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Lama appears often on cylinder seals and was widely petitioned for intercession with the gods. In the poem The Descent of Inanna, the sky goddess goes down into the underworld to pay her respects to her sister, Ereshkigal, after the death of her consort.

03 Nov 2020. Her primary duty was care for women and children, especially pregnant women and young children. Enlil was an important weather god often prayed to and worshipped in hopes of fair weather for a good harvest. BEL - The Babylonian god of sages. NINSUBUR - (also Il-abrat) - Minister to the god Anu, assimilated eventually into Papsukkel, minister to the general assembly of the gods. KABTA - The Sumerian god of pickaxes, construction and bricks, brother of Mushdamma (god of foundations and buildings) and one of the many sons of Ninhursag. Her consort was Haia, god of storerooms.

Holder of The Tablets of Destiny, he was the Lord of the Sumerian pantheon after 2500 BCE and worshipped by the Akkadians c. 2334-c. 2083 BCE. ETANA - The hero of the Sumerian Epic of Etana which tells the story of King Etana, one of the early antediluvian rulers, who, despairing of having a son because his wife is barren, ascends to the heavens on the back of the great eagle he aided to present his case before the gods. ASHNAN - The Sumerian goddess of grain.

ANTUM - The Babylonian goddess of the earth, an early fertility goddess. ASSUR - Also known as Ashur and, in Akkadian, Anshar. SILILI - The Babylonian goddess of horses, known as `The Divine Mare', the mother of all horses. He was known as the `Lord of the Good Tree' and was associated with protection and fertility. They included the likes of a six-headed ram, a seven-headed snake, and a dragon, among others. In Akkadian he was known as Sumuqan. In the Myth of Etana she is referenced as Innina and, early on, was considered the twin sister of Utu (Shamash) the sun god. IGIGI - The Babylonian god of the heavens, the region above the clouds, also the collective name for the gods who dwelt above the clouds. We don't know too much about ancient Mesopotamian monsters other than their names or descriptions in some cases. Also known as Shumugan, he was responsible not only for the plains but the animals who grazed upon them. Hadhayosh: Gigantic land Creature (Persian Mythology) 45.

LAMASSU - The famous Assyrian winged bull-man who adorned palaces and temples to frighten off the forces of chaos. One of the oldest gods in Mesopotamia, she was once a primary deity who, in time, assumed a subordinate role as consort to the sun god, Utu.

It should also be noted that the English word 'demon', understood as an evil spirit, derives from the Greek word 'daimon' which meant, simply, 'spirit' and that many of the supernatural entities of the Mesopotamian pantheon designated as 'demons' were not necessarily evil. Some Rights Reserved (2009-2020) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise noted. Adapa heeds Ea's advice and refuses the food and drink offered to him and, so, is tricked out of the chance at immortality. She was defeated in battle and killed by Marduk. ADRAMELECH - The Babylonian sun god and personification of the sun, giver and sustainer of life. She is also known as Belet-Ili, Damgalnunna, Ki, Nintu, Nintur, Aruru, Ninmah, Mami and Mama. Mesopotamian mythology › Mesopotamian pantheon. They included the likes of horned snakes and snake-dragons.

She was said to brew a fresh batch of beer every day from the finest ingredients. UTNAPISHTIM - In The Epic of Gilgamesh, the wise and pious man who is warned by the god Ea of the impending flood and, with his wife and the `seed of life' builds an ark and survives the deluge. Associated with the Akkadian god Ninsubur, minister to Anu, King of the Gods. AMURRU - The Akkadian and Sumerian name for the storm/sky god of the Amorite people (also known as the Amurru) who migrated to the Mesopotamian region c. 2100 BCE. In the Epic of Irra, Marduk leaves the city of Babylon in the hands of Nergal (Irra, Erra) who destroys it in a rage.

NANSHE - (also Nanse) -The Sumerian goddess of social justice who looked after orphans and widows. She is often depicted riding on a lion and referred to as `The Queen of Heaven'.

NANNA- (also known as Nanna-Suen, Nannar, Sin) - The Sumerian god of the full moon and wisdom, father of Inanna in some stories and father, with Ningal, of Utu/Shamash, the sun god. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon this content non-commercially, as long as they credit the author and license their new creations under the identical terms. SEE GISHIDA. IMDUGUD - The Sumerian version of Anzu, Pazusu and Zu who had a tendency to whip rainstorms into whirlwinds by flapping his wings.

Her nemesis was the demon Pazuzu who was often invoked for protection of women and children. UTU - (also known as Shamash, Samas, Babbar) - The Sumerian god of the sun and justice, one of the oldest deities in the Mesopotamian Pantheon, dating from c. 3500 BCE. He is often compared with Thoth of the Egyptians, Apollo by the Greeks, and Mercury by the Romans. NINURTA - The Sumerian god of war and the south wind, raucous son of Enlil and Ninhursag,  best known for retrieving The Tablets of Destiny for Enki after they had been stolen by Abzu. The Primordial Dragon Goddess of Creative Chaos. BULL-MAN - In Sumerian mythology, a demon who works closely with human beings and the gods to hold at bay the forces of chaos. The Sebitti were not comprised of any of the major gods but seem to have been associated with Nergal.

