parramatta diocese 2019 new appointments

The Diocese of Parramatta has created a special COVID-19 website. Red anchor (anchor Gules) symbolises Christ our refuge in times of trial and our faith journey into the deep.

Kevin Fallon, returning from sabbatical leave, has been appointed PP Roscommon, effective 1 st June 2019. Your parish will also have other measures in place as part of their COVID-19 Safety plan.

Link to livestream: Parish Website  | YouTube, Day & Time: Sundays 11am. We understand this may be particularly disappointing for some parishioners, but safety must be our priority. Our strategic intent is to provide quality Catholic schooling by strengthening the professional lives of staff, to improve the learning outcomes for each student within a Catholic faith community. DUBLIN DIOCESAN PERSONNEL CHANGES 2019. As of Friday 24 July baptisms in places of worship can still take place with the following conditions: For example a church with floor space of 200 square metres can have a maximum of 50 people. Link to livestream: Facebook  | YouTube, Day & Time: Sundays 9.30am. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sundays 10am. you can have 300 people in the church. Conv., appointed in 2016. maximum. Diocesan Appointments 2019. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Saturdays 6pm. (60) (later Archbishop) (2010.01.08 – 2014.09.18), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sydney (Australia)Vice-President of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Titular Bishop of Buruni (2003.07.16 – 2010.01.08), Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney (Australia) (2003.07.16 – 2010.01.08), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia) (2010.01.08 – 2014.09.18), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sydney (Australia) (2014.09.18 – ...), Vice-President of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (2018.05.04 – ...), Bishop Kevin Michael Manning (86) (1997.07.10 – 2010.01.08), Bishop emeritus of Parramatta (Australia), Bishop of Armidale (Australia) (1991.04.26 – 1997.07.10), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia) (1997.07.10 – 2010.01.08), Apostolic Administrator of Wilcannia–Forbes (Australia) (2010.12.30 – 2012.12.01), Bishop Bede Vincent Heather (91) (1986.04.08 – 1997.07.10), Titular Bishop of Obbi (1979.06.30 – 1986.04.08), Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney (Australia) (1979.06.30 – 1986.04.08), Bishop of Parramatta (Australia) (1986.04.08 – 1997.07.10), 338,930 Catholics (30.5% of 1,112,900 total), 47 parishes, 136 priests (73 diocesan, 63 religious), 11 deacons, 326 lay religious (107 brothers, 219 sisters), 16 seminarians, Shrines in the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. Please check your parish’s website for details of their COVID-Safety Plan and any directions or requests they may be making of parishioners to keep everyone safe.

Download and fold A4 PDF Link to livestream: Facebook. I am delighted to announce the following changes that take effect on Sunday, July 7 th next. The same applies to the administration of Viaticum. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sunday 11am (Solemn Mass with Cathedral Choir. Up to 150 people are now allowed to attend a wedding service at a place of public worship. As an example, if your church has 1,200 square metres of space – the maximum allowed would be 1,200 divided by 4 i.e. Is a daily public Mass still offered in parishes?

Couples can still undertake marriage preparation by accessing the online course undertaken in their own home called SmartLoving online.

Download A4 and fold PDF Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Monday 9am, Tuesday 9.15am, Wednesday 9.15am, Thursday 9.15am, Sunday 9am. … If participation in the eucharistic celebration becomes impossible because of the absence of a sacred minister or for another grave cause, it is strongly recommended that the faithful take part in a liturgy of the word if such a liturgy is celebrated in a parish church or other sacred place according to the prescripts of the diocesan bishop or that they devote themselves to prayer for a suitable time alone, as a family, or, as the occasion permits, in groups of families. Confessions can be celebrated in the church.

on (02) 8838 3460 for further assistance. Notwithstanding the above, NSW Health has previously confirmed to the Diocese of Parramatta that the maximum limit applies to both outdoor and indoor services. Rev. On 5 May 2016, he was appointed the fourth Bishop of Parramatta in succession to Bishop Anthony Fisher OP following his appointment as Archbishop of Sydney in 2014.

Therefore, if you have a smaller church building, but a large outdoor area where Mass can be held, the outdoor space can be utilised for the 4 square metre rule and you may potentially be able to have more people attend Mass.

Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Mondays to Fridays 9.10am, Saturdays 9am, Sundays 9.30am.

