torque mirror shine walmart

I was suprised how well I could see myself in my truck. Torque Detail Mirror Shine - Super Gloss Wax & Sealant Hybrid Spray Superior Shine w/Professional Detailer Protection - Quickly Applies in Minutes, Each Coat Lasts Months - 16oz Bottle Visit the Torque Detail Store 4.3 out of 5 stars 4,891 ratings | 161 answered questions Nothing I've used before even compares to the finish i got with torque. I have a small hand polisher which I made a bonnet out of a nice microfiber cloth. It is blinding in the sun. Worked great! Will not apply any other wax to my ceramic coating..

Mirror Shine is a culmination of over 5 years of formulating his own detailing solutions.Custom Formula: Only available here, Mirror Shine is a specially formulated to provide a glass-like shine with an additional synthetic polymer protection. plus my rover loves the weekly care 20 min. were done. While we developed this formula for ease of use, taking proper steps when applying the product will help it last much longer. COVID Update: Shipping as normal! Awesome Products and Customer Service. I received your product a few weeks ago. You can literally see the difference as well as feel it! This is it! To remove deep contaminants, we recommend "claying" your car as well. Was a bit skeptical but WOW. I got caught in the rain the very next day and to my amazement my bike was not dirty, like nothing stuck to it, just a quick wipe down and i was down. The product went on smooth and easy just like you said it would. How to Apply - Other Torque Detail Products, Decon Wash Pack (Decontamination Soap (8 oz) + Wash Mitt), Full Decon Kit - Decontamination Soap, Wash Mitt, Clay Lube and Reusable Clay Pad, Ceramic Shine™ - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle), Turbo Ceramic Waterless Detailer™ (16 oz) - Anti-Static Waterless Car Wash & Quick Detailer, High-Gloss Tire Shine Spray (16oz) - Shines + Protects Tires, Pro-Detailer Bundle - Complete Car Detailing Kit, Ceramic Pro Bundle - Complete Ceramic Coating & Detailing Kit, Mirror Shine™ - Super Gloss Hybrid Wax Spray & Sealant - 1 Gallon / 128oz (Refill) - 60% OFF Total Bottle Price. I initially bought the gallon and have applied around 50 coats to all my cars and still have around just under a half gallon. Goes on easy. I had just received my order of Torque Mirror Shine and was in the process of applying it when a plastic barricade fell against the car!! The more you buff it, the more shine you get out of it.

Gives your vehicle an instant high gloss look. I had one day last week to apply one application. The skepticism I had is gone, I am impressed with your product. Cant wait to see how it performs. After care starts before the product is applied. Super easy to apply and car is shining.

Thank you Torque Detail! COVID Update: Shipping as normal! Car has a fantastic deep shine, I absolutely Loved it‼️User friendly and the end result is Spectacular ‼️I wish that I could send a few pics‼️. Shipping reduced to $4.95 and FREE Shipping $40+.

I have never had a product work so well.

Mirror shine was very easy to apply was done in about 20 minutes. Torque Mirror Shine does the job! It looks great! To my surprise the area with mirror shine needed only a light compounding and buffing while the area that was not yet treated took me over an hour of careful compounding!! Please email me when in stock. I have recommended this product to many friends and family and they love it also. Just my first bottle of mirror shine in the mail today.

Frank Mitchell is a former professional detailer and car enthusiast. I love the way it shined my car! Still need to apply it to my Mini Cooper, Mirror Shine™ - Super Gloss Hybrid Car Wax Spray & Sealant (16oz Bottle), Never Use Your Wash, Wax, Polish & Seal Products Again, 3 Bottles - Most Popular (3 Bottles for the Price of 2), How to Apply - Other Torque Detail Products, Watch This Video Review From One Of Our Customers, Ceramic Shine™ - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle), Decon Wash Pack (Decontamination Soap (8 oz) + Wash Mitt), Pro-Detailer Bundle - Complete Car Detailing Kit, Ceramic Pro Bundle - Complete Ceramic Coating & Detailing Kit. Gives your vehicle an instant high gloss look. I started using torque products around a year ago. Mirror Shine™ is most effective when it bonds to the car's "clear coat".

In this video we show you how to apply our hybrid wax sealant Mirror Shine to your vehicle. Thank You Torque, Its my new favorite product!! The Clay Block is easier and faster than a traditional Clay Bar and can be used up to 100 times. Now I use the waterless wash detailer, mirror shine and I now have the ceramic shine which I will use before the winter storage. Torque Mirror Shine does the job! We've only recently began selling it to customers.Fast Domestic Shipping: We typically ship out your order same day or the day after. I been Detailing Vehicles for 50 Years mainly my own but I started my business three years ago and do a average of 150+ vehicles a year.
Yesterday we had 7" of snow and after 3 hours of driving in it today all the snow is gone and the truck looks fantastic. I'm a fan! thankyou. It looks better than the day I bought it. Mirror Shine™ - Super Gloss Hybrid Car Wax Spray & Sealant (16oz Bottle) As easy as advertised. Will use no other companies products. I have used Mirror Shine on three of my cars and I am very pleased with the results. It made my black car shine as good if not better than new. Product worked great, applied two coats. COVID Update: Shipping as normal!

If you find Mirror Shine is washing off too quickly, use a polish or. I am very satisfied with this product. I love this product! Very easy to apply and remove. Wax on....Wax Off.... has not been this fun in years!!!!

The shine was incredible, i was kind of worried that my Matte finish would be to shiny but as you can see it just gave it a sheen and everything else was a Mirror Shine. It worked great on my 10 yr old Chevy Tahoe. James Ferrell, 1 coat with Torque, this product is amazing when it's full sun it's so shiny it looks "WET', THIS ONE HELL OF A PRODUCT I HAVE TRIED A LOT OF PRODUCTS BUT THIS ONE RIGHT HERE IS IT JUST LIKE THEY SAID U WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT EVER I LOVE IT. DJ . I washed the car first and clay barred it to remove contaminates. We use a Clay Lubricant and a Clay Block.

Shop Our Gallon Jugs for 60%+ Savings - Click Here! My 1955 Chevy pickup has never looked as good.

Shipping reduced to $4.95 and FREE Shipping $40+. It should not wash off after a rainstorm or a car wash. Decontaminating the car's surface prior to applying will help with the durability and length of Mirror Shine's seal. My 2010 FJ Cruiser looks like in came off the show room floor. Mirror Shine™ should NOT wash off quickly after application. It worked great on my 10 yr old Chevy Tahoe.


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