male actors under 20

", BEST PART OF BEING AN ACTOR "Getting to escape my own thoughts and emotions.
But Bill!
Remember Renesmee from Twilight? ", MY GENERATION, IN A FEW WORDS, IS … "Strong. I cut it off because it felt weird!

", I'D LIKE TO STAR IN A REMAKE OF … "Anything scary. ", I WAS MOST STARSTRUCK BY … "Oprah. Who knows! Next ?up, a leading role opposite Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard ?in Amblin's supernatural horror pic The Turning (February), as well as voice parts in Angry Birds 2 (2019) and The One and Only Ivan with Angelina Jolie. Hollywood is full of hot men, and in fact, being extremely good looking is pretty much a requirement these days just to get your foot in the door.

", WHEN I GROW UP, I WANT TO … "Be producing and directing. She's set to star in A Fall from Grace, which has Oscar bait written all over it thanks to a cast including Vincent D'Onofrio, Tim Roth, Forest Whitaker, and David Lynch. ", I'D LOVE TO STAR IN A REMAKE OF … "If I could play Matilda, that would be my dreams coming true. ", WHEN I GROW UP, I WANT TO … "Become a director. ", I WISH I WERE OLD ENOUGH TO … "Marry Scarlett Johansson.". I love to be able to go to places I've never been. 20 Years Old 1.

"I love when people recognize me," says the Virginia boy who beat out hundreds for the part of a pint-size Jim Parsons in CBS' Big Bang Theory prequel, TV's top-rated new comedy. It was uncomfortable. ", MOST RIDICULOUS FAN INTERACTION "I was literally horse-collared in Manhattan for a selfie within seconds of my dad giving me some really terrible news. Before she reprises her role ?in the Emmy-nominated show's third season (set for summer 2019), she'll make her big-screen debut in Warner Bros.' Godzilla: King of the Monsters (May 2019). Otherwise known as Bella Hadid's friend and the very best part of Grown-ish, Luka Sabbat is a model who is infinitely cooler than all your faves combined, and he achieved peak coolness before it was even legal for him to buy a drink to toast himself. Hollywood is the land of endless opportunity for young and ambitious actors. ", I WISH I WERE OLD ENOUGH TO … "Rent a car, skydive or adopt a kid — I can't wait to be a dad. For some, the pressure to transform from a teen heartthrob to a “serious actor” can be too much, but others can rise to the occasion and show the world exactly what they are capable of. ", I WAS MOST STARSTRUCK BY … "I was nervous at the start off work with Mackenzie Davis and Sarah Paulson, because they slay so hard, and then meeting [Ryan] Gosling and [Harrison] Ford was pretty amazing. I don't think actual words came out. Things Jordyn Woods has accomplished in the last 20 years: A succesful modeling career, becoming an influencer, a casual fashion collection. She has a beauty empire, a clothing line, a reality TV series, a bajillion endorsements, tons of money, and — oh, right — a baby. Guys, he was in middle school just four years ago! Also amazing? ", MY HERO "Tom Hanks and Will Smith because they were my favorite actors — but then I saw that they weren't just in front of the camera, they were also producing and directing. When her sister went to orientation at UCLA, an 8-year-old ?Totah tagged along to take an acting class. 2. I love my parents and my family but I really like my space more. The kicker is that the kid who got the part is the exact same kind of person, and then the movie gave everyone explosive diarrhea. ", I WISH I WERE OLD ENOUGH TO … "Go to university.". ", MY GENERATION, IN A FEW WORDS, IS … "Strong and inspiring and very empowered. I don't spend the money that I make. Poor Leo, there was this long line of people waiting to take a photo with him and I just cut the line. That Are Truly Good, 30 Celebs Who Look Exactly Like Their Moms, 45 Celeb Couples You Were Obsessed With in the 2000s, The Best and Worst Dressed Celebs at the Oscars. Because Laurie Hernandez took home the gold during the 2016 Olympics — not to mention the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars! About Our Ads ", MY PARENTS ALWAYS TELL ME TO … "Chew with my mouth closed. 7. ", I'M JEALOUS OF REGULAR KIDS WHEN … "They get to act like idiots in public. MOST EMBARRASSING AUDITION STORY "When I was little, I went to run to my mom after a commercial audition and ran into a mirror. ", MY GENERATION, IN A FEW WORDS, IS … "Aware, knowledgeable and motivated for change. ", I'M DYING TO WORK WITH … "If they were alive, David Bowie and Freddy Mercury. It's all very confusing. She charmed critics with her breakout turn in The Florida Project and again with her Critics' ?Choice Awards speech. ", HOW I SPENT MY FIRST PAYCHECK "Clothes and gifts for my family. She's gone on to roles on Disney Channel's Stuck in the Middle and The CW's Jane the Virgin (as a young Gina Rodriguez). ", I'M JEALOUS OF REGULAR KIDS WHEN … "They get to participate in team sports and compete with other schools while I'm working on set.

", I'M JEALOUS OF REGULAR KIDS WHEN … "They go to college. ", HOW I SPENT MY FIRST PAYCHECK "I went to the Gucci store. This story first appeared in the Aug. 8 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. THE SHOW OR MOVIE THAT MADE ME WANT TO ACT "Parks and Rec, That '70s Show, The Office. The fact that Bella Thorne is not 21 yet spent summer 2017 hooking up with Scott Disick, a man who is 34, will never cease to amaze.


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