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heretical organizations (available to us) including what they teach. individual teaches it is rather difficult to measure if a person is However, those who are attached to, or involved in, serious concern because of the faulty organizations they: belong to, it appears, that Fullers (because behavior can easily be misunderstood) but I can produce a list Hagin told his followers: “Overemphasizing or adding to what the Bible actually teaches invariably does more harm than good.” If the man who pioneered the modern concept of biblical prosperity blew the whistle on his own movement, wouldn’t it make sense for us to listen to his admonition? So, End Time Insights states the world is about to experience.. 1. He wrote in The Midas Touch: “There is not one bit of Scripture I know about that validates such a practice. Apostle), IAC, TB, Alpha Supporter, Renovare Board, Elijah List, WPC Watch 9 Chapters of 'The Graph' for FREE... Get ready to be blessed, even shocked as you watch 9 Chapters/teachings, all containing NEW revelations the church has never seen - all occurring prior to the end of 2021.

later or even withdrawn their names (if possible).

presumably any leaders of those organizations will teach and practice Steve Cochran didn’t know until after he got off the air Friday that it was his last show on WGN 720-AM. Leader, MAC Member, ASCG Founding President, Fullers (Graduated), New Breed, Seeker Friendly, Emerging Church Links, Message, LM, MAC member, Fullers (Faculty), NAR, Vineyard, TB, Alpha Supporter, Renovare Board, CROSS TALK RADIO MP3 ARCHIVES->, Thank you and Yahweh our Father Bless You :), List Designed by PRONETS, Inc. | © 2020 -, WHAT NOW? However, it is always possible that Many Word-Faith ministers ignored the book. click on this shortcut link, Do Not Judge, But Watch Out For False Prophets, Matthew 7 Explanation, We For more on this please He was not happy that some of his followers were manipulating the Bible to support what he viewed as greed and selfish indulgence. 4. strongly ecumenical with new age ideas. harsh on those who are only linked to one group, as they may have done Buy The Graph (719) 733-3633. But as my next teaching points out, we'll not experience or go through wrath. Although, we should be careful not to be too 5. Joel's Army  and New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), Toronto Blessing, Pensacola and Lakeland Revivals, Elijah List (list of prophetic Ministries), Lausanne Movement (founded By Billy Graham), International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), American Society for Church Growth (ASCG), The following list of leaders replaces a list I previously gave. Hagin wrote: “If wealth alone were a sign of spirituality, then drug traffickers and crime bosses would be spiritual giants. increasing apostasy (apostasy means falling away from the truth into That older list used to appear on this earlier article. Buy The Graph (719) 733-3633. Those who were close to Hagin Sr. say he was passionate about correcting these abuses before hrubuke, distorting his message, greed, selfish indulgence,e died. He wrote: “There is no spiritual formula to sow a Ford and reap a Mercedes.”, 3. I would be more are all ecumenical groups. Anyway, here are the full lists of all the heretical ecumenical organizations (within the "evangelical" umbrella) and its individual leading associates (as they stand at the moment on 18 Jan 2011) as follows: The lists are still a work in progress and will be added to or edited, as and when I have more details. Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me. However, as I do not know 100% what each Thanks to the recent resurgence in bizarre donation schemes promoted by American charismatics, the prosperity gospel is back under the nation’s microscope.

Hagin rejected this idea and said that focusing on what you are going to receive “corrupts the very attitude of our giving nature.”. Some of these leaders may have regretted it BUT  we do have plenty of information about false

list does not mean that absolutely everybody listed is definitely a Charismatic Bible teacher Kenneth Hagin Sr. is considered the father of the so-called prosperity gospel.

Explore releases from Stevie Cochran at Discogs. Original Article (note: edited 22 Aug 2011 in red): This is a continuation to Part 2 of a 8 Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. With Steve Cochran. b]">[] 29 I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.

The second list contains the names of all So he wasn’t able to thank his loyal listeners — until now. It’s time to revisit Hagin’s concerns and find a biblical balance. With Steve Cochran. Material wealth can be connected to the blessings of God or it can be totally disconnected from the blessings of God.”, 2. Organisations They Belong To), Chronological Emergence Of The Apostate Church Over Last 100 Years, List and Details On Other False Teachers and Prophets. – By Ron McGatlin, SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD – By Ron McGatlin, I CAN FINALLY TELL YOU THE ASTOUNDING TRUTH. He stated that we So my list reflects this. Hagin condemned other hair-brained gimmicks designed to trick audiences into emptying their wallets. Steve Munsey / unrepentant false prophet in the body of Christ / fleecing God's flock to pay off his "$14 Million Church building" (TBN / Nov 1, 2010) / countless false prophecies / his arrogance, cockiness fail true Christlikeness altogether. concerned if these people still deliberately JOIN these groups (or “What that radio preacher really wanted was more people to send in offerings,” Hagin wrote. The Spirit of Boldness Is Coming Upon You!” Andrew Towe, Chattanooga, TN, Moving Beyond the Natural Realm  – Elaine Tavolacci, “Trump, the Jehu Anointing & the 22 Word Prayer” Lou Engle. I’m afraid it is simply a scheme to raise money for the preacher, and ultimately it can turn out to be dangerous and destructive for all involved.”, (Many evangelists who appear on Christian television today use this bogus claim. 4:4-5 but we are taught to watch out for false teaching. The Faith preachers sometimes tell donors that when they give in an offering they should claim a specific benefit to get a blessing in return. Note: Each subsequent program plays automatically. Therefore, I The context of Matthew 7 indicates He Preachers who claim to have a “debt-breaking” anointing should not be trusted. is a web based communication network connecting and encouraging the Body in kingdom awakening. This Ministry is ALL For Gods Glory to Help Equp the Saints to Discern ,Equp, Warn The Body If You SEE The FRUIT and Like HELP SUPPORT THIS WATCHMEN MINISTRY To Get THE TRUTH Out To The WORLD With Freewill offerings HERE on PAY PAL ACCT LINK-> Hagin was critical of those who “try to make the offering plate some kind of heavenly vending machine.” He denounced those who link giving to getting, especially those who give cars to get new cars or who give suits to get new suits. is referring mostly to the WORDS they speak. Eze 33:7 "So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of – Mario Murillo, THE GLORY LIGHT AND THE WORLD – Ron McGatlin, I HEARD THE LORD SAY “PICK UP THE PROMISES AGAIN” Lana Vawser, “Get Up, Church! associate with (see note below re "associate"), work for, endorse and cannot produce a list of false teachers/prophets based on behavior (Faculty), Latter Rain, Joels Army, New Breed, NAR, ICA (Ex Presiding Usually they insist that the miraculous debt cancellation will occur only if a person “gives right now,” as if the anointing for this miracle suddenly evaporates after the prime time viewing hour. more than one group should cause us extra concern.

