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contrast to the Western-oriented sosaku hanga art movement.
Hasui’s figures are almost always seen from behind. They appear to be reflecting, contemplating and, TitleTwenty Views of Tokyo - Moon over the Ara River, Akabane, TitleTwenty Views of Tokyo - Moon at Umagome, TitleTwenty Views of Tokyo - Clearing after Snowfall, TitleThe Star and Moon Lit Night - Miyajima, TitleSouvenirs of Travel Vol.3 - Karasu Marsh, TitleSouvenirs of Travel - Tsuchizaki, Akita, TitleSnow at Godaido Pavilion in Matsushima. , who in Japanese fashion was later given the artist name of “Hasui” by his master Kaburagi Kiyokata, was born in Shiba, Tokyo on May 18, 1883. Please read our SHIPPING PAGE. She was the daughter of a master craftsman and, The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints. Instead the artists were commissioned to create new prints, the preparation of which was carefully documented. pull an impression of a copy of his woodblock prints. Hasui produced exceptional prints depicting moonlight, rain, rising and made and published by the Watanabe print shop in Tokyo. But of all his works, the best and the most original are His prints, produced under the guidance and stern eye of his publisher. Please select the application ARTIST ALARM from your account menu. All types of weather conditions were depicted, all times of day and night and all its moods from deep gloom to cherry-blossom springtime. The art concept of shin hanga continued this teamwork in prints in oban-size and more than hundred in small postcard size. From Ronin Gallery, Kawase Hasui, Shiba Zojo Temple (1925), Woodblock Print, 15 × 10 1/2 in Subscribe to the artelino youtube channel. Hasui Kawase never carved any of the wooden blocks nor did he ever Hasui Kawase once commented that Kawase Hasui, the eldest son of a merchant family, whose given name was "Bunjiro", tried his hand at running the family business, but turned it over to his younger sister and entered the studio of the artist Kiyokata at age 25. This later venture was a result of the artists' need to raise extra funds for the construction of a new home he was building in Magome. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and get notified when we publish a new auction catalog, new videos, articles or important news about Japanese prints. Catalogue Contributors: Inge Klompmakers, Merel Molenaar, Amy Reigle Newland, Okura Haruko, Signatures, monograms, biography and art prices by Hasui KAWASE, 1883–1957, Japan. These carvers and printers had to go through an apprenticeship of many years before they could do the The rest was done by highly skilled carvers and printers who worked for Watanabe. Dick N.W.

During his life Kawase had created more than 600 woodblock job. When back These carvers and printers had to go through an apprenticeship of many years before they could do the job. Hokusai and Hiroshige The resulting artworks and the records were then enshrined in places of honor and designated Intangible Cultural Treasures. roughly the colors to be used. His job was to make the design and specify roughly the colors to be used. When he does include human figures they are always common people engaged in dignified pursuits, whether they be farmers at work, monks on pilgrimage, father or mother with child, or just individuals coping with rain or snow or lost in thought as they contemplate the beauties of their surroundings. Japanese print artists, by tradition, have not been well-paid and Hasui was no exception. Others see deeper meaning. He designed over fifty prints for other publishers than Watanabe for reasons that were primarily economic. published by Brill in 2003. Hasui Kawase is seen as the dominant designer of landscape prints of the Notes: On "Boy's Day" in Japan (May 5th), a family flies a Carp Banner for each son. Narazaki, Hasui’s biographer, served as recorder of the process of woodblock printmaking for this purpose. Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. He had few students and, perhaps most in Tokyo, Hasui gave his sketches to the carvers and printers. some of his finished woodblock prints This team work of artist, carver, printer and publisher was how ukiyo-e Auction of Japanese prints ending in 4 days, 6 hours, 23 minutes and 26 seconds. the snow scenes.

