scream stu macher quotes

We already played that game, remember?

Tatum. [Sydney shakes her head in shock, turns, and runs into Stu]. I wanna see Jamie Lee's breasts! Sidney Prescott: I like that thing you're doing with your voice, Randy.

While Billy threatens Casey, Billy and Stu attacks Steve and straps him in a chair and, is stabbed and gutted viciously by Stu.

Scream Quotes.

"Scream Quotes." [Billy wakes up to try to attack. Phone Voice: I wanna talk to you for a second. Billy Loomis: We'll rip you up, you bitch, just like your fucking mother!
[points gun at Randy], Randy Meeks: Oh, fuck! Sidney Prescott: I wish I could be a Meg Ryan movie. Can you handle that... Blondie? Phone Voice: Name the killer in Halloween.

Incorrect Slasher Quotes . Same category. Phone Voice: There are two main doors to your house. That's the beauty of it all! Billy: Life is like a movie. Sidney Prescott: [scared] Stu. Casey Becker: [locks door] Well, the first one was, but the rest sucked. Stu and Billy are mentioned again briefly in Scream 3. [chuckles] Yeah.

The next day at school, the gang sits together around a fountain and talk about the two deaths from the previous night. Sidney Prescott: Why would you be calling from my front porch? Phone Voice: The question isn't "Who am I?". [dazed] Bitch! Casey Becker: I swear! 'Cause Tatum's on her way over.

Sidney Prescott: [checks front porch; no one seems to be there] Oh, yeah?

", "Surprise, Sidney." Sidney tried to recall Stu dating Casey. Billy Loomis: [puts phone on Stu and whispers] Talk to her. Stu Macher: It's a fun game, Sidney. If you get it right, Steve lives. Stu Macher: [gets hit by phone] Ow.

Did you hear that, Stu?

Stu Macher: I can't, Billy.

Tell that to Cotton Weary. Your entire havoc-inducing, thieving, whoring generation disgusts me. Roman convinced Billy to murder Maureen because she was the reason Mrs Loomis left Hank and Billy. Very good! Scream Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. With Billy unconscious, Stu chases Sidney down and attempts to kill her, claiming that he "always had a thing for [her]." Stu: Peer pressure, I'm far too sensitive. I guess I dialed the wrong number. Casey Becker: [screaming and crying] No!! Mickey Altieri - Mickey is a sick f*** who wants to get caught, yeah! It's an extension of number 1. [Stu screams as Sidney drops a TV on his face, severely electrocuting him, and killing him instantly]. Deputy Dewey Riley: You guys just stay here.

Randy: I never thought I'd be so happy to be a virgin!

Bye, now. She never showed her tits 'til she went legits. Stu: As if, that's all I'm saying, as if. 135 notes. ", (To Randy's outburst) "Have an aneurysm, why don't you? I'm gonna get the car.

Sydney Prescott: In your dreams!, Phone Voice: [in a threatening tone] I told you not to hang up on me.

Sidney Prescott: Thanks, Dewey, but with my luck I'd get Tori Spelling. Who's there? Follow. Casey Becker: [closes and locks door in fear] [scared crying] Where are you? Billy Loomis: Why?

Billy Loomis: Now Sid, don't you blame the movies.

If they'd watch Prom Night, they'd save time! Sidney Prescott: No. Stu was referenced many times in the fourth installment. [turns around to get in car], [Sidney turns around, punches Gale in face, falls backwards before Kenny catches her; Dewey exits car and sees this], [Dewey takes Sidney to his car; Tatum follows]. He's gone mad! Only you can't pick your genre.

Sidney Prescott: You'll never get away with this.

I think she wants a motive. Casey Becker: Uh, nah, I don't think so. Gale Weathers screams, but Sidney shoots Billy in the head, killing him instantly. Web. He stalked the baby-sitters. Get up! Casey Becker: They've got 900 numbers for that. Sidney Prescott: [eyes widen] So, who are you? We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. You'll see what kind of game. Phone Voice: You never told me your name.

Who's there?! --Sean Axmaker, Billy Loomis: Find her, you dipshit! We can't stop now. Stu Macher

What am I doing? 3 Nov. 2020. Phone Voice: Turn on the patio lights...again.

Stu: See it's a fun game Sidney. [serious tone] Which is it? No!

[locks door], Phone Voice: Don't hang up on me! [starts to smile] She's just doin' her job. Very simple. Corn syrup. Casey Becker: Why do you want to know my name? Randy Meeks: Stu's flipped out! Simplicity! Phone Voice: To see what your insides look like. If you pee, I pee.


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