salinas valley 1930

On the north side of town the new Salinas Sports Complex with its many programs including the annual California Rodeo at Salinas, served as a draw for that end of town. In the 1930s, the Salinas Valley was a much less developed place than it is now. Salinas was the birthplace of famous author John Steinbeck and also where one of his most popular books, Of Mice and Men, takes place. The main economy of the valley in the 1930s was agriculture.

In June, Hartnell College trustees approved the appointment of a special student services officer, Paul Nava, as a first step toward meeting the requests of MEChA to address the needs of Mexican American students. One of the best examples of this style of building in the city is the Monterey County Building, which was built in nineteen thirty-six and is located of the corner of West Alisal and Church Street.
The injured were taken to Alisal Hospital. 272 0 obj <> endobj Thanks to the efforts of Senior Librarian Patricia Oliverez, the Chicano Cultural Resource Center was dedicated in 1992 at the Santa Lucia Library, later renamed for Cesar Chavez in 1993. The major divisions are between those who affiliate with Northern California, norteños, and those who come from Southern California and Mexico , the sureños [Theodorou, Naomi.

Currently California growers have higher costs stemming from practices required by the marketing agreements. The Salinas Californian of September 18, 1963 called it the worst bus tragedy in the state and in United States history. In May of 1981, the Salinas Californian and Hartnell College sponsored the second annual Chicano Conference. The Chapter provided shelter for 1,768 people. What Was Life Like in the Salinas Valley in the 1930s.

That same year, after many years of effort by the Salinas Public Library and the community to build a facility to house and display the Steinbeck Archives, the National Steinbeck Center opened at number 1 Main Street. (*���(%�8H����8c�-�� f�ԉd�9�@6_IjH��9���(3=�D����R�1%? The additions were made on all sides of the city.

One of the great floods of the century raged through Monterey County in March of 1995. The building styles of the city also underwent changes, with more access to funding because of all the money agriculture was bringing in. Salinas residents faced several ballot measures that would drastically alter basic city services. They died when their bus, which was converted from a flatbed truck, drove in front of a freight train. Revitalization of the downtown area of Salinas continued to be a hot topic in the local paper and with the business community. 5��|j`sz5�sO]�)Ov�P���f/˵}Gz�`=I5�ؕ�4�w�ˬ�0�p An explosive issue in the entire Salinas Valley, the proposition’s force was considerably weakened by court challenges throughout the decade. Much of that development would be in and around the city of Salinas. In 1976 California’s passage of the Agricultural Labor Relations Act set up the means for workers to petition for a union representation election. Throughout 1975 the project was of great interest to the community. I … The Philippines Mail of September 7, 1936 reported that a Filipino worker was a casualty of the first day. Other projects of the decade were the following: a second Armory; the addition of a Tubercular Ward at the County Hospital; the Main Street Underpass; and plans for construction of a new Salinas Airport. By 1930 the Salinas population reached 10,263, and would continue to grow given the area’s many advantages.

In April 1974, the Salinas City Council agreed to a $1 million investment in municipal funds for the revitalization of the city’s deteriorating downtown core. Sculptured bucking broncos above the newspaper building’s main entrances are a tribute to the town’s long association with the California Rodeo. Locally in 1961, Milton Emery started the Victory Mission in an old, steel - lined gambling hall at 43 Soledad Street to “bring hope to the hopeless.” The only other such institution, the Rescue Mission, had been founded in 1943 by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Villa, but was later supported by the Community Chest. Only 47 of the original 107 who left Salinas would return, but Salinas did not forget its heroes.
Ranching and farming existed but on a much smaller scale. Nonetheless labor disputes continued throughout the period. In April of 2005 California State University Monterey Bay and Dorothy’s Kitchen presented a vision for redevelopment in Chinatown. RESEARCH QUESTION 2. A year later the Salinas Californian of March 9 - 10, 1996 reviewed the disaster toll. �ꇆ��n���Q�t�}MA�0�al������S�x ��k�&�^���>�0|>_�'��,�G! %%EOF The JACL proceeded to act upon land escheat cases and to restore the cemetery.

Another development that improved life in Salinas was the completion of the Nacimiento Reservoir dedicated in 1958 which, along with the San Antonio Reservoir that opened in 1967, lessened the impact of the periodic flooding in the city as well as the valley.

Salinas, the brash town that eclipsed the earlier settlement of Natividad by luring in the railroad, incorporating, and winning the right to be the county seat, all in the 1870’s, was still growing eighty years later. My parents lived there during the 1930s and built their house there in 1932. After passage of the proposition, the thrust of the Downtown Revitalization program was changed, and the city council decided that all development must pay for itself. The population was relatively low, around 5000 people.

of the City of Salinas. The driver had tunnel vision. Salinas residents also had a net spendable income of $54,534,000 after taxes. During Firestone’s stay south of Salinas, chlorinated solvents and other chemicals were released into the soil and groundwater from its site. For example, a tragic event on September 17, 1963 focused attention on the safety of the Bracero field worker. Suddenly a wave of dust hits California and becomes one of the worst natural disasters in North America. En couraged by this, 16 Simon Salinas ran for the city council, and became Salinas’ first Mexican - American city council member in 1989. Then in 2004 The Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Grow er - Shipper Association and other community leaders urged residents to pass Measures A, B, and C to increase revenue for the city and cover a projected $9.2 million deficit projected for 2005. Agriculture is the practice of farming, and cultivation of the soil for growing of crops and the gathering of animals to provide food, wool and other products. Virginia Hosford sometimes accompanied her mother on her shift. The financial bind was largely driven by the loss of property t axes and vehicle - license fees seized by the State of California to cover its own budget crisis. Disclosure & Use Policy • Accessibility, Salinas Public Library is a department


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