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His favorite expression is: Daijoubu / It’s okay /Everything is alright. My theory never specifically detailed that he had ever actually assaulted a minor; just that he was a pedophile. A born evangelist, he possesses both uncommon charisma and a true gift for narrative. I assume her disgust stems from seeing Shou when she meant to see Kunizuka (her Very Obvious Crush™).
She is voiced by Yōko Hikasa.[31]. [7] Nevertheless, Masaoka still cares for his son and guides him across the series, wishing him not take the path he took. Although Oryo manages to escape from Kogami with Choe Gu-sung's help, she is murdered by another of Makishima's underling, Toyohisa Senguji, as her superior no longer sees her useful. I'd say there's no story worth exploring. A lot of times we interpret scenes shown in an anime very differently that what it was meant to be and I feel this may just be something like that. He's a villain that doesn't seem like too much of a threat at the start, but as the series continues, he's the problem for literally everything. Shizuka Homura (法斑静火 Homura Shizuka) is a secondary character in the third season. Near the end of the season, she confesses to the Bureau that she was partially involved in the car crash orchestrated by Bifrost that took Kei and Shindo's predecessor Inspectors out of commission. Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System further reveals that Teppei was a drone pilot for the military before being involved in an incident wherein he first encountered Risa and Tomomi and where his crime coefficient began rising. She is an Bifrost Inspector. Hinakawa is in his 20's with gray eyes and messy red hair which covers his left eye. Kei is a former military veteran who excels in fighting and shooting and has a strong sense of justice. He often refers to her as his "big sister."

He usually acts shy and introverted. [5][6] Though initially uncomfortable with her job, Kogami's joy of having somebody who would stop him from killing innocent people motivates her to work and get along with the Enforcers. In Psycho-Pass 3, he is seen communicating with her regularly despite Chief Mika Shimotsuki's disapproval. He is voiced by Hiroki Tōchi in the Japanese version, and Mike McFarland in the English version. Age: 25. Shūsei Kagari (縢 秀星, Kagari Shūsei) is an Enforcer of Unit One who was detected as a latent criminal at the age of five. [10], Shinya Kōgami (狡噛 慎也, Kōgami Shin'ya) is a 28-year-old Enforcer in Unit One. Joji Saiga (雑賀 譲二, Saiga Jōji) is a former university professor whose expertise is clinical psychology. Sasayama fought against the man during the assault which resulted in him becoming a latent criminal. He was once an Inspector in Ministry of Welfare until he was defeated by Atsushi Shindo. Arata Shindo (慎導灼, Shindo Arata) is a new Inspector of the MWPSB in Unit One introduced in season 3. I think she knew about his past considering she would have access to his records. It’s been a while since I’ve come across the info, but from what my friend and I have gathered, he’s a latent criminal because his older sister used him as a drug mule. He seems to know about Akane Tsunemori. [21] Kasei is revealed to be a cyborg that the members from the Sybil System use as an avatar with the current user being former criminal Kōzaburō Toma (藤間 幸三郎, Tōma Kōzaburō). [18] He is voiced by Kenji Nojima in Japanese and Josh Grelle in English.[10]. Paragraph 1: Well the camera did not seem to focus frame on Sho himself, but rather slowly panned over the picture of the girl he was working on. She appears regularly in Season 3, coordinating with Chief Mika Shimotsuki of the Public Safety Bureau as the two organizations conduct independent but highly connected investigations. Anime! He enjoys these titles because they have encouraging story lines. [31], Kazumichi Irie (入江一途, Irie Kazumichi) is a new Enforcer of the MWPSB in Unit One introduced in season 3.

[38] Chris Beveridge of The Fandom Post praised the film the actions of both Kogami and Tsunemori. [40] Alexandria Hill of Otaku USA praised the first interactions between Kogami and Tsunemori for being action-filled because they contrast with the heavy use of dialogue at the beginning of the film. Rikako Ōryō (王陵 璃華子, Ōryō Rikako) is a student at Oso Academy. Akane is seen briefing a newly recruited Inspector in the finale. She passes the exams with the highest score for employment on several public sectors and private corporations. [25] Despite his cocky and brute personality, Sasayama is a good friend of Kogami. poll, Kogami was tied with Whitebeard from One Piece for eighth place as the character fans wanted to have as their boss. The Minecraft Skin, Sho Hinakawa || «Psycho-Pass 2», was posted by DBvon. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more.
Get Amino Sho Hinakawa (雛河 翔 Hinakawa Shou) is an Enforcer within Division 1 of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Public Safety Bureau. WARNING: You may add appropriate counterparts. [30][31] Nakamura enjoyed the dynamic between Ignatov and Shindo to the point he wished the two were brothers. He is voiced by Mamoru Miyano in Japanese. Her growth in the series from an innocent rookie to a mature and haunted person was one of the staff's main objectives. [10], Kirito Kamui (鹿矛囲 桐斗, Kamui Kirito) is a mysterious character who first appears in Season 2 of Psycho-Pass. Nevertheless, she believed that both Shindo and Ignatov were likable characters, enjoying the former the most for how his cheerful personality stood in high contrast to the dark narrative. The gruesome state of Sasayama's dead body causes Kogami to become a latent criminal as he becomes obsessed with getting revenge for his partner's death. Mizue Shisui (酒々井 水絵, Shisui Mizue) is an inspector of Division 2. Shōgo Makishima (槙島 聖護, Makishima Shōgo) is a humanist on the dark side who is obsessed with cruelty, savagery, and all the worst aspects of human nature. [31], Tenma Todoroki (廿六木天馬, Todoroki Tenma) is a new Enforcer of the MWPSB in Unit One introduced in season 3. Director Naoyoshi Shiotani decided on how to make the series' characters after hearing comments from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou's director Atsuko Ishizuka. As Ignatov is the primary subject of this, the website claims he has a bigger character arc than his best friend. He is voiced by Hiroshi Naka in Japanese. Hinakawa is a good boy :(, I didn't mention it because I wasn't sure but I did seem to remember there was some side-material that explored Shou's life.


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