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But overall, he is still a great nuking commander. Ottoman | Imperial Pioneer Also, you will pick up Burning Blood for more rage on the way and All For One that will boost your secondary commander that normally also uses an active skill that deals direct damage. True, Osman’s second skill, Radiance of Bursa, is also good for nuking when it comes to attacking cities but he is not really ideal for attacking cities.

The Byzantine Empire—the eastern Roman Empire based around the capital city of Constantinople (Istanbul)—had endured for nine centuries but was beginning the long process of decline. Osman does a lot of damage and you can really start smashing armies with him. Upgrade Preview Direct Damage Factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 400. For both of these talent builds, we will mainly focus on the Skill Talent Tree to maximize Baibar’s nuking ability. Each time your commander gains a level, a talent point is made available, and more talent points are made available when promoting to star levels 5 and 6. He also can control any units, whether it is the infantry, archery, cavalry, or even 3 of them. His troops’ overall damage in the battle will be increased as well as the survival of his troops. Other than that, Osman can also increase troop capacity through his fourth skill, Sultan’s Glory. The 10% more troop capacity is a huge deal for Osman I.

An overview of all talent projects in the Conquering in Rise of Kingdoms, including which commanders have this talent tree specialization.

Upgrade Preview Direct Damage Factor: 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 850.

Make sure you are well prepared and your Castle has a decently high amount of rally capacity. The Empire Awakens is an active skill that you should max it first. In this following guide, we will give you some overview of Osman I’s skills, talent tree, and strategy in Rise of Kingdoms. This build is typically for P2W armies. Boudica is one of the best Epic commanders in Rise of Kingdoms due to her diversity. Next up, you should hit the Leadership Tree and make your way up to Strategic Prowess and this is where the magic happens. This is a fan site and it is not affiliated with Lilithgames in any way.

His nuking ability is significantly ramped up through this guide.

Just have to pick the right talents from the suggestion of this guide. Osman I is the starting Commander who comes from Ottoman’s nation.


Utilizing the Integration path allows her to bring more troops to the battles. Osman I Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms". This build is great for Legendary commanders like Richard or Martel.

Next, take 2 initial talents from the Leadership Talent Tree. You use Cao Cao as the primary commander here. Let's further improve his troop's nuking ability by pairing him with a commander having the following skills. We have included the top 3 best talent builds for Osman I. October 12, 2020, 4:07 pm, by _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); It’s a great counter against cavalry armies, which are used by most players at the beginning. However, his skills alone aren't enough to make him an outstanding commander. You should be good to proceed. I also believe that almost everyone playing Rise of Kingdoms always looks for a decent commander talent guide to follow at the very beginning of the game.

Latent Power should also be unlocked to increase damage of Osman’s third skill, Sword of Osman. The Integration path also helps you a lot while battling. Osman I: Origin: Ottoman: Acquisition Type: Free: Grade: Epic: Stars: 6: Max Level: 60: Commander Talents: Leadership - Conquering - Skill: Slot 1: The Empire Awakens Strikes a powerful blow with the Sword of Osman dealing massive damage to the target. City Rally / Solo Attacks Build for Osman I – By Last Swagger. Best Barbarians Camps and Keeps Guide For Beginners. Talent Tree Builds In Rise Of Kingdoms.

Use This If Your Wars Guild Tech is under Level 6. Comments Comments Comments Comments Comments If some of the skill terms are unclear, I have a list of the main combat variables. Before we dive into details for every Commander, here’s just a quick overview on how talent tree builds work in Rise of Kingdoms. Since he is a universal commander, he is good for any kind of troop so some of the talent points will be used on the Leadership Talent Tree. Osman is actually a really nice epic commander in Rise of Kingdomes that can pull off a lot of damage with the right build – so, here are 3 builds for you that I found to be working really well on him. Spend your talents on your way up to Feral Nature to significantly increase rage restoration. The Mongol khan, interested only in securing annual payments from his vassal states, did not implement a system of control and government over the former Seljuk territories. Best Osman Builds (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms. Whilst he is popular for his nuking ability, he is also popular due to his skill which increases troop capacity. If you have Richard and you want to be the best defender in the game? After that, you can level up your secondary commander to 30 so you can unlock all of their skills. Secondary Commander can only contribute the skills, not talents, during the battles.

_g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); It is not recommend to build full cavalry here because it focuses more on skills rather than moving speed for your commanders.

It improves your march’s overall stats which also means it improves his troop’s nuking ability.

Upgrade Preview Troop Capacity Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%. Great for using with Nuker Commanders. Early on in the game, it’s best to focus on Gathering with Sarka, Constance, Gaius and Centurion. You can also easily adjust it according to your style/commanders. Best Sun Tzu Builds (Talent Tree & Skill Order) in Rise of Kingdoms, Best Commanders Tier List in Rise of Kingdoms (with Talents), Best Keira Builds (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms, Best Commander Pairings (Defense, Rally, Open Field, Canyon, Barbarians), Ceroli Crisis – Best Strategy To Beat Every Boss, Wheel of Fortune Commander Cycle & How To Make Profit Guide, Rise of Kingdoms Life Hacks That REALLY Work, Best Tomoe Gozen Build (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms. Great for Joan of Arc and Cleopatra. Using this build, you can play with full Archer armies. Osman Gazi, also known as Osman I, is a strong nuking commander for any kind of troop-specific marches, be it full infantry, full cavalry, full archer march or even mixed troop march.

It’s great against full cavalry.
From here you will hit the Leadership Tree and go for Strategic Prowess to get this defensive buff. The Boss Hoss

Unlocking it, you’ll be able to take up Tactical Mastery and Clarity to increase skill damage and take up Heraldic Shield to reduce skill damage taken by your troops. This guide will show you the right talents to unlock to make the most of Osman I. Osman I Skills Page in "Rise of Kingdoms". February 23, 2020, 9:59 pm, by But If you want to defend the city the most, Garrison Defense should be the best bet for you. On the eastern flank of Byzantine lay the Seljuk Empire, consisting of eastern Asia Minor, Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, part of Persia, and western Turkestan. First, you will get 150 rage whenever Osman or the secondary commander will use the active skill so that’s 300 rage in total which will fill your rage to one third instantly after each skill usage and lower the time you need to pop your primary skill from 10 seconds (first time) to about 6 seconds after that. Required fields are marked *. Commander Talent Trees are one of the most important aspects of the Rise of Kingdoms game. There’s still remaining talent points so this Osman Talent Tree Build Guide suggests to spend those talents on the Leadership Talent Tree. Become a better player by reading our game guides. The Boss Hoss

Database for pairing selected commanders.

Ramesses II & Why He is Great for F2P Players! Shout out to RoKTalents builder for enabling us to use their tool to visualize talent tree builds. Osman I directly deals a massive amount of damage to the enemy. His best use will be either in the open field hunting down other players’ armies that are gathering or alternatively you can also rally cities with him. Talents. Further Increase Osman's Troops through these Talents. Here’s the Skill Tree build and I personally like this one a little more because the additional rage for the rage engine works really smooth: The first thing you want to get for this build is Rejuvenate in the Skill Tree for various reasons.


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