seabear aircraft for sale

Seabearaircraft. SUPER PETREL. Thomas and SeaBear. Sign up now for the free Newsletter! The SeaBear L-65 has outstanding short take-off and landing performance. The Seastar is a multi-purpose aircraft delivering unmatched versatility at low operating costs.

**Conditions: ISA, Cruise at 15,000 ft, 1 Crew, Takeoff and Landing at Sea Level, VFR Reserve, Corporate Configuration (9 Seats). A main design principle of the Seastar is related to enhanced safety.

The aircraft received a new fuselage with a hull of increased volume, with excellent seaworthiness characteristics, a large, spacious cabin, very comfortable in long flights, even for high pilots. Landing distance is 500 feet according to the specs. single-engine seaplane Aventura II. Seabear can use both automotive fuel or Avgas 100LL.

Actually, by summer 1947 the Seabee sales had almost stalled and since June 1947 the production had been put on hold, awaiting further sales. Printer Friendly.

Viewing a detailed amphibian aircraft for sale listing provides additional information about the amphibian airplane for sale specifications and aircraft broker. The sponsons houses the fuel and the main landing gear, keeping the centre of gravity at the lowest point.

3.3K likes. The twin engine design ensures safety in case of engine failure. Log in. The rear seats can be folded to accommodate large loads or transformed into sleeping seats. A variety of other avionics combinations can be realized as per customer request and the customer has the option to order a custom paint scheme. The obvious upside is the aircraft’s multi-surface capability, opening pavement, grass, gravel, water and snow to the mix of departure and landing surfaces, which makes it interesting to a varying group of users.

The powerful Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A turboprop engines provide Seastar with 1,300 horsepower flat-rated, allowing the aircraft to become airborne quickly with take-off runs of only 2,244ft/684m on land and 3,445ft/1,050m on water (obstacle 35ft/10,67m, MTOW). L-65. Whatever the destination – the Seastar is the safest and most enjoyable way to get there. We’ve seen it painted like a Carcharodon carcharias (Great white shark) and have seen pictures of it playing on snow, gravel, pavement or water. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. With a gross weight of 3,218 lbs (1460kg), an empty weight of 1,830 lbs (830kg) the useful load clocks in at 1390 lbs (630kg). With a maximum cruise speed of 180 KTAS, the Seastar is 40 KTAS faster than its nearest competitor. We don’t yet know a lot about this new plane but have been learning more about Seabear Aircraft in general  lately with a three part guest editorial from Thomas Giegerich.

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