lamy m66 refill alternative

Many refills look similar at first glance but are different in subtle ways that make them incompatible. What is the difference between ballpoint, gel, and rollerball refills? If you know the make and model of the pen, you can look it up online and see if any retailers, reviewers, or the manufacturer say what refills go with it.

Before you do that, though, you’ll need to use up enough of the ink so that you aren’t cutting into the ink or the translucent gel that holds the ink in place. 8.8 cm refills are especially popular in slim pocket pens and compact multi pens, while 9.8 cm refills are commonly found in larger multi pens, including customizable multi pens like the Uni Style Fit. There's nothing wrong with the M66. Here are some popular Japan Type refills, listed from shortest to longest. wow they do, they changed the symbol a bit. I used a Pelikan rollerball refill in my M6x-taking Lamy Liner.

Available in these ink colours: It is used in a variety of Pilot pens including the S20 and Dr. This refill does not suit LAMY rollerball pens that come with a cap. See, How to Find the Right Refill for Your Pen.

It has a long, thin metal barrel with a threaded plastic knob attached to the end.

RED ARROW: the Schmidt refill was modified by cutting down the ferrule of the point as shown. The pint-sized LAMY M22 refill can be found in some mini pens, most notably the LAMY Pico. With this kind of pen, it doesn’t matter whether the refill has a spring stop or not. The Pilot BRFN refill is essentially a Parker-style refill that has had the last 1.2 cm cut off of the end. And unlike most refills, replacement F-Refills generally come with a replacement spring included. Parker-style refills mostly feature ballpoint ink, but there are a few gel ink options as well. (If you do lose a spring, though, you may be able to scrounge a suitable replacement from another pen that you don’t care as much about.). It is commonly found in rollerball pens and retractable gel pens, and the barrel may be either metal or plastic. JetPens is accepting and shipping US orders. If a refill isn’t included in the list for a pen, either it isn’t compatible with that pen or we haven’t thought to test it yet. This means that the refill is exactly the same as the pen’s original refill—same same model, same tip size, same color, same everything. If your pen’s original refill looks like it is made up of more than one part, try giving them a gentle pull to see if you can separate them. The LAMY M66 refill is used in the LAMY Swift and Tipo rollerball pens. (Advanced tip: You can usually get around this problem by wrapping a small sliver of tape around non-Zebra D1 refills, making them just wide enough to fit securely in Zebra pens.). Here is a list of standard refill styles that are used in many different pens by many different brands. If you find a model number on your pen’s refill, try doing a web search for that model number and see what you find. The Pilot FriXion Ball Slim refill is found in a variety of FriXion erasable gel pens and multi pens. Note: Please use the Old Reddit design rather than the New Reddit as we haven't made it fully compatible, thanks! So i shook my pen and out popped a little piece of plastic that i assume the previous owner had used to make the cartridge longer lol. The Schmidt refill now holds the Lamy’s original cap. All Lamy roller refills are awful. Send an electronic gift card by email to a fellow pen junkie. Lamy has complemented its portfolio with crystal ink – a series of extremely attractive colour inks. This refill does not suit LAMY rollerball pens that come with a cap. Are you still struggling to identify a mysterious refill? Cookies help us deliver our Services. It has a symbol of an arrow going through a circle on it as well. Thank you! I have one around somewhere with a non-standard refill and it works a charm. A.G. Spalding & Bros also uses this refill style in many of their ballpoint pens. I have yet to find something that fits. Screenshot showing the "Same as Original" box above the original refill for a. One option is to take the spring out of an old pen and insert it behind the standard rollerball refill. The LAMY M16 refill is used by most LAMY ballpoint pens, and it is easily recognizable by the distinctive black plastic collar near the base of the tip section. Writing capacity varies according line size from approx. Apart from this difference in materials, though, they work the same and are completely interchangeable. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These refills aren’t technically a standardized style, but they are popular enough that we wanted to include them here. Do you know what rollerball refill alternatives are available? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Do you have any refill-related questions that we didn’t answer? It is 11.6 cm long and just over 7 mm in diameter at its widest point. Giant ink cartridge refill for LAMY fountain pens. The M63 is similar to a standard rollerball refill but about 5 mm longer. About 3 cm shorter than a regular Pilot G2 refill, the G2 Mini refill isn’t available for sale on its own, but you can find it in G2 Mini gel pens. I have a Lamy Swift and I love everything except the Lamy M66 ink. Some Japan Type refills are crimped about 2-3 cm back from the tip to create a spring stop. One issue we’ve run into on rare occasions is that some unusually broad (greater than 1.0 mm) refills have oversized tips that don’t quite fit through the openings of some pens. View fullsize. BLUE ARROW: the end caps have been switched. BRFN refills come in two varieties: the BRFN-10, which is made of plastic, and the BRFN-30, which is made of metal. This refill does not suit the capless LAMY Tipo, Swift and Dialog 2 rollerball pens. I have had this same pen for the last 20 years now, This is the same issue i'm running into. When in doubt, always refer to our lists of recommended refills. Take a close look at any pictures and specifications for the new refill and see if they match the refill you need to replace. It is very similar to the Zebra F-Refill, but the two are generally not interchangeable. Available in black, blue and red in the line sizes F, M and B; green in M only. I suppose it is due to the shape of the Lamy M66 refill. Measuring to the center of the spring stop would add about 0.1 cm. Can I use a 0.5 mm refill in a 0.7 mm pen? I would also love to hear the answer to this. D1 refills generally use ballpoint ink. The Parker rollerball refill has a distinctive tapering shape that looks kind of like a rocketship. It works.. but i think i'll look for something longer this time around. Overcoming the limits of technical feasibility, In conversation with Beate Oblau and Marco Achenbach, The fountain pen: an expression of personality, Participation campaign for school children, Getting to grips with the new school year. Some customizable multi pens like the Pentel i+ use 9.8 cm refills with a special adapter plugged into the back. It has no identifying numbers but it says "Parker medium Made in UK". As far as we’re concerned, any replaceable ink component with a built-in writing tip is a refill, whether it came pre-installed in a pen or not. Grip ballpoint pens.

In fact, a gel ink D1 refill may run out after just 2-3 pages of regular writing. I'll try and dig it out and let you know what refill I use. If the refill doesn’t match any of the pictures, click Something Else. They are almost identical to the UMR-1 refill, except that their barrels are 1 cm longer. The standard Uni-ball Jetstream refill may look unique, but it meets all the essential measurements of a standard rollerball refill and fits in many pens that take other standard rollerball style refills from Uni-ball. We’ve covered the most common refill styles above, but a lot of brands use their own proprietary refill styles too. This doesn’t stop Zebra refills from fitting in other pens, but it does stop most other brands’ refills from fitting in Zebra pens. Don’t hesitate to use the contact page of the manufacturer’s website to see if they can give you an official recommendation. And, very importantly, they come in two lengths: short (9.7 cm) and long (10.8 cm). It can’t fit in pens that take standard rollerball refills, but standard rollerball refills can sometimes fit in pens that take the M63 if you fill in the extra 5 mm gap behind the refill.

If replacement refills for your pen aren’t available in the color you want, you may need to just buy a new pen with the color you want.


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