stellaris planetary modifiers

starbase_defensive_war_ship_build_speed_mult, [1-9]_cat, AST_CLUSTER_CAT, AST_CRATER_CAT, AST_DEBRIS_FIELD_1_CAT, ast_debris_field_1_cat_2, AST_GEAR_CAT, AST_ILLICIT_DARK_CAT, AST_MINING_CAT, AST_SHRINE_1_CAT, AST_WAVELENGTHS_1_CAT, asteroid_uninhabitable_category, ATM_ANOMALY_CAT, atomic_clock_cat, BAR_COLONY_CAT, BARR_BASE_CAT, battle_uninhabitable_category, beacon_uninhabitable_category, cargo_gasgiant_category, COLD_RESEARCH_CAT, collision_asteroid_category, CON_BIOLOGY_CAT, CONT_SIGNS_CAT, corrupt_data_cat, crashed_ship_asteroid_category, CRYSTAL_MANUFACTORY_CAT, cybrex_1_cat, cybrex_2_cat, cybrex_3_cat, cybrex_4_cat, cybrex_5_cat, cybrex_6_cat, cybrex_7_cat, cybrex_8_cat, cybrex_9_cat, cybrex_10_cat, cybrex_11_cat, debris_asteroid_category, debris_gasgiant_category, debris_gasgiant_category_temp, DES_BURIED_CAT, DES_PLANET_CAT, DIMENSIONAL_POCKET_CAT, diplomacy_volatile_motes_upkeep_mult, disco_alien_machine_cat, disco_breathing_rift_cat, disco_gray_cat, disco_impossible_organism_cat, disco_molluscoid_miners_cat, disco_speed_demon_cat, disco_stranded_scientist_cat, disco_trojan_asteroid_cat, DISTAR_BRAINSLUG_CAT, DISTAR_CLONE_CAT, DISTAR_COLLAPSE_CAT, DISTAR_DEAD_GOD_CAT, DISTAR_DIAMOND_CAT, DISTAR_ELECTRO_CAT, DISTAR_EXO_CAT, DISTAR_FLARE_CAT, DISTAR_FLOW_CAT, DISTAR_FLYTRAP_CAT, DISTAR_FOES_CAT, DISTAR_GEODE_CAT, DISTAR_HOLO_CAT, DISTAR_ICE_CAT, DISTAR_LIVING_CAT, DISTAR_LOST_CAT, DISTAR_MED_CAT, DISTAR_MEDGAS_CAT, DISTAR_MERCURY_CAT, DISTAR_METAL_CAT, DISTAR_MOLTEN_CAT, DISTAR_NANO_CAT, DISTAR_NANOCITY_CAT, DISTAR_NANOSAND_CAT, DISTAR_OCEAN_CAT, DISTAR_PHASE_CAT, DISTAR_POD_CAT, DISTAR_PUZZLE_CAT, DISTAR_RAINBOW_CAT, DISTAR_RAT_CAT, DISTAR_ROBO_CAT, DISTAR_RUM_CAT, DISTAR_SIGNAL_CAT, DISTAR_SOOTHE_CAT, DISTAR_SOOTHE_GC_CAT, DISTAR_SOY_CAT, DISTAR_THIRSTY_CAT, DISTAR_TIME_CAT, DISTAR_WARFORM_CAT, DISTAR_WRECK_CAT, DISTAR_ZONE_CAT, emissions_asteroid_category, energy_uninhabitable_category, FEN_HABBANIS, FRBR_GRIMACING_CAT, FROZ_BASE2_CAT, FROZ_BASE_CAT, FROZ_BOX_CAT, FROZ_ILLUMINATED_CAT, GAEA_CHECKERED_CAT, GAIA_MOVE_CAT, gaia_planet_cat, GAIA_RECORD_CAT, GAS_CLOUDY_CAT, GAS_ZRO_ICE_CAT, GEN_ABANDONED_SHIP_CAT, GEN_DERELICT_SHIP_CAT, GEN_DESERT_CAT, GEN_LOST_CARGO_CAT, GEN_MYSTICAL_CAT, GEN_OLD_WAR_CAT, GEN_PLAYGROUND_CAT, HAB_CORN_CAT, HAB_MAT_CAT, hatch_asteroid_category, HBL_LUSH_PLANET_1_CAT, HBL_MUSIC_1_CAT, HOLE_RADIATION_CAT, impact_uninhabitable_category, inhabited_toxic_category, IRASSIA, irassian_1_cat, irassian_2_cat, irassian_3_cat, irassian_4_cat, irassian_5_cat, irassian_6_cat, irassian_7_cat, irassian_8_cat, irassian_9_cat, irassian_10_cat, irassian_11_cat, irregular_energy_cat, league_1_cat, league_2_cat, league_3_cat, league_4_cat, league_5_cat, league_6_cat, league_7_cat, league_8_cat, league_9_cat, league_10_cat, league_11_cat, league_12_cat, league_13_cat, league_14_cat, LEVELED_CAT, life_asteroid_category, life_barren_category, life_frozen_category, life_gasgiant_category, life_toxic_category, living_metal_category, MOLTEN_BASE_CAT, moon_cat, moon_gasgiant_category, mountain_uninhabitable_category, NUKE_PLANET_CAT, object_gasgiant_category, object_uninhabitable_category, origin_asteroid_category, peculiar_patterns_cat, PROJ_MOON_CAT, SEA_CAT, ship_gasgiant_category, shipyard_uninhabitable_category, signal_gasgiant_category, signal_uninhabitable_category, sol_wasteland_category, solar_uninhabitable_category, star_lifting_category, station_asteroid_category station_uninhabitable_category, stolen_ship_cat, storms_gasgiant_category, SUN_RAYS_CAT SUN_TEAPOT_CAT terminal_gasgiant_category_cat terraforming_candidate_category_cat time_loop_world_cat, tomb_world_cat, TOX_MAT_CAT, TOX_PLANET_CAT, TOX_PURPLE_RAIN_CAT, TOX_STRUCTURES_CAT, transmitter_cat, TROP_BIOLOGY_CAT TROP_CONDITIONS_CAT, TROP_PETS_CAT, TROP_WOODS_CAT, TUTORIAL_CAT UHB_ANCIENT_CAT, UHB_ANCIENT_RUINS_1_CAT, UHB_BUOY_CAT, UPLIFT_ARCTIC_CAT, UPLIFT_ARID_CAT, UPLIFT_CAT_CAT, UPLIFT_CONTINENTAL_CAT, UPLIFT_DESERT_CAT, UPLIFT_GENERIC_CAT, UPLIFT_OCEAN_CAT, UPLIFT_ROACHOID_CAT, UPLIFT_SNAKEOID_CAT, UPLIFT_TROPICAL_CAT, UPLIFT_TUNDRA_CAT, vultaum_[1-11], VULTAUMAR, WAT_PLANET_CAT, writing_uninhabitable_category, yuht, YUHTAAN.

