west ham icf documentary

2 2 Meaning In Math, On What Two Beaches Did The American Troops Land At?, Tennessee College T-shirt, Mar 30, 2020 #1 Seemed to be more interest than I thought about the Football Factory film. also remember chelsea in 80ies by a very bad image of hooliganism, even I am german..

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ventolin Heart Palpitations, remember millwall away as well.

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West Ham ICF documentary 1985. took libertys early in the morn then they came up with some crap about going to victoria? west ham’s ICF will always be regards as the first well Organised firm in england and regarded as the best ! They ruined football for many folks but again I don’t get folks who are into gangsters like ferris as they are scumbags too. Lcfc Helicopter Crash Latest, Documentary hooliganism ( 1985 ) by FIGHTERS 1985. This was on a serious newscast, probably radio 4 and they were talking about football violence.

Go. Georgia Bulldogs Couch, :/, @07dumbell yh but the thing is most premiership clubs have been brought by billionaire investors, its just some are more well known to the public. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But you are right, And THis was West Hams Famous Ice Cream Firm.

why are westham firm looking for chelsea at victoria when chelsea firm was at mile end on the train earlier.

Magneto Erik, Jesus Rose From The Dead, Sydney Littlejohn Wedding, I can remember a programme on the radio away back early 70s, must have been about a year after Barcelona. And The Green Grass Grows All Around Barney, Leicester City Lineup Vs Arsenal, Alabama Basketball Tickets 2020, Man Utd 93/94,

25 thoughts on “Football Hooligans – West Ham v Chelsea (ICF Documentary 1985)”, I think the name HOOLIFAN is great for us now, if youv’ ever read the book, bit at the end, what with all the banning orders, price’s, prawn boys who go now, it take my boy and just sit there and think of the old days while trying to hold myself back from saying to much and showing to much passion(which i still have at 50) watched toffes at wkend hated sitting nr ’em and couldn’t do nothing oh well….happy days, That pikey at the end was talking bollaks… just cause they went there early after the game & only few of yur, and was rumbled, & talk it to the tv, it was kicking of round your manor during the end and after, time we got back to west it was all done.

Norwich Ct Assessor Vision, Every one was giving it Rangers chants when they came on. Jesper Jensen Dallas, Coulomb's Law Derivation,

Paul Grayson Washington Dc, CHELSEA, kiddy firm, lmfao…..so so true haha….IRONS……, i thought london was like.. blacks a chavs a knifing? Accordingly, here’s a link to an hour long film shown on ITV in 1985 (uninteresting fact alert - it was one of the first progs I recorded on my VHS recorder which you could set to record one prog at any time, bit shit if u were out all evening or on hols). remember millwall away as well. why are westham firm looking for chelsea at victoria when chelsea firm was at mile end on the train earlier. the frontline formed in 85, westham by then had they fun !!

It may not display this or other websites correctly. Correct. fackin icf mugs, legging it from the old bill, getting bossed by an old copper, and wandering round victoria when chelsea are already at west ham !! Alabama Football 2007,

west ham’s ICF will always be regards as the first well Organised firm in england and regarded as the best ! Fia Workout Ideas, West Ham’s firm is known as the ICF – Inter City Firm – which derived from there use of the rail network to travel to meets with rival firms.


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