr. and Mrs. John H. Holliday.


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