nevernight chapter summary

Despite this, should the reader soldier on through a somewhat rough (but potentially necessary) slow, info laden start, there’s quite a spectacular story to be had. The assassins go to great lengths, that are actually SHOWN in the novel, to keep the church (school) a secret, hide its location, and prove the loyalty of the initiates. The first chapter starts as a flashback, but really only a short time before the actual start of the chapter. UPDATE: Because it seems that Nevernight wasn’t shitty enough as it was, it also shows problematic rep for Maori. Anyway!

I personally think the narrator is her cat/demon/sidekick, but we're never told specifically who it is. It has basis in ancient Rome – which is my personal favorite.

That is, until Mia (in a moment of hard-headed bravery) forces Mister Kindly to take Tric’s pain during the whipping instead of her own, launching herself into a pain-induced vision of sorts.

The characters are morally ambiguous, and political machinations and plots abound, although Mia Corvere's goal in life is simple--kill those who killed her family.

Jay left me enthralled with his world and eagerly waiting to dive into Godsgrave (2nd book in the trilogy). He and his four daughters are the primary deities of the Itreyan Republic. No, this isn't YA, but my god, I'm so glad it isn't. Yes, Kristoff is a witty writer. The two become steadfast friends early on, assisting each other through the trials they face in the Red Church (both physically and emotionally), despite a plethora of quarrels. Please read Anjulie’s brilliant post about it. Almost unearned.

Nevernight (Book) : Kristoff, Jay : In a world where the suns almost never set, a woman gains entry to a school of infamous assassins, seeking vengeance against the powers that destroyed her family. Writer, Reader, & Watcher of all things Fantasy and Geekery. was such good banter, and her relationship with Tric was fun too. Truly, Kristoff packed a ton of information into the pages, really creating a full picture of this fantasy world, where the three suns almost never set. He is an expert writer and storyteller, and Nevernight is no exception. However, after the first several chapters, the language did become more easily digestible, (or perhaps I just got used to it.)

Normally I don’t like school/training novels, but Mia made it all worthwhile. I recommend this book to anyone who loves an amazing fantasy novel with amazing world building, lyrical and flowing prose and a love for twisted, macabre stories where you might have a protagonist but there are certainly no good guys. Another Darkin, Lord Cassius, does appear in the story, with a notably more powerful familiar and better control over his powers, however he dies before her is able to learn much from him. ( Log Out / 

Best part about Mia is that she doesn’t let the story come to her, she actively plots the course of the story, even in the school setting. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

It feels just a touch too smarmy and "sassy YA spitfire heroine protagonist one-liners always dramatic written by a 7th grader." In a world of three suns where only true darkness happens every two years, a young girl – a child of a failed rebellion – makes her first kill in order to join the fabled Red Church – an assassin school.
The writing is (for me) perfect and beautiful (perhaps because it is exactly what I have always aimed for as a writer), and I felt the language was very suited to the story. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Yes, Mia has a power, and there are two other cool magic systems, but none of these take the front of the plot. In a land where three suns almost never set, a fledgling killer joins a school of assassins, seeking vengeance against the powers who destroyed her family. But her gift for speaking with the shadows leads her to the hearth of a retired killer, and a future she never imagined. The opening line is, and I quote here, "People often shit themselves when they die". There are no summaries for this title yet. It's bloody and gory, dark and twisted, and yet still balances itself out with hilarious sarcasm, both by our nameless narrator and the characters alike. The bisexual rep in this one is a little ambiguous.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, however I must be blunt here – Nevernight was slow to get going, and it took me several days to get into the book. – She drew a breath, perhaps to speak (but what would she say?)

I like real life, real emotions, real fails, and sometimes I feel like these stories lack an audience.

The world-building is absolutely stellar too and deserves all of the attention alongside the characters inhabiting it.

The assassin school does feel very real and even somewhat believable. and she could see it in his eyes – pain, pain, O, Daughters, it hurt.

I laughed out loud at numerous points from the details in these ("what noise do camels make when they run anyway") but they were also just so cool and refreshing and different.

To be entirely fair to this book, the narrator actually ISN'T the female MC! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Daughter of an executed traitor, Mia Corvere is barely able to escape her father's failed rebellion with her life. I really liked this book overall and think it has the makings of a great trilogy. Mia is so wonderfully, darkly realistic. While this was perhaps integral to understanding the current plot, the info-dumping the reader experiences at the beginning of the book was dry and potentially overwhelming.

I also liked the minimal magic systems within it. In Nevernight we are introduced to the empire of Itreya, and its capital of Godsgrave.

MY EYES, O, MY EYES! OK, that's harsh, but for some reason, there's a HUGE genre of female-led YA novels that read like you're talking to your little cousin that just got into junior high and thinks she's the smartest most sassiest girl in the world, and the author clearly thinks that voice is what it means to write a Strong Female Character, without actually writing a complex, fleshed-out female character who is a human being and narratively treated as such.

As for the book and plot itself: actually really good. And it's true for many of the other characters she encounters. and then there was pain, pain, O, Daughters it hurt.

The beginning was filled with footnotes as well, which reduced as the plot progresses. Its religion is based around a father god, Aa, a god of light and the three suns of the world, which keep it from being true night for several years in a row, are said to be his eyes. This book was lengthy, and felt especially dense with the author's uses of figurative language. And hey, she isn't secretly a princess, and she isn't suddenly noticed by a prince, so Nevernight has that going for it. This book has all my favorite stuff (love, blood, vengeance, personal growth, thieves, assassins), and it's set in a place that feels rich and thorough yet not overcomplicated. This is my first book by Jay Kristoff, but I was totally immersed from the first sentence. And we've got a heck of a plot: Mia, a daughter of the highborn in the republic, has seen her father hanged and her mother and brother starved and forgotten in a prison. Mister Kindly also appears to be able to siphon off Mia’s fear and shield her from her nightmares; in fact, it is implied that he feeds off her fear, and without the fear of the Darkin, he could not exist. As a teen I would have read this but I can certainly understand why people would feel it inappropriate.

Now, normally, this might be trite, but the way Mr. Kristoff does it is ingenious. And Jay's writing style. This will probably just end up being one massive gush instead of a cohesive review, because I just can't believe how much I loved this. Those footnotes give the story space to breathe, a moment for us as readers to collect ourselves in those quiet scenes and orient ourselves more fully in the world.

That being said, Kristoff made up for it with his fantastic storytelling abilities and intriguing characters, so I think we can forgive him for a little bit of info-dumping.

Since this series has been out for a few years, I knew a couple of things would happen, but I still had my jaw drop numerous times near the end. I had been following Jay Kristoff’s journey through writing this book (along with Gemina, which I’m quite excited about as well), for some time, so I was very excited to finally be able to pick up Nevernight and read it for myself.

Let’s just say that I have never read a better first chapter. Alone and friendless, she wanders a city built from the bones of a dead god, hunted by the Senate and its thugs. Imagine this happens 2-3 times per page, and you can see how this may become a bit of an issue for a reader.

The book itself is very good, but I'm taking off half a star because the narration is super hard to get into.


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