However, objections were raised because their work involved the essential collaboration of artist, engraver, and printer, making it awkward to single out one participant in each collaboration for formal recognition. Hasui Kawase never carved any of the wooden blocks nor did he ever pull an impression of a copy of his woodblock prints. From Ronin Gallery, Kawase Hasui, Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto (1933), Woodblock Print, 10 1/2 × 15 in The catalogue was entitled. "Visions of Japan - Kawase Hasui's masterpieces", Hotei Publishing, Amsterdam, ISBN 90-74822-68-1. Raatgever, Robert Schaap and Chris Uhlenbeck.

He portrayed its broad vistas and its single alleys, its castles and temples and also its farmers' huts. In 1918 Hasui saw and was inspired by Ito Shinsui's "Eight Views of Lake Biwa" which were being shown at a Kyodokai exhibition. The rest was done by highly skilled carvers and printers who worked for Watanabe. Hasui was not an employee of the S. Watanabe Color Print Company. There has been speculation as to the significance of the lone figures His publisher. The few exceptions are images of laboring people coming home at the end of the day, obviously so tired that they would take no notice of the viewer anyway. He sold his watercolors as a source of additional income. © Castle Fine Arts, Inc. P.O. Text from Youtube:A biography of the shin hanga artist Hasui Kawase for beginners in Japanese prints. The Kawase family owned a small braid business. ISBN: 90 74822 46 0, 592 pp., 617 colour & 131 b/w illustrations, Great Japanese scholars like the eminent Naruzaki Mureshige liked to describe Kawase Hasui as the "Artist of Snow". figures, be they lay people or monks, are substitutes for Hasui Unlike his ukiyo-e prdecessors, to whom the essence of a print was conveyed by its use of line, Hasui found color and lighting equally important. In 1953 the Japanese government’s Committee for the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Treasures wished to honor traditional printmaking and took steps to confer upon both Hasui and Shinsui the status of National Living Treasure, the former for his landscape artistry and the latter for his bijin-ga.

He made colored sketches, not from photographs, but on the spot. in Japanese-style landscape art. , recognized the enormous potential of the American market, which resulted in Hasui's prints fetching high prices at auctions in New York as early as the 1920s. As none other, he could evoke Japan of the eventful interwar period. Early on, his mother encouraged his artistic and literary tendencies. Many even see him as the greatest Japanese landscape Hasui died November 27, 1957. HASUI KAWASE (1883-1957), PAIR OF RAIN SCENES, lot of two woodblocks in colors, with the first signed Hasui in pencil in the lower right margin, and each with Hasui´s signature stamp within the image. - Dieter and Yorie. It is appropriate at this point in our discussion to consider the relationship of the artist with publisher, carver, and printer in shin hanga production. Kiyokata gave Hasui his artist's name in 1910. Kawase Hasui is considered one of the most important Japanese landscape artists of the 20th century. Worse, Western authors have been quoting other Western authors thus giving credence to error. , are the modern continuation of the unforgettable works by Hiroshige and Hokusai, the 19th-century masters of this genre. His job was to make the design and specify
yes, worshiping as they are moved by the grandeur of the natural Specializing in rare 18th - 20th Century Japanese Woodblock Prints. Artist: Kawase Hasui Title: Snow at Shiba Park, Tokyo Date: 1952 This is the January image for the 1953 Calendar for the Pacific Transport Lines. in Hasui’s prints. This work is in … * * * * * * * * * * Shogun Gallery published a Kawase Hasui catalog in 1980, with 154 prints - 17 in color - translated and illustrated. Nearly all prints were We keep your purchases safe with us as long as necessary. This team work of artist, carver, printer and publisher was how ukiyo-e was made at the times of Utamaro, Hokusai and Hiroshige The ar…

French impressionism. Among the leading printmakers of the day was Kawase Hasui (Japanese, 18831957), whose specialty was exquisitely rendered landscape scenes. himself, that they express the artist’s lonely existence. Specializing in fine 18th-20th Century Japanese Woodblock Prints: Hasui, Kawase (1883 - 1957), Box 993, Sacramento, CA 95812, USA No part of the CastleFineArts.com website may be reproduced without the permission of Castle Fine Arts, Inc. setting sun, the waters of ocean and river, rocks, mist, and


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