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(1) Jindal's Inauguration as Louisiana's 55th Governor from January 14, 2008 Inauguration 2008: Governor Bobby Jindal : Louisiana Digital Media Archive, (2) Second inauguration from January 9, 2012 Inauguration 2012: Governor Bobby Jindal : Louisiana Digital Media Archive, (3) Final State of the State Address from April 13, 2015 Gov. He is of Indian descent and is a U.S. citizen by birthright. [135][136], As a private citizen, Jindal voted in 2002 for the Louisiana constitutional amendment known as the Stelly Plan[137] which lowered some sales taxes in exchange for higher income taxes. In November 2010, Jindal published the book Leadership and Crisis, a semi-autobiography significantly influenced by his experiences with the most recent Gulf Oil Spill caused by the Deepwater Horizon explosion. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly", Louisiana Gov. The Jindals have been outspoken advocates for children with congenital defects, particularly those without insurance. In Louisiana, we will opt for traditional marriage. Because Louisiana and other Deep South states voted heavily for the GOP, Jindal could hence devote his campaign time elsewhere. In 1999, at the request of the Louisiana governor's office and the Louisiana State Legislature, Jindal examined how Louisiana might use its $4.4 billion share of the tobacco settlement. [172], Jindal issued an executive order increasing office recycling programs, reducing solid waste and promoting paperless practices, offering tax credit for hybrid fuel vehicles, increasing average fuel economy goals by 2010, as well as increasing energy efficiency goals and standards for the state. Bobby Jindal's top donors have access to power – and millions of dollars in state work", "Jindal and Nagin praised for response to Gustav", "Bobby Jindal's hurricane handling comes in for more praise", "Gustav political report card: Jindal, Nagin lauded", "Jindal Presents A Face of Calm During the Storm; La. She then went to work for Monsanto Chemical, while also earning her Masters in Business Administration from Tulane. Jindal later confirmed his meaning "I knew that by speaking the truth we were going to make people upset.

In response, the petitioners dropped their recall effort. Company Information He also ordered the state to purchase generators to provide needed power to hospitals and nursing homes without power. Governor Hailed for Recovery Efforts", "Louisiana Gov. [72] Running against four Democrats, a Libertarian and four independents in the jungle primary, Jindal received 66% of the vote in the blanket primary, thereby winning election in the first round. [183], Jindal has been an opponent of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

[192], Before Jindal was born, his father Amar Jindal was assistant professor of engineering at Punjab University in Chandigarh. Jindal served as president of the incoming freshman class of congressmen, in 2004. Bobby Jindal releases his birth certificate", "How Chris Christie took over the Republican Governors Association", "5 Things You Should Know About Bobby Jindal", "1st Indian-American governor in U.S. vows 'fresh start' for La", "Bobby Jindal Enters Presidential Race, Saying 'It Is Time for a Doer, "Bobby Jindal announces he is ending presidential campaign", "Republican Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race", "Bobby Jindal Endorses Marco Rubio for President", "Bobby Jindal Biography – Who Is Republican Governor Bobby Jindal? In that position, he served as the principal policy adviser to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Louisiana ACLU Director Marjorie Esman said that if the act was utilized as written, it would be on firm constitutional footing,[158] stating that the Act is "susceptible to a constitutional challenge. The Louisiana Republican Party endorsed him in the primary although Mike Rogers, also a Republican, was running for the same seat. The SensagentBox are offered by sensAgent. [188] He later added that some Muslim immigrants are trying to "colonize" cities in Europe and "overtake the culture", and that it could happen next in the U.S.[190][191], Jindal was raised in a Hindu household. Supriya Jindal earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and an M.B.A. degree from Tulane University. Lawmakers routinely approved the governor's choices for the two leadership positions. [28], In 1998, Jindal was appointed executive director of the National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare, a 17-member panel charged with devising plans to reform Medicare. She was named to Vanity Fair's list of best-dressed political spouses in 2013. Supriya Jolly Jindal is Louisiana’s First Lady and the wife of 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal, who announced his candidacy on Wednesday. Some political analysts blamed Jindal's loss for his refusal to answer questions targeted at his religion and ethnic background brought up in several Democratic advertisements,[36][37] which the Jindal campaign called "negative attack ads." [195] He has been known by his nickname ever since, although his legal name remains Piyush Jindal.

"[187], In 2015, Jindal travelled to the UK to speak out against so-called "no-go zones" that were allegedly in London and other western cities. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal (born June 10, 1971) is an American politician who served as the 55th Governor of Louisiana from 2008 to 2016. [78], By the end of Jindal's second term, he saw a marked drop in his state popularity and problems such as a budget deficit and cuts to public expenditure. Choose the design that fits your site. [138] In January 2013, Jindal said he wanted to eliminate all Louisiana corporate and personal income taxes, without giving details for his proposal.[139]. Most English definitions are provided by WordNet . [1] He is the first of two sons of Raj (née Gupta) and Amar Jindal, from Punjab, India.

[citation needed]. Supriya agreed, and the couple was engaged several months later. The 43-year-old mother of three would be the first Indian-American First Lady in United States history. [27] Under Jindal's term, Louisiana nationally rose to third place in child healthcare screenings, with child immunizations rising, and introduced new and expanded services for the elderly and the disabled. "Those of us who lived through Hurricane Katrina, we have our doubts." ○   Anagrams Jolly: I didn’t know it at the time, but he had a crush on me. [citation needed], In 1998, Jindal received the Samuel S. Beard Award for greatest public service by an individual 35 years old or under, an award given annually by Jefferson Awards. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal (pronounced as "Jin-thuhl") (born June 10, 1971) is the Governor of Louisiana and a member of the Republican Party. [106] In reply to Romney, Jindal said, "You don't start to like people by insulting them and saying their votes were bought. During the presidential campaign, Jindal expressed admiration for both Senators McCain and Obama, and maintained that both have made positive contributions to the nation. [118] While in the House of Representatives, he supported two bills to prohibit transporting minors across state lines to obtain an abortion; the bills aimed to prevent doctors and others from helping a minor avoid parental notification laws in their home state by procuring an abortion in another state.

Bobby Jindal is expected to jump into the Republican primary battle on Wednesday, and right alongside on that ride will be his wife and Louisiana's first lady, Supriya Jolly Jindal. [157] The law forbids "the promotion of any religious doctrine and will not discriminate against religion or non-religion". "[7], During his campaign, Jindal called Donald Trump a "narcissist" and an "egomaniacal madman", but afterward said that he would support Trump because "electing Donald Trump would be the second-worst thing we could do this November, better only than electing Hillary Clinton to serve as the third term for the Obama administration's radical policies. congressmen catching up fast". Newslines is built from NewsBlocks, a blockchain that stores news as data, allowing the creation of trusted news applications. Bobby Jindal with his wife, Supriya, and their then 2-year-old daughter Selia in 2003. She has also finished all of the coursework for a PhD from Louisiana State University, in marketing, with only her dissertation remaining.


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