spend bill gates' money

If I’m gonna be a billionaire, I guess I got to live up to the expectations.

That's how I can keep the website up and running for years to come! But imagine if you had $115.6 billion like Bill Gates. The garage can accommodate up to 23 cars, which will be mostly used for the luxury car collection of Bill. Download Spend Bill Gates Money apk 0.2 for Android. The game lists a …

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Even with all these options, it’s still really freaking hard to spend $100 billion. How quick can you blow it all? [Read: Tom Nook is richer than Jeff Bezos — but does this raccoon deserve all that wealth? Try listening to these rapper quotes about money, say daily affirmations to attract wealth and abundance, or learn more about the Law of Attraction and manifesting. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'radicalfire_com-box-3','ezslot_8',110,'0','0'])); For a $100 billion net worth, it’s even more fun to think about what you can do with it.

What would you do with 100 billion dollars? His mansion near Seattle is worth at least $127 million today. Gates is right up there on the list of billionaires with Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffett (founder of Berkshire Hathaway). Read Radicals’ inspiring story, from stuck in the 9-to-5 to loving life. To top it off, let’s also go for a Boeing 747 and 21 $7.5 million yachts for me and my friends – yes, you can have one as well. Every year, Microsoft holds an auction where employees donate products or services and people can bid on them. Spend Bill Gates’ money and find out all the fun things you could do!

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The rules of “Spend Bill Gates Money” are pretty simple.

Basically, to bankrupt myself, I could buy that NBA basketball team… multiple times (I can’t even do the math).

First, I’m going to start with just the necessities to get your life off the ground — from an annual Netflix subscription, a car, some clothes, a phone, some land to build my mansion, and a… horse. Go on a world trip?

I’m very curious, how would you spend your $100 billion? My absolute favorite: Spend Bill Gates’ Money – it’s basically a Bill Gates money game.

You’re up for the game?

Remember: This is just your average shopping trip, if you were Bill Gates of course. Gotta buy the entire NBA with my fortune, let’s have some fun! Spending all the money Bill Gates has amassed over the years is fun. He is known to like Porsches. I got one puppy, let’s get this party started! It’s hard to imagine just what you can buy with all that money. Now you can see exactly what it is like to be stupidly rich, and be able to buy absolutely anything you want.

NBA teams, cruise ships, skyscrapers, formula 1 cars, mansions, yachts, gold bars, puppies, or big macs. Here are some interesting facts about the Gates house: Besides his real estate and his car collection, Bill Gates is doing great things as a philanthropist. Great Cash Simulation!

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Today, let’s spend Bill Gates’ money! It feels strange to now know what you should do with the money, so you’re buying things like the NBA for $63.6 billion. The best money game to learn how to improve your finances and build wealth. [Related read: what’s the average net worth in the Netherlands?]. And I still have $99,999,964,598 in pocket change. Do you want to improve your money mindset?


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