toulouse geese temperament

Useful to Know: A popular fast growing commercial hybrid is an Embden Gander crossed with Toulouse Geese. Toulouse plumage is fuller and softer than the average farmyard goose, especially in the larger, exhibition birds. It shouldn’t actually be that difficult to put together a good breeding flock of these geese. Toulouse Geese are a great options for production as well as eggs. Hey! And another type is a heavy industrial type with dewlaps. The Embden Goose is the tallest of all geese, reaching over 3.3 feet or one meter in height. That way you will know exactly what the Toulouse Goose brings to the table (eggs, meat, temperament and more) Bear with us! The geese tend to be ornery to anything (or anybody) who crosses them during this time. Uses: Utility – meat, especially when crossed with Embden Geese. Cow They were and are adorable. The Toulouse Geese are generally calm, quiet and slow moving.

The following books are available. All Rights Reserved. Life On The FarmThe summer was their time to explore and learn. The breed is poor layer and not suitable for egg production. It was developed in Haute Garonne, where the city of Toulouse is the region’s center in south-western France. They don't like to be startled or rushed.

I also kept my brooder near a window so the goslings could enjoy natural light all day. The White version was standardized in 1982 and the Buff in 1997. Thank you for pinning & good luck on all of your future goose endeavors . This breed was named after the city of Toulouse, France. Species Index of Geese. They are very trusting nature - a trait that makes them popular as pets. Please feel free to share about your own experiences owning pet geese. Ostrich When raising goslings, there are many types of brooders you can use. She is very serious about her nests, and does not like to be bothered while working.
Forced feeding used in the production of foie gras production is controversial, due to the procedure of forcing a tube down the throat and the health consequences of an enlarged liver. Fully grown, they are a mix of light and dark grey with a white underbelly.

Phoebe and Finn came to New England all the way from California. Ask me anything about them in the comments section below. These grow quite quickly, and they will need to be slaughtered before they hit the age of 2, otherwise you are going to be ending up with a goose that suffers some serious health issues. They loved swimming right away. Although, as we have said several times, there are several strains of this waterfowl. The Toulouse goose can lay up to 50 eggs per year, although it tends to be closer to the 20-30 mark. They should always have access to dry shelter.

Photo: A German Toulouse Goose with a smaller keel than British / American exhibition varieties. Obviously, this is still going to be a decent looking breed, so there is no reason why you can’t use it as a breed that looks good walking around your yard, though. Toulouse geese can make good pets. Finn is curious, boisterous and rambunctious. Your email address will not be published. Mine are the utility or production type. Approximately the Toulouse geese get weight from 15 to 20 pounds. The red light can be more soothing and prevents them from picking. Hello, I'm Angie - a New England based gardener, blogger, urban farmer, and freelance photographer. Females can weigh up to 12 to 13 pounds while males weigh 18 to 20 pounds. They are so proud when they land . They do a great job letting you know if there is anything unusual prowling around the yards. The back and tail are typically a larger grey, fading to a lighter grey on the neck and head. This is that their feathers do not dry out all that quickly. Offer him a slice of watermelon and you will immediately win his trust and his heart for life.♥. The name of Toulouse goose has been recorded back up to 1555.

Poultry They are not good foragers. He loves to follow the ducks to the stream that is way out in the field. I have 2 Toulouse geese also.

The skin around the dark eyes is also orange, giving the appearance of an orange eyeliner.

The British version tends to be a little bit heavier, and some would say more ‘show worthy’. This means that there may be one or two that are going to err towards the more aggressive side, but … Description.

The breed is layer rather than appropriate for egg production. Note: Toulouse geese are grazers, but it is important to make sure that the grass is short and tender. Geese would be a great addition! She prefers to stay close to home rather than wander off into the fields. We all enjoy waterfowl and many of us offer them food to encourage them to come over and stay around - and it works! The breed is poor layer and not suitable for egg production.

A common myth is that all geese are aggressive and temperamental.

Fully grown, they are a mix of light and dark grey with a white underbelly.
You have to choose the right breed for you depending on your needs. He loves tummy touches and enjoys his belly being rubbed.

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Sitemap Job Circular Origin: France. Thanks for visiting our site, let’s make this world a better place to live. I thought they would stay that way but no. As time went on, they definitely developed their own personalities and a tight bond with each other. Two types of Toulouse goose are recognized. When Toulouse geese fly, they briefly take flight for a short distance then land back on the ground. Toulouse Geese typically forage for tender weeds and grasses. During the late summer, he started to learn how to fly. These birds are heavier, and they carry themselves a little bit better. The production Toulouse can be more aggressive, but they are still known to be relatively quiet geese with pleasant attitudes. The Foie Gras is a specialty food product made of the liver of the Dewlap Toulouse goose. Give her love back and she will never leave your side.♥, Meet Finn

They have massive, deep bodies using a pendulous dewlap. Crows: The birds that go fishing with breadcrumbs! Phoebe is very sweet, loving and shy. Make sure to clean the water bowl and food bowl frequently so that both will not begin to breed harmful bacteria. Goslings are covered in greenish-grey down.

