lavender coturnix quail
Specialty Chicks and Hatching Eggs for the Modern Homestead.

During the laying season they lay 1 egg nearly every day, and will lay 300+ eggs per year if given supplemental lighting in the winter.

Since the name “recessive white” was given for chickens (Somes 1988) first, the white plumage phenotype of the Japanese quail and its corresponding mutation should be given specific names. (A) Homozygous “lavender” cock. These results indicate that the recessive white mutations are not homologous in Japanese quail and chickens. Birds with the mutant phenotype obtained in the following F2 generation were then kept as parents of the mutant stock which bred true thereafter.

We propose “white plumage” and WHI*W. The fact that “recessive white” chickens have no pigmented feathers (Smyth 1990), whereas their quail counterparts always have a few normally pigmented ones somewhere on their back from the head to the pelvic area (Cheng and Kimura 1990), was already an indication of this difference. If you follow his Facebook page, he has some amazing color patterns! We breed for seven different feather colors… Scarlett, Rosetta, Tibetan, Scarlett Tuxedo, Rosetta Tuxedo, Tibetan Tuxedo, and English White. Somes RG, 1990. On the other hand, none of the 18 hybrids obtained from “wild-type” quail had the lavender/bleu phenotype: their plumage had various proportions of black, wild-type quail, and white feathers, and six of them were “naked neck.” These results show that the same gene determines the lavender and bleu phenotypes, because both mutations must be present in the hybrid to obtain the mutant plumage color. Kansas City Quail FarmHere’s one breeder that actually does ship live chicks! In: Poultry breeding and genetics (Crawford RD, ed).

Recessive white feathering in the chicken (Bateson and Punnett 1906) and in the turkey (Robertson et al. So she must inherit this trait from both parents.

A similar pattern of white plumage color was observed also in heterozygous guinea fowl obtained by crossing a pigmented line with a homozygous white line (Cauchard 1971).

Coturnix Quail.

Genetics of plumage, skin and eye pigmentation in chickens. Incidentally, 17 of them were also “naked neck” (Figure 1C).

She’s also fun to follow on Instagram! The albino mutation (C*A) at the multiallelic “recessive white” locus C in the chicken is caused by a deletion at a copper-binding site of the tyrosinase gene (Tobita-Teramoto et al.

Visual comparison of “bleu” quail and “lavender” chickens in our experimental unit indicated that their plumage color was quite similar. In chickens, the “lavender” phenotype is due to an autosomal recessive mutation, LAV*L, at the LAV locus (Brumbaugh et al. They have the prettiest shade of light-gray feathers, with a hint of lavender. The males’ crow is a soft trill, like a song-bird, and so, many urban families who cannot have roosters, opt for a few backyard quail.

We have finally gotten to where our Celadons breed ‘True’.


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