laura les interview

Me: You play a lot and tour a lot. I have no idea where I’m going anymore. We don’t see it as, like, a brand-new music album.

Right now, I’ve been working on a pop album to be released in the spring. If they can articulate these elements, you've likely got a great fit. That self-reflection is so important for me. Their distinctive, energy drink-fuelled mashup of dubstep, ska, trance, forgotten Myspace synthcore and heavily distorted Auto-Tuned vocals on last year’s confusingly titled debut album 1000 Gecs (the follow-up to 2016’s self-titled, self-released EP) took the group to the top of many end-of-year lists. But I think probably just laughing with my friends.

“I’ve been whittling,” he says. The only time that I would consider failure, is going against myself. 100 Gecs’ ‘1000 Gecs & The Tree of Clues’ is out now. I guess it makes me focus more on projects that are going to make me happy.

And it’s because the universe said, “You have to stay in bed! The only time I would consider myself failing is when I don’t listen to my gut when I’m doing something I know in the back of my mind probably isn’t the right thing. Thomas Jefferson wrote about it in a letter to his nephew and one of the things he said something like every morning take a walk for an hour and don’t do anything except walk. I appreciate that you acknowledge that we change every second, we’re always changing. Like, “Shit. There are people who say: ‘They’re just expressing a love for music, all sorts of different kinds.’”. I don’t feel that anymore. Les, who still lives in Chicago with her husband, has spent lockdown watching The Sopranos for the first time, and Brady is apartment-bound in LA with his girlfriend. What does the remix album add to their bizarre experiment? Her most recent project BIG SUMMER JAMS 2018 is saturated, catchy, tropical, and anthemic. We made a whole trip out to actually sign the deal and they were like: ‘Whatever you guys want for lunch, we’re down.’ I was like: ‘I want caviar, ‘cos I’ve never had it before and this seems like the perfect time.’ So I had caviar and champagne.”, Laura: “That we are deeply ironic people.”, Dylan: “Oh yeah, that’s true. Many contributors to the remix album showed up, including Charli XCX, whose recent album featured two raved-about tracks that were produced by Brady. The electronic duo, made up of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, are used to remote cross-country working, with Brady being based in LA and Les in Chicago (she’s currently in the process of moving). Which is such a strange experience. You’re almost creating a separate place for the two of you to find your own footing. Let’s run it! Laura: I think that has to be how it is if you say “in love.” Because we’re ever-evolving. hello kitty skates to the fuckin CEMETARY is a delicately emotive five-part soundscape that evokes the subtle comfort of being afraid.

Laura remixed it twice herself. What will you miss the most when you’re gone? hello kitty skates to the fuckin CEMETARY. Even though 100 gecs ostensibly came out of nowhere, both Dylan and Laura have been working together for years. Laura Les and Dylan Brady. Why you should ask it: Everyone wants their people to jump out of bed and run to work. It's notoriously hard to get to know someone in one interview, and it's even harder when the interviewee responds with what they think you want to hear. I can see myself about to go for it sometimes and I usually have some sort of body alert that says, “Must change.” People comment on the fact that I feel like I’ve lived a lot of lives. Laura Les: It’s a mixed bag. It was fucking cool as hell.”, Dylan: “The week leading up to it I was incredibly scared and nervous — but 30 seconds into it, I was fine.”, Laura: “I remember before we went on stage for the Friday Therapy show [supporting Brockhampton] we were both sitting on this big speaker or something.

But when you’re doing a show like that and you’re throwing out energy and you’re getting it back a hundred times more, it’s super-shocking. How does stress manifest in you? I think the music sounds like that because that’s how it felt to sing about them, it’s a relief to get it all off of your chest. Dylan Brady and Laura Les are breaking down pop music constructs and building them back up in their own warped vision.

Why you should ask it: You'll learn what keeps this person challenged intellectually. I feel in real life or whatever, you just throw energy into things and a lot of the time you don’t get anything back. Whatever you shouldn’t is probably not meant for you to know. This is what makes a great culture fit. I just don’t know how you couldn’t change. Laura: “We’re working on an album of new music [at the moment], but the response to the first album was just so good that we thought we could do something else with the material and, you know, let other people put their spin on it. One Hundred Years of Solitude. Well first of all thank you. My head mind and my body mind. What's one thing you don't know now, but feel compelled to know before you die? The book is magical realism.

Me: For sure. This is a … I love pop. Bur, for the electronic duo. But it’s about keeping an open mind and seeing life bigger than it is on the surface. Tellingly, Les only learned guitar as a teenager so she could deconstruct other people’s songs before re-animating them into bold new shapes.

Like “darkest part of day” was three years old when I finally recorded it. I paid the bills though! I think it’s important to just be truthful over being overly poetic, but when you’re being truthful and nuanced the result just ends up resonating like poetry. Over the following years, Les moved to Chicago and Brady to LA, but they bonded tightly from a distance, sharing music and dabbling in creating together. He would tell me stories, and in Spanish, my grandmother would tell him to shut up and not fill my head with these crazy notions. The duo are dialling in from their respective homes, with each of them making use of Zoom’s background settings throughout our interview as they continuously switch their backdrops (Brady starts with Baby Yoda before changing to a cave, while Les changes her backdrop throughout our interview before eventually settling on this meme of Sonic the Hedgehog). It’s about beauty and the various things that happen in life, through generations, and over cyclical periods of time, and there’s ugliness and beauty in everything. It was exciting, but I really wanted all of the tracks to be surprises for my Noisey set. 31-60, los angeles, culver city, Brené Brown. As Osno1, Laura collaborated with Night Lovell, Lil West, Umru, and more. Dylan BradyLaura LesLewis Grantlil westosno1. They decided to make it after releasing stems to their songs for fans to remix, and included some of those contributions on the album; Brady in particular loved seeing his music “shredded and sucked into the internet in a crazy way”. My goal is to leave behind a legacy of some kind. Somehow, blown out bass drums, nightcored vocals, trance arpeggios, internet trends, and cartoonish soundtracks all have a fitting home on their debut album. The book is beautiful. You’d be hard-pressed [to find one]. Back in April, as many other artists were scrabbling to adapt to the new digital landscape, the duo utilised their digital nous to host their own online festival, Square Garden, within the game. They'll help you better understand if the candidate is a good fit. Listen for self-awareness, honesty, and confidence, as well as whether they can identify how they will be challenged intellectually and fulfilled by the opportunity. It sucks how easily money will fuck up a good idea.

The answer is intrinsic motivation, the type of motivation that comes from within and can't be bought with gifts, perks, or money. “We’re both just fans of music, so that’s just what we put on it,” Laura affirms. Their track, “800db cloud,” begins as an abrasive electronic song about weed and ends with a brutal grindcore breakdown. There are times when—I’m of two minds.

On the cover of their debut album, 1000 gecs, Laura Les and Dylan Brady stand facing a pine tree, their heads leaned into the branches and their backs to the camera.

The band’s writing process, which Les describes as “sort of an exquisite corpse type thing”, consists of sharing Logic audio files back and forth, taking on the labour 50:50 with ease despite being in different US states. Everybody killed it.

I’m like: ‘Nobody can do that!’ Who’s a parody artist who makes music similar to ours?


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