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Plus, the feeders are delivered right to your doorstep. A neighbor had a baby and just didn’t take the best care of the tortoise, I would go check on it, she finally gave it to me. I can’t wait for him to grow up. Sulcata tortoises are sometimes referred to as African spurred,  and just spurred tortoises. Even if you soak your baby tortoise daily, if the humidity is kept below 50%, you will see your animal decline within a few weeks of arrival. They have wonderful personalities and thrive in captivity. Named him TORTY. Growing quickly and producing a high quantity of eggs per clutch, a baby Sulcata tortoise is also affordable. Just received my baby Sulcata tortoise Olive Oil today and she is a beautiful little hungry hippo girl and I love her so much! He was shipped very safely overnight and when I emailed Tortoise Town about a month later to ask for his hatch date, they got right back to me with all the information I needed! I am so grateful that I recommend doing business with them for anyone looking for a healthy tortoise for sale, as I will continue to do so. I ordered Monday got the baby Sulcata Tuesday and he is by far the most perfect little sulky I’ve seen. Arrived exactly on time. We ship year-round to all states in all temperatures! I purchased a pair of 6 month old well started African spur thigh tortoises last month and they’re doing awesome. Ensure that there is adequate shade, hiding spots, and access to a shallow dish of water. We have captive-bred Sulcata tortoises in a variety of sizes for sale at incredibly low prices. Remember folks I am always here for you after the sale. Don't forget to buy some of our extremely nutritious, © 2018 Backwater Reptiles, Inc. | All Rights Reserved | Terms | Site Map | Privacy Policy Lizards for Sale | Snakes for Sale | Turtles for Sale | Tortoises for Sale | Salamanders for Sale Newts for Sale | Frogs for Sale | Toads for Sale | Tarantulas for Sale | Scorpions for Sale Alligators for Sale | Insects for Sale | Feeder Insects for Sale | Feeder Lizards for Sale. online at absolute rock-bottom prices, which means we make these fascinating animals available to you affordably as pets, or even to start your own reptile breeding project.

I was worried because the tracking order confirmed but the box weight FedEx listed didn’t seem right for two baby sulcata tortoises and food so as normal I sent an email to customer service and let me tell you what they are speedy response and mind easers!!! Some salamanders even breathe through their skin! I will write another review as soon as we receive our tortoise! Also they’re super helpful if you need education. She definitely is a baby sulcata, though so she does sleep a lot and is very curious. For a hatching Sulcata tortoise I expected them to be more sleepy but he is very active! Buy with confidence that your tortoise or box turtle will arrive overnight via UPS or FedEx, well packaged and insulated with heat or cold packs added as needed to provide a safe reliable trip from our tortoise farm to your home or business. Available as baby Sulcata tortoise hatchlings, well-started babies, yearlings, juvenile Suclata tortoise for sale and adult Sulcata tortoises. Eats like a pig right out of the fedex box! Received my two baby sulcata yesterday. Thanks Backwater Reptiles! For anyone else that ordered food along with baby tortoises are definitely coming food is shipped separately because they’re helping you save money for via FedEx overnight shipping!!! Great service and they really do have the nicest tortoises for sale online.

The #GiantLeafTurtle is now available for t, This adorable turtle is one of our #EastAfricanSid. We ship year-round to all states in all temperatures! Did you know that the Sulcata tortoise lives anywhere from 80-100 years? With a real animal Biologist, ON-SITE, shop with confidence that your new African Sulcata tortoise for sale will arrive bright-eyed, healthy and active. Baby Sulcata for sale enjoy a wide variety of greens, veggies and weeds. Feeding a high-grade diet of a wide variety of greens and veggies are recommended.

to 40 lbs. If I decide to add another tortoise to my household, it will definitely be through Tortoise Town! Fauna Classifieds Users Special Promotion, Giant South African Leopard Tortoise For Sale, SUMMARY OF TORTOISE & TURTLE LAWS BY STATE.

Thanks! Required fields are marked *. Here at Tortoise Town, we’ve got some beautiful captive-bred African Sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale. In nature, we can find the Sulcata anywhere in Sub-Saharan African including the most sparse areas. baby Sulcata tortoises are fairly Easy to care for, Currently Feeding on Greens and Veggies and Mazuri, One of the largest species of tortoise for sale once mature, Docile and calm tempered, easy to care for. Their life cycle is nothing short of incredible: they hatch in water, spend weeks or months in metamorphosis, then become either terrestrial or remain primarily water bound. In contrast, our selection of available turtles and other reptiles varies widely. $424.95 $375.00 ... Add To Cart © Tortoise Town * All Baby tortoises for sale & turtles for sale from our tortoise farm under 4" are sold for educational or scientific purposes. If you were asking yourself what do I feed a Sulcata tortoise? Also, holes can be cut into the bottom of your tortoise table to allow for the sinking of food and water dishes, making them flush with the surface for easier animal access. Also, we use Romaine, Kale, Spring Mix, Soaked and softened Mazuri tortoise chow, Squash, tomato, and zucchini. I would definitely buy another baby tortoise for sale from tortoise town!

Will do business again soon. Our live. I received my new baby golden greek tortoise the day after purchase and she is super alert and seems perfectly healthy since she “housed” a load of collard greens within 2 hours of arrival here! Eats real good. They just turned a year old and they are a joy! In addition, all of our baby African spurred tortoise for sale come with all the free support you need to learn proper care. Once shipped, packages leave here at 7 pm and arrive at your doorstep before 11 am. Love my baby sulcata tortoise from tortoise town! Be sure to have plenty of Tortoise Chow for your new Tortoise! Tortoise Town is a family owned and operated turtle and tortoise farm that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred tortoises, box turtles, and aquatic turtles, chameleons, geckos, and iguanas for sale. I bought a 5 week old baby tortoise back in September 2017. Our live. Sorry, we do not ship internationally (U.S. only). And obviously, thanks for your sweat! Recently available turtles include Musks, African Muds, and Florida Snapping Turtles. Very happy. Our baby Sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale offer vibrant color and are extremely healthy, fed a variety of greens, cactus, and tortoise chow as well as being soaked daily. One shipping charge a single tortoise for sale as well as covers up to 4 juvenile, adult or baby tortoise for sale. Just ordered her a friend today! When you buy amphibians from us, you can rest assured they are fully guaranteed to arrive alive and in great condition. Sulcata tortoises are large and in charge.

Going to get another soon :), Bought two baby sulcatas last week, both arrived next day safe and sound and are doing great. (baby spurred tortoise for sale). Please read the details of our guarantee before ordering. Our goal is to maintain a continuous supply of tortoise inventory for sale. I will recommend Tortoise Town to all my friends!


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