Some are first-letter-capitalized with spaces instead of underscores. Each new modifier requires localisation and most also require an icon (stored in gfx/interface/icons/modifiers) with an identical key. These blockers can be found on natural habitable worlds and they unblock random planetary features when cleared. Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier = carbon_world }, Can be removed with the effect remove_modifier = { modifier = command combination to remove modifiers from planets. Their suitability ranges in accordance to a given species' homeworld, which affects the rate of population growth. ), alloys, consumer_goods, energy, engineering_research, exotic_gases, influence, minerals, minor_artifacts, nanites, physics_research, produces, rare_crystals, society_research, sr_dark_matter, sr_living, sr_zro, time, unity, volatile_motes. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; All of them have either very high or zero Habitability and most of them feature fixed Habitability, meaning that Habitability cannot be reduced by effects such as traits. These planetary features determine the number of District and Districts and Strategic Resource buildings the planet can support. At least for the modifier I'm trying to remove. Determines the willingness of an empire to become a subject/the speed at which subjects are integrated/the maximum trust of a subject.

claim_influence_cost, command_limit, integration_cooldown, naval_cap, pop_enslaved, produces, resettlement_cost, starbase_capacity. If when terraformed the planet contains organic Pops that don't have the Cybernetic trait they are killed and the machine world gains an Organic Slurry planetary feature.

These blockers do not require any technology to be cleared as well as they do not block any planetary features beneath, but they still decrease the District Cap and may have other negative effects. Static modifiers consist of modifier statements and additional fields.

If not specified the static modifier icon will be displayed as the icon of the first modifier statement of this static modifier. The city lights of an Ecumenopolis World are determined by the ship appearance of the terraforming empire.

For habitable worlds this will also reveal more detailed world information including: size, available districts, blockers (if any), special features, and the habitability percentage for each species in the player's empire. a_star, ai, alpine, arctic, arid, asteroid, b_star, barren, barren_cold, black_hole, broken, city, continental, crystal_asteroid, cybrex, desert, egg_cracked, f_star, frozen, g_star, gaia, gas_giant, gray_goo, habitat, habitat_shielded, hive, ice_asteroid, infested, k_star, m_giant_star, m_star, machine, molten, neutron_star, nuked, ocean, pulsar, rare_crystal_asteroid, relic, ringworld_habitable, ringworld_habitable_damaged, ringworld_seam, ringworld_seam_damaged, ringworld_shielded, ringworld_tech, ringworld_tech_damaged, savannah, shattered, shielded, shrouded, t_star, toxic, tropical, tundra.

B. Modifies the resource upkeep of a certain job. However Corporate Dominion can be added even if MegaCorp is enabled as long as its other requirements are met. These planetary features are generated on each natural planet and determine the number of resource Districts and Strategic Resource buildings the planet can support. The cost and the time to remove blockers can be reduced by the following factors: This article has been verified for the current PC, They determine the number of resource Districts the planet can support and some features exclusively obtained by events can provide various bonuses to planets. Determines the maximum stockpile of a resource. Modifies the attributes of a ship. Less common stars also have a negative effect on all ships in the system, making certain tactics less effective in battle. Loud Minority Planetary Modifier Question Other than being kinda fitting since I have made space orcs, this planet modifier, +10 crime, -10% happiness, and +100% pop growth, is amazingly not on the wikis and I can't find it anywhere! js = d.createElement(s); = id; With the proper planetary scope, the following works to add a planetary modifier during an event for me: add_modifier = { modifier = "high_gravity" days = -1 } Days = -1 is the "infinite" time shortcut. Despite of some static modifiers being exclusively added to specific scopes, static modifiers themselves do not rely on scopes.

(0.10 would be 10 percent faster, etc.

Modifies the build speed of megastructures. Modifies the number of research alternatives (default 3). While it was still standing, this towering structure must have been among the tallest on the planet. Modifies the energy cost of enabling edicts. Crumbling Mining Tunnels 1000 270 Abandoned Mining Tunnels planetary feature Fallen empire, other crisis and other guardian ships spawn as a box due to their appearance being tied to their graphical culture. Static modifiers consist of modifier statements and additional fields.


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