things tiktok made me buy on amazon

However, when TikTok found a cheap pair, we jumped at the opportunity to join the trend. It’s kinda crazy just how much stuff sells.

Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

I don’t just watch these TikTok Amazon hauls, though—I screenshot the videos when I see products that interest me, and sooner or later, I give into the temptation and order them for myself. We've all been there. The problem is that they're expensive!

amazon - $24; the ordinary peeling solution.

When we say we're obsessed, we mean it.

If you’re looking for a more eco-conscious alternative to Post-Its, these Quick Canary Dry Erase Sticky Notes are the move.

The point is, Amazon can be a little overwhelming with its millions of product offerings, so scrolling some TikTok reviews can really help you find a few new favorites. These come highly recommended from Chriselle Lim who likes how they mimic the shape of real eyebrows for the most natural look.

The Maxi-Matic HyperChiller was the very first thing I purchased by way of TikTok influence.

The coolest part, though, has to be the touchscreen.

ulta - $7; ultrasonic skin spatula. These adorable earrings are cheap and worth it. This 2-pack is under $10!

People on TikTok all rave about how this tool will get you a professional-looking blowout at home and leaves your hair so soft and shiny. home; beauty; misc. It’s not a weapon, just an alarm to sound if needed to both attract help and scare off any potential threats.

With that, read on for 15 Amazon purchases I fully blame TikTok for making me buy, all of which I honestly love and highly recommend. Hashtags like #AmazonFinds and #AmazonMustHaves have not just millions, but billions of views on the app, and I’m probably guilty of contributing at least a billion views myself.

Look HERE for tips on gaining followers on the platform.

One more tech-y pick, but make it cute! You can reuse them up to 3000 times—think of all the paper you’ll save!

While it's definitely a splurge product, it is oh-so worth it. So when I set out to find the coolest things that Amazon sells for under $25, it was a daunting task. This Luxby Mini Bag Sealer is a kitchen must, as I have a ton of snack bags but hate the look of clunky bag clamps. Keep reading to find out about the four things TikTok made us buy on Amazon.

Not to sound dramatic or anything, but TikTok has changed my life. From cheap fashion updates and useful beauty products to at-home wellness hacks and home organization tools, scroll down to see all the new Amazon basics I uncovered from TikTok. Using throwaway cotton pads on the daily creates so much unnecessary waste—these washable cotton pads are reusable are easier on the environment and your wallet in the long run.

You know those cereal dispensers in cafeterias?

Another way to pin your hair back while you're doing your beauty routine and avoid those annoying bends most clips leave in your hair. As working from home because the norm, this phone is looking a lot more useful.

blisslights - $60; led strip lights. Multiple people recommend this makeup bag because it hold a lot and you can totally customize the size of each compartment depending on what kind of products you have.

Banish neck and back pain (and just treat yourself to some relaxation) with this massager. Everyone, and we mean everyone, has been wearing chunky gold hoops lately. —MonB. Courtesy of Amazon; Adobe. Speaking of product recommendations, there's a trend going around the app where people drop their top Amazon buys that are random but "just make sense." Sorry, Kleenex! Adhesive Mirror Stickers Removable Acrylic Mirrors (32 Pieces): $13.99

(Let me also plug Who What Wear's own page while I'm at it—you can follow here.)

Tbh, we didn't even know we needed a smart toaster until we saw it on TikTok.

Lips holding my lip products? Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do.

things tiktok made me buy.

TikTok has, in fact, been a source of life-changing hacks and genius product recommendations I never would have discovered had a video clip of 60 seconds or less not popping up on my For You Page, which is the app's equivalent of a discover page. This was definitely one of those didn’t-need-it, had-to-have-it purchases, and I love it. Adding this ice face roller to your morning routine will wake up your skin and have you Zoom-ready for all your early-morning calls.


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