What services are available within the diocese to support people who need help at the moment? Duc in Altum ‘Go out into the deep’. On the retirement of The Most Reverend Raymond Field, The Very Reverend Paul Thornton, Co-PP is appointed Episcopal Vicar with responsibility for the Deaneries of Blanchardstown, Fingal North and Maynooth. Please check with your parish in the first instance. What can I say or do? We also encourage you to think about how you might help those homebound and less tech-savvy to be able to access Mass online during this time. The Diocese of Parramatta has created a special COVID-19 website. Those who are gravely ill, either due to the virus, or some other malady should not in any circumstances be denied access to the sacraments. Natural Fertility Services Diocese of Parramatta is still open. Pope Francis has stated that clergy be available to pastorally minister to people in this time of crisis. The daily Mass readings can be viewed online here. What is happening with Marriage Preparation Courses? Latest Appointments in the Diocese of Parramatta

It states in canon 1247: On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass. You can find online resources at. Download and fold A3 PDF, Download A4 PDF Download and fold A4 PDF For example a church with floor space of 200 square metres can have a maximum of 50 people.

Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv DD STL Fourth Bishop of Parramatta.

Bishop Vincent Long was born in 1961 in Dong Nai in Vietnam. He served as Assistant General in Rome from 2008 until 2011, responsible for the Asia-Oceania section of his Order. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2181, it further states: The Sunday Eucharist is the foundation and confirmation of all Christian practice. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul.

Never permit me to be separated from You. Reassure them that the Catholic Church through the Pope and their Bishop is giving permission for them not to participate. Devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette Soubirous, followed by Mass. In 2011, he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne in which role he served for nearly five years. Catholics have long been encouraged to partake in the practice of making a “spiritual communion” if they are unable to receive the Eucharist for a particular reason (for instance – being homebound).

In the laying on of hands, it is recommended that contact is not made with the person’s head but the priest’s hands are held above the head of the ill. To contact these organisations, Includes Mass Readings, Mass Reflections, Daily Prayers, Pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube via parish website. While it is essential for Catholics, the obligation to attend can be dispensed, and the obligation has been dispensed at this time. Hide Map. The singers must also be 5 metres away from other people attending the respective service. Can the Sacrament of Reconciliation take place? This number was previously limited to 100 people. Nationally, he serves as the Bishops Delegate for Migrants and Refugees and is Chair of Australian Catholic Social Justice Council. COVID-19 This page seeks to provide guidance to Catholics in the Diocese of Parramatta, information on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the participation of the faithful in the life of the Church during this pandemic. What will be happening with my child’s first Holy Communion / Confirmation / Sacrament of Penance? Vicar General.

From September 14, new Government regulations were introduced that affect all weddings, and Church properties. Offer to check in or pray with them ensuring you are complying with the national health advice. Where can I get the latest advice from the Diocese of Parramatta about COVID-19? Bishop Vincent Long was born in 1961 in Dong Nai in Vietnam.

New NSW Government regulations were introduced that affect singing in a choir, and at church funerals and weddings. Since the fall of Saigon in 1975, his family has been dispersed: his mother, a brother and a sister are in Melbourne, three brothers are in Holland, a sister remains in Vietnam, and Bishop Vincent is now in Parramatta. I know someone who is very distressed that they may miss out on going to Mass. The calculations you are using to calculate your maximum number of parishioners that can attend should be updated in your plan. We hope you will find benefit from the resources below. If, however, your church has 400 square metres of space – the maximum allowed would be 400 divided by 4 and hence the limit will still be 100 (and not 300). This will still be subject to the 4 square metre rule. Bishop Vincent’s own Coat of Arms and Motto, adopted on his appointment as Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne, are of a personal character. Link to livestream: Facebook  | YouTube, Day & Time: Monday to Fridays 9am, Link to livestream: YouTube, Day & Time: Sundays 9am. Many dioceses around the world provide online streaming of Masses, including our own Diocese of Parramatta. Catholics from the Diocese of Parramatta are dispensed from their Sunday Mass obligation until further notice (Canon 1248 §2 and Catechism 2181). If you are unable to be present at a celebration of the Eucharist, we encourage you to participate in other ways such as spending time in personal and family prayer, reflecting on and praying with the Scriptures (particularly the Mass readings), making a Stations of the Cross, praying the Rosary, making a spiritual communion (see below) and participating in Mass online (see more below).

However, please be mindful of the following: Following the current NSW Health advice, we highly recommend you wear a mask to, during and from Mass in addition to physical distancing. In 1984, he became a professed Conventual Franciscan friar (OFM Conv) and studied for the priesthood in Melbourne. Download A3 and fold PDF Download A3 and fold PDF Where can I get more information about their plan? Diocesan Appointments 2019. Link to livestream: Facebook, Day & Time: Sundays 9.30am

Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.

In anointing people, the priest will wash their hands with an appropriate solution both before and after the anointing. During these unprecedented times, many Catholics will be unable to attend Mass. The Bishop’s Coat of Arms in heraldic terms: Azure, on a bar wavy Or three barrulets wavy Gules between three bezants Or thereon in dexter chief, the emblem of the Order of the Friars Minor Conventuals proper, in sinister chief, the stars of the Southern Cross azure and, in base, an anchor Gules.


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