tough guise 2 essay
Violence at young ages can have serious emotional effects especially on men because they are more likely to suffer in silence then express themselves like women. In other words, Katz argues, men don’t just learn to be more violent than they otherwise would be, they are actively taught. The family and community have a huge part in shaping kids this way, but the biggest influence in the media/ television. Instead of discussing how many men have assaulted or raped women, we tend to describe these situations as the women being attacked. Tough Guise What does it mean to be a man in society? As the documentary continued, an underlining theme started to develop.

Whether we are talking about the horrifying, high-profile mass shooting we have seen over recent decades, the far greater rates of murder and gun violence we see on a day – to – day basis that barely register in the national news, or the epidemic of sexual. For example, television show like “I Love Lucy” demonstrated that a male should be the breadwinner of the house by going to work while the female should stay home so that she can take care of their home and to wait on the husband for authority. SOC 212 In Jackson Katz’s video Tough guise: violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity, Katz presents the media as culprits in creating a culture crisis in masculinity. The big problem here for society in the information age is that the more aggressive treatment is creating more social/emotional distance, higher average stress that hurts learning; more activity for stress relief; lower social vocabulary; higher muscle tension that hurts handwriting/motivation to write, and much lag in communication and trust of teachers/adults. we can write an original essay just for you. Boys are given love and honor only when they have some achievement, status, power, etc. I was not prepared for the disturbing tour that Katz took you through using powerful role models. Still in West Palm Beach, there was still some drive to make their sons tougher also. GradesFixer. But what is it? An example used in the film, explained that most of the Vietnam soldiers who returned from war either committed suicide or continued to get involved in violent crimes. And lastly, in Cornell’s essay titled “Masculinities and Globalization” he says that, is "toxic to both the men and women left in its wake" this essay aims to explore the relationship between hegemonic masculinity and violence. This was designed to make boys tough. Tough Guise 2 reasons that men’s violence should be viewed as a gendered spectacle. You can get 100% plagiarism FREE essay in 30sec, Sorry, we cannot unicalize this essay. This left many boys unable to learn nearly as well. We have plenty of obedience in Charlie company and I feel it is one of the best units I have been in. 2 Dr. Katz uses the research of linguist Julia Penelope to examine how this happens. In Thorne’s essay titled “Girls and Boys together…” he explores how sex segregation occurs predominantly in elementary school. However, this documentary focuses more on the male experience and how constructs and scripts of masculinity can affect them throughout their lives.

Women are perceived to be submissive, delicate, passive, dependent, vulnerable, having the ability to care for children and at times worthless.

Instructions: Please address the following questions related to the film, 'Tough Guise 2'. The only pain that matters is the pain you inflict. Through watching this short documentary I have learned and acknowledged how we are so easily influenced and shaped through a variety of things: family, community and media. Professor Desai He compares this to how we in the United States think of race, how the word conjures up “African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American, etc.” Similar, when we hear the term sexual orientation, we immediately assume that the speaker is referencing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. English 101-01

One of Katz’s concerns in the film was to outline the flaws in the role of culture, which abides juvenile men to think that dominating others, and doing as one pleases to avoid being defined as feminine is okay. The big differences were the anxieties, lack of knowledge, and for boys, much more aggressive treatment designed to make them tough. A vast majority of the gun violence crimes in America occur because of men, African American men from the ages of 15 to 30 have the highest chance of dying to violence. These portrayals tend to make people want to achieve them and therefore people tend to forget what is really important. "He begins with the fact that the video game and film industries both take money from companies that make firearms to feature their products. The following points are central to the film’s main line of argument: • Masculinity is made, not a given; It’s no use arguing whether the media, the military, or the gun industry are responsible for rates of violence, he observes, since they’re in cahoots.

-- It’s the roughest and toughest show on TV: The American Gladiators.

(Oxford English Dictionary, 1885). Tough Guise 2 Essay Gender In Tough Guise 2. He explains it as a “front that so many men put up that’s based on an extreme notion of masculinity that emphasizes toughness, and physical strength, and gaining the respect and admiration of others through violence with an implicit threat of it” (Katz). Through several examples including racial, ethnic, and class lines, Katz examines “mass shootings, day-to-day gun violence, violence against women, bullying, gay bashing, and American militarism” which all play a huge role in the normalization of violent masculinity in our culture.

These extreme examples intersect with the everyday, mundane lessons about the importance of being “real men” that boys and men receive from the media and their peers, parents, coaches, and more. -- I'm going to admit that I mostly follow this blog for such kind of comical unfounded assertions. In 1999 Jackson Katz headlined a documentary that powerfully revealed the mask of masculinity, a pretense of stoicism and readiness for violence that many men feel compelled to put on, at least part of the time. Supplemental links Our culture needs to be more excepting of what it “truly” means to be a man. Experts officials on the topic, have been urging that we need focus on the relationship between violence in one’s culture and violence worldwide. This is maintained by parents, peers, teachers, and the media that model only those traits and respect accordingly.

If a man would show weakness in any way, there would be much criticism to follow. Numerous kids around the world learn at an early age to put on a so called "front" or "guise" to show only the certain parts and qualities that a tough guy possesses. In the film “Tough Guise”, Katz explains that men aren’t naturally violent but are taught to be so. Question: How do(es) the use, meanings, connotations and denotations of the central image of the word “love” change(s) in Maragret Atwood’s Variations on the Word Love and also whether the poem may be viewed as a love poem.


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