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Winesburg, Ohio. into town to spend a few hours in social intercourse with other farm - hands. “Mother” introduced readers to Elizabeth Willard, whose son who would appear in many of the Winesburg tales.

The country is one of low hills, flattening suddenly into plains. As a tigress whose cub had been threatened would she appear, coming out of the shadows, stealing noiselessly along and holding the long wicked scissors in her hand.

This may be important as in many ways Anderson’s description of the hotel mirrors the life and circumstances of both Elizabeth and Tom Willard. He inherited his gift of narrative fiction from his father, a roaming, improvident storyteller of unlikely tales. Tom Willard was ambitious for his son. Sometimes he was so angry that, although the cat had disappeared, he hurled sticks, bits of broken glass, and even some of the tools of his trade about. %PDF-1.4 %���� “If I am dead and see him becoming a meaningless drab figure like myself, I will come back,” she declared. In the alley the grey cat crouched behind barrels filled with torn paper and broken bottles above which flew a black swarm of flies. Once when she was alone, and after watching a prolonged and ineffectual outburst on the part of the baker, Elizabeth Willard put her head down on her long white hands and wept. Also by describing the hotel as old and faded likewise so too are the dreams or ambitions that Elizabeth and Tom have. A definite determination had come into the mind of the defeated wife of the Winesburg hotel keeper. The weakness had passed from her body as by a miracle and she stepped boldly along.

McManus, Dermot. There is something threatening my boy and I will ward it off.” The fact that the conversation between Tom Willard and his son had been rather quiet and natural, as though an understanding existed between them, maddened her. She was alarmed.

When she had reached a safe distance and was about to turn a corner into a second hallway she stopped and bracing herself with her hands waited, thinking to shake off a trembling fit of weakness that had come upon her.

In the son’s presence she was timid and reserved, but sometimes while he hurried about town intent upon his duties as a reporter, she went into his room and closing the door knelt by a little desk, made of a kitchen table, that sat near a window.

Once when a younger member of the party arose at a political conference and began to boast of his faithful service, Tom Willard grew white with fury. And then there was the second expression of her restlessness.

Taken from his Winesburg, Ohio collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the story the reader realises how significant or symbolic Anderson’s description of the setting is.

�y<7(Qa��,P��6� i@��D����7 ia �(3�1��)�5�b���p�Y�i!����Gl>:?��c4��h� ������L@l�"Ϧ�Ŀ c�,� An impulse came to her. The communion between George Willard and his mother was outwardly a formal thing without meaning. Even though he were large and bearded she thought he had become suddenly a little boy.

“I suppose I can’t make you understand, but oh, I wish I could,” he said earnestly. She is disappointed with her life and her marriage and hopes that her son will be able to escape the isolation and misery she has endured in the town of Clyde. “When I get back to my room I shall sleep,” she murmured gratefully. After that she did not look along the alleyway any more, but tried to forget the contest between the bearded man and the cat. Anderson tells the reader that Elizabeth when thinking about George ‘yearned to see something half forgotten that had once been a part of herself.’  Also the reader is aware that Tom is ‘ambitious for his son’ and ‘wanted his son to succeed.’ However it is possible that while Elizabeth hopes that George will pursue a life that involves some artistic creativity (as she would have liked to have done) there is a sense that Tom’s definition of what a success may be is based more on materialistic gain rather than on artistic achievement. 0000000736 00000 n As she stood trembling in the darkness the door of her son’s room opened and the boy’s father, Tom Willard, stepped out. With a little broken sob in her throat, Elizabeth Willard blew out the light that stood upon the table and stood weak and trembling in the darkness. “You think that? He had been merely a part of something else that she hated.

A thousand times she had whispered to herself of the matter. For a long time there was a feud between the baker and a grey cat that belonged to Sylvester West, the druggist. “It’s as dull and uninteresting as this here.

“He is concerned with boyish affairs,” she told herself. 0000002447 00000 n

The habit in him, she felt, strengthened the secret bond that existed between them. Discussion Sherwood Anderson’s “Mother” deals with a secret bond between George Willard and his mother Elizabeth Willard.

“And do not let him become smart and successful either,” she added vaguely. Silence fell upon the room where the boy and woman sat together.

The woman in the darkness could hear him laughing and talking with a guest who was striving to wear away a dull evening by dozing in a chair by the office door. 21 22 Her eyes glowed and she clenched her fists. “I can’t even talk to father about it. “Now,” she told herself, “I will act. He dreamed of going to Congress and even of becoming governor. I will pay for it. Her long hands, white and bloodless, could be seen drooping over the ends of the arms of the chair. It rains.

She returned to the door of her son’s room.

In the room by the desk she went through a ceremony that was half a prayer, half a demand, addressed to the skies.

Anderson had little formal schooling, but he learned from life's experiences. x�b```"CV�)����ea�h r��蕻��a��`YF�^ ���e� �:�p� One evening in July, when the transient guests who made the New Willard House their temporary home had become scarce, and the hallways, lighted only by kerosene lamps turned low, were plunged in gloom, Elizabeth Willard had an adventure. In the boyish figure she yearned to see something half forgotten that had once been a part of herself re-created. Similarly Tom’s ambitions of going to congress or becoming governor have never been achieved and just as Elizabeth has never left Winesburg, Tom too remains rooted in the town. “I don’t know where I shall go or what I shall do but I am going away.”. 0000003672 00000 n 0000007853 00000 n

What he said infuriated the woman. In the hallway there was the sound of footsteps and George Willard came in at the door. 0000004815 00000 n Tom Willard had a passion for village politics and for years had been the leading Democrat in a strongly Republican community. Darkness came on and the evening train came in at the station. Within him there is a secret something that is striving to grow.

Although she was but forty-five, some obscure disease had taken the fire out of her figure. Unlike George she has never been able to follow her dreams or ambitions rather she remains stuck in the hotel in what is most likely a loveless marriage. The fact that Anderson also describes the back door of Abner’s bakery as ‘a picture of village life’ may also be symbolically important as Anderson could be suggesting that just as Abner is unable to get the better of the cat or continues to be defeated by the cat so too are the majority of people who live in Winesburg. The box contained material for make-up and had been left with other things by a theatrical company that had once been stranded in Winesburg. ]�2�z38��,:V��-����P/�� �������*���%��\y��^��Y���2(+�]'�+ Qu�^� d����v�]�ef�i=��-��P�J���73f�4��̄T��Q�d(�����=��GP�S��K=h*US�h[?�Z�j�([V%ӟ�+��PT�a�-�������)#&��(^��=��ލ'��m����g�M'o +p"���F�Kq�#v�{zc��[���]����\��e �5yQQ����۪]l+�x4�bD'n�p9�������z�؈+~��* ��tD�Ւt��$����ߒ�#%��#���޿y�WU�{J�s��h��[*�ت�Q��sX�*�m��C��)�\�v+Kp����i(G�|�Dث���m�Aϟ���RF�hzdE��7M��bO� ��;�A�]��YUZ_��I�X���":#J��D��R܊�&�h���C��G�0���kĪc�eOmK�*���xy�Gp\Q������4����4��}>��r9�"���mB3s*7�g~��;�y��b�xػ���O,l�ËѪ�p/,��˶���v#q��k��"(U 21 0 obj <> endobj

The scene that was to take place in the office below began to grow in her mind. She wanted to cry out with joy because of the words that had come from the lips of her son, but the expression of joy had become impossible to her.

endstream endobj 34 0 obj <>stream A thought had come into her mind and she went to a closet and brought out a small square box and set it on the table.


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