leafy chin reddit

-when there IS something relevant to the drama 80% of the fucking convo is scribbled out (oh why i wonder ?) Guess what too, leafy has way more to gain from making them public then H3 does. Describe the issue in detail. H3 1m+, He's jealous at leafy as well, 1.6MIL+ and growing more than twice as fast as h3h3productions, Sitting on your ass talking in the mic and getting the same video game footage over and over and dabbling in sonyvegas for 10 minutes... 1000x better lmao, Not to mention starting every video with "hey guys (insert incredably unfunny person/meme here) here". Why won’t Leafy come back with a new channel. Faces,” “Bite My Hip,” and “Boys (Original)” are previously unreleased. recorded. The dates don't matter. Buying a plane ticket to fly all the way to jerusalem to film one video... facial expressions. Because after "Leafy Rant" video he could be able to get others to defend him. H3h3 made a video about leafies content.. not the little strings that go on the backround. How often does h3 ask for likes? You know why? FUCK NO! 1979. Or shown publicly, so you know the only people that could have given him it? Gg rip whiteknight. H3H3 makes quality videos that have time put into them. I give my permission to pass my contact information to the alleged infringing party. Ethan fucking went across country in his reaction to mattyb, THAT SHIT TAKES TIME. http://imgur.com/a/K7Kzp#2ogX3B2. he scrabbled his context in the dm out with red lines, just to leave ethan's messages and sent them to pyro. Yeah pyro is so good if you love like whores so he and leafy can get dat $$$ advance of the band’s 40th anniversary. 4 23. Leafy is the real backstabber rat peice of shit -PROOF-reddit.

Seriously, to top it all off. Marilyn Manson Complete Unpublished Photoshoot 1998 “Mechanical Animals” By Armando Gallo Part ½, https://www.facebook.com/marilynmansonworldofficial/, River Phoenix as James Wright from The Thing Called Love (1993), This is the coolest thing ever, @u-r-my-medicine. Sure a lot of "business discussion", anyways maybe he has shit talked pyro, but maybe he genuinely dislikes pyro? I state that the information in this notification is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed, or an authorized agent for the owner. If leafys content is so bad why does he have more subs than both of h3's channels combined?

You know what happens then? I'm simply stating a fact.

Ethan, our Leafy. Leafy has more subs. Made another drawing of Leafy … that chin though was a bitch to draw my art leafyishere leafy leafyisbeefy leafyisqueer leafyisqueefy calvin vail calvin lee vail artists on tumblr 1,338 notes Leafy area 51 with his chin – popular memes on the site ifunny.co Feel free to provide more information. Best Comments. NEY FOR DADDY! The guy whose comment I replied to used this argument, and it was wrong. Would I be jealous of him? You're a complete idiot. Good job, you must be really struggling at whatever highscool you're at if you're way too ignorant to understand what's going on.


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