They are known for their large size, wide bodies, and fast growth rates. His favorite activities include nibbling on grass, bugs and pretty much anything he can fit in his beak. And the fluffy feathers of this goose breed are a good source of down feather. In North America, the Toulouse entered the American Standard of Perfection in 1874 and is only standardised in Gray. Unlike Phoebe, he isn’t shy at all and will come right up to new people and begin his investigation. Origin: France. Unlike Phoebe, he isn’t shy at all and will come right up to new people and begin his investigation. Toulouse Geese, along with White Embden Geese, are the most popular commercial breed of geese sold in America. The Toulouse is a popular goose and good specimens can sell for high prices. The strain is an important meat manufacturer and with its oversized liver, a source of foie gras. When it comes to the male or female Toulouse goose, there are some owners who report that the males can be aggressive at times. They assist with decreasing waste and the need for earth-destroying chemical all while increasing organic production! They were both sweet natured and would come knock on the back door. The feathers come in varying shades of grey (applicable to the original grey variety). She is very serious about her nests, and does not like to be bothered while working. Want to learn more about Phoebe and Finn? On average standard weight for Toulouse male is 9-9.5 kg and 7-8.5 kg for females. And the manufacturing type is that the little goose generally sold by hatcheries. This goose is only really for show in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is likely to end up having a heart attack.

Toulouse Geese produce excellent yields of goose down and all-dark meat. When Toulouse geese fly, they briefly take flight for a short distance then land back on the ground. Uses: Utility – meat, especially when crossed with Embden Geese. Goslings First WeekI received my goslings from the online farm supplier Murray McMurray Hatchery. He is very protective and never afraid to hiss at a dangerous intruder. Production: The Production-type Toulouse weighs 18-26 pounds at maturity and lays 20-40 eggs per year. The Exhibition and Standard Dewlap types are huge birds. To be honest, a lot of people are not actually going to be eating the eggs that their Toulouse Goose provides. He then swims and socializes with the wild mallards and the Canadian geese. The Exhibition and Standard Dewlap types are the massive birds. As the name suggests, the Toulouse Goose is a French breed of goose. A common myth is that all geese are aggressive and temperamental. A large hay-covered tray for the eggs is going to help minimize this. With a safe brooder to rest in and a heat lamp to keep them warm, I was ready for my newly hatched babies to begin a happy life at home. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2011 - All Rights Reserved.

The breed is known in Gray and Buff types, and they lack this African breed’s knob. Disclaimer When I came home from school, they would run around the house honking excitedly. I was so excited when it was finally warm enough for them to enjoy the outdoors safely. How Comfortable Are You with Duck & Goose Down Production? This breed comes in Grey (original color), Buff and White varieties. It was originally derived from the European Greylag Goose (Anser anser) to meet the growing demand for the French delicacy Pté de foie gras - a dish made of goose or duck liver that has been specially fattened.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And the Production type is the slightly small gray goose usually sold by hatcheries.

Any time I had some outdoor chores they would be right by my side nibbling on some grass as I worked. Please note that feeding ducks and geese makes them dependent on humans for food, which can result in starvation and possibly death when those feedings stop.

I also introduced them to some hay after a week to give them something new to munch.

Long and stringy grass can result in impacted gizzards. Required fields are marked *. The Heroes that Were Pigeons: The Smart “Rescue and War” Pigeons Fertility is accessibility to succulent feeds that are green highest when birds get exercise and water such as swimming.

If you are lucky enough to live near a local hatchery where you can find Toulouse Geese for sale, that is great.

Females can weigh up to 12 to 13 pounds while males weigh 18 to 20 pounds.

And the Exhibition type have more exaggerated features.

Although, it didn’t really gather that much use until the 1800s. In order to maintain a good weight, their diet typically needs to be supplemented with more concentrated feed, such as grain and waterfowl pellets. The Toulouse goose are known for their large square, broad bodies. He also loves to climb on top of everything from water bowls to people.

Along with the subgroups are Standard, Production and Exhibition Dewlap.

This is because that is where the show standard of the breed was developed. It only takes a goose twenty minutes to digest food and then excrete it, so be aware, they can be quite messy! Always something new. The strain was exported to America in the 1850s, and to England in the 1840s. Obviously, if you are a homesteader, you will be unlikely to raise it for this purpose either. Both types are large in size and very heavy. And the type without dewlaps lay 25-40 eggs per year. They have a deep keel that almost touches the ground.

This means that you should have a decent amount of meat coming through and, of course, if you separate the males from the females, you should have a decent number of eggs you can eat too. Home » Domestic Goose Breeds » Toulouse Geese. I enjoy sharing DIY projects, home tours, fresh recipes inspired by nature, and homesteading how-to's.


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