lord of the rings extended essay

The temptation for the power of the Ring can corrupt people not only on the inside – their minds, but will also damage their outer appearance, if they hold on to it long enough. Just like Merry and Pippin he has no great goals and is content with what he has. Scruton. At first he uses it only when he thinks he needs it, although he was warned by Gandalf not to do so. (page 13). Tolkien graduated in English Language and Literature in 1915 at Exeter College. But greatest contributors to its force are the runes on it, as they are usually a symbol of magical power in Tolkien’s book.

This is also the case with Gimli and Legolas. According to http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Gandalf (2012), the staff can be used for illumination, for pushing foes back (also called magical kinesis), for casting blinding light upon foes, for calling the Lord of Eagles to help, and for calling Shadowfax – Gandalf’s horse. The book "Lord of the Rings" was written by the English writer and philologist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in the period between 1937 and 1949 during World War II. Frodo’s magic ring represents the unsustainability of the environment, and the characters of Middle-Earth. Although they are among the most powerful characters, they know that their good intentions will be corrupted. The powers of the sword are demonstrated several times in the book, as it shines when there is a battle.

But Isildur did not destroy the Ring, although he knew that he had to do it. The Lord of the Rings series is arguably John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s (aka J.R.R. It is important for us, as people, to make the correct decisions when given some kind of power and remember the example the One Ring’s addictive power. It is a story about good against evil that starts in the Shire, home of the hobbits – creatures that are usually not the adventurous type. Frodo’s magic ring represents the ruthless actions of the creatures of Middle-Earth.

It is only with his last breath that he confesses to Aragorn that he tried to take the Ring from Frodo and that he has paid.". Besides the One Ring, there are other symbols of power in the book. It ends in Mordor, the root of all evil in this fictional world. His quest might have failed if not for the appearance of Gollum. He thinks that Sam might steal it – it seems the Ring has almost taken Frodo’s mind away. New laws were enforced and the citizens’ freedom was taken away. Aragorn knows that through the Ring great evil can be accomplished and this is why he refuses to take it even for the quest.


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