maytag washer troubleshooting codes
Set-up mode J. should be set to_d to prevent coin drop diagnostic codes.). Main control board: F3E1: Water level pressure switch failure: Unplug the washer. Water level in the machine is believed to be above the overflow level. Door/lid switch detected open during cycle (when not paused). Voltage detected below 90vac for 8 seconds. Over Current is detected. Write Down The Error Code! Is the drain hose or pump clogged? When this condition is detected, the machine will automatically begin pumping water out until it falls below the overflow level. from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST. Dishwasher not cleaning dishes on the top rack? Make sure lid is firmly closed. The washer is running a load-balance correction routine. F5E2 (door will not lock) appears in display. Visual check shows motor is not moving. If the code reappears, call for service, Restart the cycle pressing the Cycle Selector dial. Unknown. 2. I too am having this f03 E01 on my Maytag maxima, help! Push the “Off” button and then wait four minutes for the lid to unlock.

Use hE detergent or reduce the amount of detergent. The main control will flush water in attempt to clear Suds. A Door Lock Error occurs if the door cannot be locked.

How to replace the drain pump in a top-load washer. Make sure the door is closed completely and latching. NOTE: For All Error Codes...  Always use the proper testing equipment. Motor tach signal is seen at maximum speed. Feel free to ask any questions about repairs. When excessive suds are detected, a suds routine automatically starts. (Set-up mode 6 should be set to 00 for free cycle operation. Check wire harness connections between the Drive Motor and the Motor Control Unit (MCU), and between the MCU and the Central Control Unit (CCU). Out of balance circuit. The inaccurate connection of cold and hot water – they are connected in reverse. Blocked coin 1 or coin drop control circuit failure (coin recognition and price display disabled while blockage persists). but a malfunction may occur at a later date due to ESD stress. Electric service was lost when washer was running. If this occurs, the CCU will reset the MCU and wait for the motor and/or the MCU to cool down before restarting. It depends on the complexity of the situation. If the code remains and the wash cycle dial is flashing after the recovery routine has stopped, re-select your desired cycle using cold water.

Open the Lid: The lid has not been opened for the last three completed cycles. If condition still exists, replace machine control board. Use only HE (High Efficiency) detergents. Learn how to adjust your settings. Thank you for your inquiry.

Repair or replace any damaged dispenser parts. Select any three (3) buttons (except POWER) and follow the steps below, using the same buttons.

The CCU detects an out of range pressure signal.

Door Switch/Lock Unit failure.

(abnormal = infinity), Verify the shipping system including shipping bolts, spacers and cables are removed. Check the wiring between the water level pressure switch and the main control board.

The manufacturer or seller cannot be responsible, nor assume any.


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