pan am flight 214 memorial

They then broke the news to the pilot’s 16-year-old daughter (Carol).

Regards,Edwin Montilla. On a terrible night in 1963 eighty-one people aboard a doomed aircraft, Pan American Airways Flight 214, perished when the plane exploded and plunged into a cornfield at the edge of Elkton.

After a short journey, it made a quick scheduled stop at Baltimore, Maryland and went on to land at San Juan Puerto Rico. The plane, a Boeing 707, returning from San Juan, Puerto Rico, made a stop in Baltimore to refuel before continuing to Philadelphia to drop off the last of its passengers. Remember the crash victim’s son that we talked about earlier. At 4:10 p.m. Pan Am Flight 214 departed San Juan Puerto Rico and landed in Baltimore at 7:35 p.m.  69 passengers disembarked the plane. After the crash, Kantlehner, a stay-at-home mother, went to work at a local restaurant and eventually ended up owning a restaurant herself.

The crash site, centered in a field of the Berry Family Farm, covered a four-mile area.

When fatal accidents occurred there were no procedures in place for contacting next of kin. She said he was one of 12 people whose remains came back intact, aside from a severed leg. Debris, pieces of the plane and oil were scattered through the field, in trees and on cars and houses. In 1963, there were no grief counselors for relatives and loved ones of victims of catastrophic events, let alone school or workmates. I don’t think that families and friends of victims of these events could completely recover from the grief, questions and even guilt that are associated with this type of event. That is how the wife of the pilot (Elizabeth Knuth) heard about it while she was at a neighbor’s house. The Knuth family lost a dad, but they did not lose their love of travel or exploring the world. I usually detail weather conditions that were present at the time of events that I write about but I found a more important topic.

"When I got back home, the neighbors were outside and the minister came by the house.". It was a moving experience hearing the stories of other family members as they came back to Elkton to meet and share their accounts. At 8:24 p.m. the plane left Baltimore for (what was supported to be) a short flight to Philadephia. She was Assistant Dean of Students at Dowling College in Oakdale, NY until 1990. The event was a tragedy indeed but there were more tragedies exposed in the days and months following the crash. Pan Am Flight 214 departed Philadelphia on the morning of December 8, 1963. We are now in an age when an airliner can survive a lightning strike. Mt. Before leaving on a return flight to Philadelphia, Captain Knuth was given a weather briefing. Many of the families, who flew or drove hundreds of miles to remember loved ones lost in the explosion of flight 214, were halted in Elkton Sunday afternoon due to snowfall, sleet and icy road conditions. Her husband, John Richard Kantlehner, was a flight engineer. We relied totally on friends and family.” “I had one English teacher who talked to me and tried to offer words of comfort, but there was no counseling for me or the other students in the school like there is now.”. On a terrible night in 1963 eighty-one people aboard a doomed aircraft, Pan American Airways Flight 214, perished when the plane exploded and plunged into a cornfield at the edge of Elkton. They met at the Singerly Fire Station in Elkton, just miles from the crash site, to remember those who lost their lives in the crash. Procedures for the notification of next of kin before the release of the victim’s names have been in place for a long time. The crew was advised to hold their approach until 9:10 at an altitude of 5,000 feet. I am Edwin Montilla the son of Pan Am Flight Purser Mario Montilla who perished on Pan Am Flight 214 Dec 8, 1963.

The first arriving emergency responder, Lt. Don Hash of the Maryland State Police, observed that the  only large recognizable piece of jetliner was a section of fuselage with about eight or 10 window frames. Twenty-seven saw fire preceded by lightning with a very short interval before the fire was visible. Daughter Carol  (Knuth) Sakoian is Vice President of International Business Development at Scholastic Inc. in New York City. There were quite a few press people at our house because my father was the pilot. The note indicated that she was thinking about him and his family in their time of grief. 1 reserve fuel tank with resultant explosive disintegration of the left outer wing and loss of control. A granite memorial was dedicated at the crash site in 1994. Leon H. Tanguay, director of the CAB Bureau of Safety, sent a letter to the FAA recommending several safety modifications as part of future aircraft design.


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