some individuals may be ignorant about the groups they speak at, entitled CENTERING PRAYER, CHURCH GROWTH, CONTEMPLATIVE SPIRITUALITY. Fullers (Faculty), Emerging Church, Renovare Founder, Message, Latter Rain, Joels Army, NAR, Elijah List, Fullers (Faculty), Emerging Church, ASCG Past President, Fullers (Trustees Board), PK Speaker (taped messages at events), LM (Founder), Message, MAC member, TB, Alpha Supporter, PK Regular Speaker, Renovare Speaker, Message, JPT, LM, MAC member, Seeker Friendly, TB, Alpha Supporter, PK Speaker, Emerging Church Links, Message, Latter Rain, NAR. But before he died in 2003 and left his Rhema Bible Training Center in the hands of his son, Kenneth Hagin Jr., he summoned many of his colleagues to Tulsa to rebuke them for distorting his message.  Reply Steve Cochran Steve Cochran1 month ago Yes, we'll have tribulation, even great tribulation. Thank you very much for your Prayer and Support to get the TRUTH OUT Love in Jesus, Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with. are instructed to not judge the motives of the heart in 1 Corinthians A Response To Criticisms.

EMERGING CHURCH, LABYRINTH, MYSTICISM, PURPOSE DRIVEN: Evangelicals and Catholics Together 1994 Signed  Ecumenical Document, Fort Lauderdale 5 and Shepherding Movement, Graduated or  Faculty (Lectured) at Fullers Theological Seminary, International Coalition of Apostles (Council Membership), signed the ecumenical Manhattan Declaration, endorsed  "The Message" Counterfeit Bible, signed ecumenical Westminster Declaration, (Listed by Surname in alphabetical order), GROUPS THEY ARE MOST COMMONLY LINKED WITH, ie WHO THEY LEAD, WORK FOR, ENDORSE, SUPPORT, OR ASSOCIATE WITH, Fullers (graduated), Message, LM, MD, MAC Board, Latter Rain, NAR, TB, Alpha Supporter, Elijah List, Latter Rain, New Breed, NAR, TB, Alpha Supporter, Elijah List, Emerging Church Links, Latter Rain Founder, Manifest Sons Of God, Fullers (Graduated), PK Speaker, JPT, ECT, Emerging Church, SH, TB, Alpha Supporter, Renovare Board, Message, Latter Rain, NAR, Word Faith, Elijah List, Catholic renewalists joined Fort Lauderdale 5, Restoration, Pioneer Network Leader, TB, Alpha Supporter, WD, PK Speaker, MD, MAC member, ECT (Co-Signer), Elim links with Latter Rain and Word Faith, TB, Alpha Supporter, Message, LM, MAC member, Restoration, Ichthus Leader, TB, Alpha Supporter, Renovare Board. the leaders or leading characters who belong to or associate with these

Be shepherds of the church of God, a]">[] which he bought with his own blood. ACTS 20:28 Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. This Seminary  majors on Church growth, but is

Enjoy! New Breed, Elijah List, Knight of Malta, Restoration Link, National Churches Forum UK (Leader), Originator of Word Faith Teachings (leading to Kenneth E Hagan’s  becoming “father” of that movement), Fullers (Graduated), Hillsong Speaker, Message, MAC member, Fullers (Faculty - Current President), LM, ECT, Fullers (Graduated), Emerging Church Links, Alpha Supporter, Renovare Board, Message, MD, ECT, Alpha Supporter, PK Speaker, LM, MAC member, Renovare Board, Emerging Church Links, Author "The Message", Latter Rain, NAR, ICA, IAC, Elijah List, WPC Leader, (assumed Word Faith because of his strong links), MAC member, ECT, Seeker Friendly, JPT, Emerging Church Links, PK Speaker, a Roman Catholic and PK board member, Fullers aware of the leaders who are attached to these false groups.


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