MISHARU - The Sumerian god of law and justice, brother of Kittu. Cite This Work ABGAL - The seven sages in Sumerian mythology sent to the earth by Enki at the beginning of time to give human beings the sacred `me' (laws) of civilization. He is one of those whom the underworld demons try to carry off as a substitute for Inanna in the afterlife after she returns to earth in the poem The Descent of Inanna. "The Mesopotamian Pantheon." Last modified February 25, 2011. SHARA - A minor god of war in Babylonian mythology, son of Anu and Ishtar. by Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin (CC BY-NC-SA), Shedu-Lamassu from the Palace of Tukulti-Ninurta I, by Trustees of the British Museum (Copyright). You can test out of the KISHAR - The Babylonian goddess of the earth and fertility. She was associated with the god Dagan.

He was also the god of farmers, the fields and grain. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. The Sumerians: Their History, Culture, and Character. NINSHAR - The Sumerian goddess of birth and stony ground who, with her brother Enshar, encircle the earth to create the horizon. Visit the Major Eras in World History Study Guide page to learn more. The Queen of the Night Reconstructionby Trustees of the British Museum (Copyright). QUINGU - Also known as Kingu, the consort of Tiamat and her champion in her war with the younger gods. UTTU - The Sumerian spider goddess. Contrary to ancient belief, Pazuzu was depicted as the demon who possessed the girl in the movie The Exorcist. The Galla are featured in the Hymn to Igalima and in The Descent of Inanna where they are sent by Enki to help Inanna and also drag Dumuzi to the underworld. KUSAG - The Babylonian god of the priesthood, patron god of priests.

Mark has lived in Greece and Germany and traveled through Egypt.

He was venerated for thousands of years and among the few to survive the fall of the Assyrian Empire in 612 BCE when the statues and temples of many gods were sacked by invading forces. In The Epic of Gilgamesh the Scorpion couple, Scorpion Man and Scorpion Woman, guard the great Gate of the Mountain where the sun rises and are described as `terrifying'. In The Epic of Irra (also known as The Wrath of Erra) he takes over the city of Babylon in Marduk's absence, leading to its destruction or, alternately, delivers Babylon from her enemies but only after `turning the world upside down' with the slaughter of the righteous and unrighteous alike. See ANSHAR. He was also known as Martu.

Tales concerning Ereshkigal, like The Marriage of Ereshkigal and Nergal or The Descent of Inanna bear similarities to the later Egyptian myth of Osiris and Isis and the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone in the motif of the Dying and Reviving God best known from the story of Jesus Christ. SHERIDA - (also Serida) -The ancient Sumerian mother goddess, giver and sustainer of light and life. Many of the compositions concerning her depict her as highly sexual, unmarried, and able to "turn men into women" with passion. TAMMUZ - The Babylonian version of the Sumerian Dumuzi, a vegetation, dying and reviving god figure. She has been identified as both Ishtar/Inanna or as Ereshkigal as well as with the demoness Liltu/Lillith. The etemmu was the animating spirit breathed into the first humans created from the remains of the god Quingu after his death. NIRAH - The Sumerian snake god, god of snakes. She was adept at interpreting dreams and was very wise. Who were the Ancient Germanic Batavi Tribe? He was one of the many consorts of Inanna/Ishtar. ABGAL - The seven sages in Sumerian mythology sent to the earth by Enki at the beginning of time to give human beings the sacred `me' (laws) of civilization.They were also known, by the Akkadians and Babylonians, as The Apkallu or the Apkallu Fish and are depicted with the body of a fish and the head of a man or with the torso of a fish and human arms, legs and … She is best known for her role in the myth Enki and Ninhursag in which she complains to the mother goddess about Enki's neglect and is told to wipe his seed from her body, thus fertilizing the earth and giving birth to the first plants and trees. LUGALBANDA - The third king of the city of Uruk, husband of the goddess Ninsun and the father of Gilgamesh. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. PAPSUKKEL - (also Papsukkal) - The Sumerian minister of the gods. He remains in the underworld for half the year and Geshtinanna the other half, thus explaining the cycle of the seasons. As Lama she was depicted as a woman in a long, tiered robe while, as Lamassu, she appeared as a winged bull or lion with a woman's face or head and protected temples and palaces against the forces of chaos and their attendant evils. Her favorite meals consisted of human flesh and bones topped off with a drink of boiling human blood. These gods then rise from the underworld to earth and sky in keeping with the motif of the fertility myth of the dying and reviving god. As with all of the female deities in Mesopotamia, Ninhursag suffered a loss in status during the reign of Hammurabi of Babylon (1792-1750 BCE) and was eventually replaced as a supreme power by male gods. IRRA - Also known as Erra, the Babylonian god of plagues pestilence, death, war, and destruction, associated with Nergal, god of death. One reason demons may be very rarely depicted in ancient Mesopotamian art is that people back then believed the image of an evil demon could put someone in danger. She was the foremost goddess and patron of the city of Uruk to whom she was said to have given the sacred `me' (laws) which were given her in a drunken revel by the god of wisdom, Enki. She is associated with Ishtar and personifies the destructive side of the goddess.

More copies of this work have been discovered than copies of the more famous Epic of Gilgamesh.


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