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11.15 News Headlines 3= You Can't get Away With Murder In fact seven programmes has already been taped, so where did they all go to? 5.00 Criss Cross Quiz Wrote critic Gordon Irving "Jig Time must take credit for helping to inspire the new trend in entertainment."

11.50 News

5.00 Zoo Time Francis Essex added, "after last year's production of The Winter's Tale, Peter Hemmings and I were enormously impressed with the atmosphere in the Assembly Hall" 5.25 Robin Hood

Marshall said 'is there instrumentality that we could create that would enable a machine to find that water? STV programmes Last night showed just how good Tony can be as Tony Hancock. Larry R. Marshall is an Australian entrepreneur and physicist. [by whom?

A second competition was announced in July 1967, to be held in early 1968, with six shows, the top prize was a splendid £100. 6 April 1st with The Ramblers, The Strangers, Helene and The Kinsmen, The Contrasts. Note- top BBC shows (50%): Dick Powell Theatre / Dick Van Dyke Show, TAM ratings for STV w/e 15 Dec 1963 8.00 Sam Bendict 5 Wed July 12th (10.50-11.20pm) guests Eric Linklater and Compton Mackenzie, with Oswald Wynd and Magnus Magnusson. 5= Film: Random Harvest (BBC)

Brian Mahoney directed plays, except where indicated. Potential candidates were reviewed by a selection committee which included Lord Clydesmuir, Mrs Michael Noble, Rev George MacLeod, Duncan Macrae, Sheriff Harald Leslie, Naomi Mitchison, and Lavinia Derwent. Last night showed just how good Tony can be as Tony Hancock. 2 Murder Car (Fri Dec 17th 1965, 9.40pm)- a murder from fifteen years earlier: a Glasgow policeman was sentenced to death for killing his mistress. 8= Till Death Us Do Part (BBC), TAM ratings in Scotland (STV area) w/e 26th November 1967 The cutbacks were incorrectly reported to include the Cape Grim research station in north-western Tasmania, which has measured airborne greenhouse gases since 1976, and Australia's participation in the Argo ocean observation program, which has 3,800 floats about 180 miles apart, which collect data on sea currents, salinity and temperature. Fastand Folk ('hungry folk') Lett., 17, pp.186-189 (1991).

In February next year the format was altered to include a studio audience who put questions to the panel, Roundup was an STV attempt to make a children's magazine programme to rival A-R's Tuesday Rendezvous. A report noted "the camera angles did credit to all, and there was a grand sense of movement. 3 The Close Shave (Mon Jan 10th 1966 9.10pm)- with John Cairney as a Polish pyschopath But no hot peas and totty crisps for them, they mean to do it a la latest women's magazine All new members are welcomed, with one caveat: You must behave and be nice AND SEARCH BEFORE POSTING! Number 3 on March 12th featured The Copycatz, The Vampires, Tommy Trousdale and His Sundowners, and (from the South) Dave Berry and The Cruisers. Host. Hosts were Paul Young and Morag Hood, producer Liam Hood 14 Oct 9th 1964 6.30pm with The Merseybeats, The Poets

9 April 22nd included The Swingin' Blue Jeans

Burnham, Opt.

"[67][68], On 8 and 9 March 2016, the Senate Select Committee into the Scrutiny of Government Budget Measures convened public hearings in Hobart and in Melbourne for the purpose of "looking at the potential ramifications of proposed cuts to the CSIRO". Friday March 17th 1967 "[37], However, Marshall – who says he has found inspiration in Netflix' "high performance culture"[38] – has struggled in his attempts to apply the language of 'startups' and the logic of market disruption within the CSIRO.


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