larry june interview

I ain’t got no time to be sitting up in jail eating dusty a*s sandwiches and sh*t. Yeah, I’m doing a tour sometime in March, but I’m not sure of the details yet. My life is real, man, I’ve been out here, man. I started off on a smooth type of sound, then I started taking on trap beats and having fun and talking my shit.

Do you think fame is a different path than money? Tonight I’m gonna smoke me a Backwoods and sip a mojito and get to work on that. It’s fun music, and the beats are hard-hitting but different.
Larry June raps about turkey bacon, trapping, driving a Prius, Glock 40s, and seven-dollar lemonades. Near the peak of our climb, June turned around and said, “Don’t worry, we’re almost there. lot of people want to ask me questions that I feel shouldn’t be answered during interviews. A lot of manners up there. View details that no one tells you about. Do you spend a lot of time cooking? I don’t listen to no rap music.

What drew you to these beats? It’s definitely easier for me now, because now I can take my vision and make it a reality.
In Wolf Point, you got project housing on good real estate, and that’s money.

I feel like you have to have fun with it. Sunlight floods in from ceiling to floor. This sh*t ain’t fun. It just do something for me. His influences are wide and diverse, but the two places where he grew up are equally dominant in his music. I want to do something different, something positive. Aired June 16, 2005 - 21:00 ET. I knew it was dope because I had writer’s block and couldn’t really think of nothin’. You got the flashy people who like to spend their money on flashy things, and you got the real ones who keep it lowkey and out of mind. Please take a second to donate on Patreon! I don’t really want to do that, I just want to present my lifestyle right now to the people. They tight, man. I do a little cooking. It’s 2017—that’s just asking to go to jail. We’ll just keep it at the old dudes.

The video takes place, at least in part, in the kitchen. “Sock it to me,” “Yeah, baby,” that’s Bootsy Collins, that’s Jimi Hendrix, you see what I’m sayin’? I didn’t want to be forced to do other things that I didn’t need to do, so I thought, I’m going to do Lyft. and follow on Snapchat.

Speaking of oranges, the beats on the Orange Season EP sound like they could’ve been written for the O’Jays or Al Green or (minus the drum machines, of course).

They’ll say, “oh yeah, I heard you were doing this.” I’m still out here, I’m not famous enough to do interviews like that.

I just started my new service, Larry’s Food Advice, people send me DMs of their food and I send them tips on how to make it more organic and healthy on a punk b*tch. With artists like Jacka, Spice-1, Mob Figaz, they definitely influenced a lot.

I don’t listen to nothin’ but old music. I want money and I want to be happy. The Larry June Interview by No Jumper published on 2016-04-11T10:49:45Z Last week I was lucky enough to get Larry June in the studio for an early morning in depth chat about where he's coming from, where he's been and where he's 'bout to go.

Bigger than what a lot of people think. That’s not how you supposed to move.

Yeah, but I had all this already.

I believe in miracles. All Rights Reserved. [He thinks about this for a long moment.] This is the lifestyle everyone wants. There’s some real gangster shit going on there, and it’ll probably never stop. Would you be open to a cooking show? I wanted to congratulate you on “The Scale” video.

Migos comes to mind. I have one in San Francisco, but I’m renting it out right now.

Terms & Conditions But, we also had mob music: Jacka, B-Legit, E-40, Messy Marv.

It’s real, it’s going on every day. We rely on your support to keep POW alive. I’m talking the same street shit, but with the adlibs and everything, I’m having fun and giving emotion. There’s just a lot of other shit that others don’t really know about either.

I still feel like I’m a tourist.

On “Choose Up,” you say, “I’ll probably never sign a record deal.” Now, it appears as though. and follow us on Social Media: I’m on a whole different level.


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