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Mr. Tamalt, 42, was arrested in June, sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and fined for “defaming a public authority” and insulting the president. Front Line Defenders, Rassemblement Action Jeunesse (Raj), the Réseau des Avocats pour la Défense des droits de l’Homme, EuroMed Rights and its members in Algeria, the Ligue Algérienne pour la Défense des Droits de l'Homme, SOS Disparus – CFDA and the SNAPAP trade union, wish to express their deepest condolences to the family of Mohamed Tamalt, who was declared dead on 11 December 2016 at Lamine Debaghine Hospital in Algiers. His conviction was subsequently confirmed at the appeal on 9 August. December 22, 2016 at 3:30 pm | Published in: Image of the British-Algerian journalist Mohamed Tamalt in Bab El-Oued [Tazmalt radio/Facebok]. Their family has demanded an inquiry into the conditions of the detention and is suing the prison administration, said Mohamed Tamalt’s lawyer, Amine Sidhoum. Upon being arrested, he began a hunger strike to protest the arbitrariness of his detention, ordered by the investigating magistrate for defamation of the President of the Republic and other institutions on the basis of Articles 144bis and 146 of the Penal Code which do not provide for a prison sentence.

Tayeb Louh, Algeria’s minister of justice, said the government was not responsible for Mr. Tamalt’s death. Le 11 décembre 2016, Mohamed Tamalt, un journaliste algéro-britannique est décédé, dans l’indifférence quasi-totale des médias, dans une prison d’Alger où il purgeait une peine de deux ans de prison « Pour offense au président de la république». Il semblerait que la mort du Journaliste Mohamed Tamalt en prison après avoir entamé une longue grève de la faim a attiré les députés algériens. Mohamed Tamalt Paese nel quale aveva continuato i suoi studi, acquisito la cittadinanza e forse anche quell'illusione di sentirsi una penna libera anche guardando al suo paese d'origine. On August 9, 2016, an Algiers appeals court upheld a two-year prison sentence for Mohamed Tamalt, a freelance journalist with dual Algerian and British nationality, for a video he posted on Facebook featuring a poem deemed offensive to Algeria’s president. Algeria: Bouteflika Resignation an Opening for Rights. “But there was also some kind of overzealousness from the regime side.”, Ihsane El Kadi, the editor of an online business newspaper, Maghreb Emergent, who met Mr. Tamalt several times, said he had been “obsessed with writing against the regime.”. Mohamed Tamalt is a human rights defender and an independent Algerian journalist who had been based in Great Britain and who was openly critical of the Algerian government as means of improving human rights in the country. Il tenait également un blog et une page Facebook[3], suivie par plus de 10 000 personnes[2], où il était très critique contre le pouvoir, s’attaquant de manière virulente à des responsables politiques et notamment au chef de l'État Abdelaziz Bouteflika[4] ou des membres de leur famille[1]. Mr. Tamalt’s death is an embarrassment for Algeria’s authoritarian government, and it exposes the often hidden pressures applied to the independent news media to enforce control. Sa peine est confirmée en appel le mois suivant, le 9 août. “When I last saw him in prison, he was O.K., then in hospital he is in a coma,” Mr. Tamalt’s brother said by telephone. Nous savons tous qu’il a été emprisonné injustement, avant d’oser dire qu’il a été assassiné», nous confia un ex agent des renseignements généraux. Lors du procès en appel, Mohamed Tamalt se plaint des violences qu'il a subies de la part des gardiens de sa prison. “The family refused to sign the notification by bailiffs that specifies that lawyers filed an application to obtain the entire medical report from beginning to end,” Sidhoum explained. Vidéo: Elle a égorgé sa fille car elle n’est plus vierge ! But his brother said that in a visit to the hospital, he saw that Mr. Tamalt had sustained a serious wound to the back of the head, and that he suspected the injury was the cause of his hospitalization and coma. A freelance journalist residing in Great Britain, Mohamed Tamalt returned to Algeria on 18 June 2016 and was arrested near his family's home in Algiers on 27 June 2016 by military security agents. At a funeral on Monday attended by hundreds, Abdelkader Tamalt said his brother had been harassed, deprived of sleep and brutalized by prison guards in his cell. Accident de Sidi Aich : Une deuxième personne succombe à ses blessures, Sidi Aich : Un mort et 9 blessés suite à une collision, Presse: Un an de prison requis à l’encontre du directeur de TSA, l’Homme écrasé par un camion succombe à ses blessures, Nigéria: un enfant de 7 ans brûlé vif (âmes sensibles s’abstenir). He collaborated as an independent journalist with several Arabic-language newspapers, most notably El Khabar. It is the first time a journalist is known to have died in government detention in Algeria since its independence from France in 1962, and it comes amid tension as the president’s incapacity after a stroke in 2013 has set off a power struggle in the top echelons around him. Mohamed Tamalt is on Facebook. Le pays occupe désormais la 134ème place sur 180 pays. Join Facebook to connect with Mohamed Tamalt and others you may know. “I am sure the injury has something to do with that. Activate your network and share this story, The adoption of the Partnership Priorities is an opportunity for the EU to push for meaningful progress in the protection of human rights defenders in Algeria, Algeria: Solidarity with the family of Mohamed Tamalt.

Human rights organizations have also demanded an independent and transparent inquiry.

Tamalt began his three month hunger strike this year to protest against his prison sentence of two years for criticising President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in a poem online. Béjaia: L’estivant n’a pas été tué pour une affaire de parking, VIDEO: un salafiste refuse de serrer la main à Benghabrit. His Facebook page included posts that were sometimes aggressively critical of the government, politicians, military officials and even their families, but it also celebrated a reunion with his grandmother after years abroad. Mr. Tamalt, who was based in Britain, completed a master’s degree there and obtained British citizenship, seems to be the first to fall foul of the new libel laws. A number of HRDs have been put on trial under Article 100 of the Penal Code, which punishes the incitement of unarmed gathering. A freelance journalist residing in Great Britain, Mohamed Tamalt returned to Algeria on 18 June 2016 and was arrested near his family's home in Algiers on 27 June 2016 by military security agents. Histoire. Some of that rivalry has played out in the news media, including leaks by insiders to newspapers exposing the corruption of some government officials and an explosion of critical commentary on social media. Dès le jour de son arrestation, il cesse de s'alimenter[1]. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The lifting of Algeria’s 19-year state of emergency in early 2011 did not have a positive effect on the situation of human rights defenders (HRDs). En tous cas les journalistes algériens ont bel et bien compris le message et semblent céder au régime algérien terrorisant les rares voix qui osent le dénoncer. La mort du journaliste Tamalt, serait-elle un assassinat déguisé ? It was only then that his family noticed he has a scar on his head that they fear may be connected to his subsequent death.


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