what size tip for epoxy primer

Most guns have the option of several different-sized spray tip openings with a matching needle for each one.

©2017 The Eastwood Company. First, examine the coating that will be sprayed. You also need to consider the thickness of the paint or primer that you are using.

If you set the gun correctly and thin primers you can also spray some urethane or low-build primers with these tips.

The 1.3mm is a great general clear coat tip and is also good for thinner base coats, waterborne and single-stage paints. Airless spray guns have more control over the fan width than conventional spray guns because the coating is forced through the tip without being atomized by air. 2.0-2.2MM- We’ve now reached fire hose status. With fancy paints like pearls and metal flakes, you may have to go smaller and larger respectively for them to come out really well, but the only real way to find out is with practice – lots of practice.

Some more experienced painters will use a larger tip like this, but it takes some expertise in mixing and gun setup to avoid runs and thick coatings of clear. When in doubt, it’s a good place to start. All rights reserved. 1.5mm, 1.6mm – Versatile tip for base coats and single-stage paints. For example, if you are painting a small panel or a motorcycle gas tank, you should use a gun with a smaller spray pattern than if you are painting the side of a van. The next thing to consider is your project surface area. Below we give a list of the common size spray tips and when/where to use them. 1.4-1.5MM- These tips are the middle of the road and can be used for the widest variety of coatings. 1.8-1.9MM- Now we’re up to the big-boy tips. If we were stuck on a deserted island and had to paint our car we’d choose one of these tips. Put simply, heavier coatings will require a larger orifice size than lighter ones.

Smaller surfaces will require a small fan width to reduce overspray. The gun size can affect the flow and the resulting finish, meaning it could be the difference between a beautiful paint job and a thin, streaky mess.

Too thick of a paint won’t flow well through this size, though. 2.0-2.3mm – For high-build primers and other thick materials. Choosing the proper HVLP spray gun tip size will give you the right combination of speed, efficiency, results and ease of clean-up.

This included which size tips to use in your HVLP paint gun and when to use each. But most important to the quality of the job you are doing is using a gun with the right size fluid tip and needle for paint, primer or whatever else you are spraying. Eastwood carries a selection of popular sizes for the guns we sell. Most painters will stay in the range of 1.2 to 2.0 mm unless the paint being applied is specialized. 2.0-2.2MM- We’ve now reached fire hose status. The 1.8mm is at the upper end of sizes for urethane primer surfacers, and the minimum size you want to use for a poly-urethane primer surfacer, which can use up to a 2.2mm. What you are painting is important to a certain extent, but more important is what you are painting with. Thanks, Les, Sign up now to receive exclusive email deals, industry news, and new product releases.*. How to Select the Right Tip for Your Paint Gun. This could be your tip.. but don’t expect that show-car finish! We don’t suggest using these tips for paint or clear coat unless you just want to coat something quick and the final finish isn’t an issue. Oftentimes, the paint or primer will come with recommendations as to how to spray it. There are three main factors to consider when determining the size tip that will produce the best results. We use these tips often for applying our early stages of primer, especially epoxy primers. The amount of information on the subject can be overwhelming, so we at the Bottom Paint Store have done our best to make this step easier for you. Gelcoat Did Not Cure – What Caused It and What’s Next?

1.4mm – Great all-purpose size. The 1.4mm tip is perfect for base coats and metallic as the droplet size allows the particles to self-orient to eliminate streaking and mottling. When spraying paint with a compressed air spray gun – whether gravity feed or siphon feed, conventional or High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) – it’s important to have the gun set up properly for the job. All rights reserved.

I bought the Devilbiss FLG-670 spray gun with three tips but it had only one needle. Typically, 1.8mm is recommended for most primer surfacers. As a general rule of thumb, thicker material like high-build primers use a bigger opening, while thinner liquids use a smaller tip. Thinner paints run the risk of orange peel, though, because they will not atomize correctly. Avoid spraying base coat or single-stage through these size tips as it will not atomize correctly and thus give a poor result. Just curious. This will get the product on in a hurry, but expect to have to sand the surface to smooth it out. We offer a full line of paint guns, spray tips, paints, and all other supplies on our website. These tips are only reserved for heavy, high build coatings like rust products, undercoatings, sprayable body filler, and extremely high build primers. This determines the appropriate fan width that your sprayer will produce, that is, the shape in which the product will leave the gun nozzle. For example, primers are usually thicker than the accompanying paint so you should use a 1.7 or 1.8 mm tip to prime most surfaces. Hi, good information. Most boat projects consist of large surfaces and so a wide fan will increase the spray coverage and also provide the ability to spray close to the surface without too much build up. http://boatpaintguide.com/gelcoat-spray-gun-the-right-tool-for-a-great-job/#.U_80dfldVWg, http://esmfg.com/aspnet_client/g860_hvlp_gelcoat_spray_gun.html, http://www.international-marine.com/paintguides/mpg_paintapplication.pdf, http://magnum.graco.com/products/M_Pages.nsf/Webpages/0Spray_Tip_Info, http://www.carcraft.com/howto/ccrp_0511_paint_spray_gun/#ixzz3Bheyr89Z, Bottom Paint Store Blog – How to Articles. Visit our painting products here: https://www.eastwood.com/paints.html, Sign up now to receive exclusive email deals, industry news, and new product releases.*. Do not try to use these tips with thicker coatings like high build primers and undercoating. This size is the closes to a universal tip as it comes. If the epoxy primer has been stored in a cold place, you can increase the viscosity and thus ensure more convenient application by placing the container in a large bucket of lukewarm water for some time. For spraying a whole car, a 1.3mm tip is recommended. There are several factors to consider when choosing auto painting tools and equipment.

If you adjust your gun correctly you can use these with clear coats, and also spray base coats easily. We use these tips often for applying our early stages of primer, especially epoxy primers. It’s also the smallest size if you are shooting latex paint – not that you would do that with your good HVLP gun. They are also used for thin dyes and stains. Tips and tricks. If you just remember that thinner = smaller and thicker = bigger, it’s pretty intuitive. 1.2-1.3MM- These nozzle and tip combinations are the most fine and therefore work well for thinner coatings. I’d hate to break it to you but it’s not quite that easy and it takes years of practice to get those results. These sizes are also a good choice for lacquer paints. Does every tip size need it’s own individual needle? I’m thinking about getting the 1.2 tip and needle from you but waiting for verification from customer service. The 1.8mm is at the upper end of sizes for urethane primer surfacers, and the minimum size you want to use for a poly-urethane primer surfacer, which can use up to a 2.2mm. It is not a very common size but is currently offered on the Eastwood Concours LT Gun. The 1.4mm tip is perfect for base coats and metallic as the droplet size allows the particles to self-orient to eliminate streaking and mottling. These smaller sized tips are most commonly used with clear coats and final top coats.


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