i want you to love me chord

All artists Tuning: E A D G B E. Author Unregistered. How to play "Id Love You To Want Me" Print. C D Something in my soul just cried. Ver 1 * Pro Play This Tab. # #-----# I d Love You To Want Me chords LOBO. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. Id Love You To Want Me chords by Lobo. G Now it took time for me to know. Report bad tab.

More Versions. 291,923 views, added to favorites 513 times. Search. I'd love you to want me C The way that I want you G The way that it should be G Am Baby, you'd love me to want you C The way that I want to D G If you… Sign up Log in. Use a mixing console ... Id Love You To Want Me – Lobo. Am I about fell off my chair. C D When you moved your mouth to speak. Vocal M S. Rhythm Guitar M S. Solo Guitar M S. Drums M S. View all instruments. G When I saw you standing there. I'd Love You To Want Me chords LOBO Capo III G When I saw you standing there Am I about fell off my chair C D When you moved your mouth to speak G I felt the blood go to my feet G Now it too HALLOWEEN SPECIAL OFFER: Get annual access to Ultimate Guitar and save 80% Try Now Am What you tried so not to show. G I felt the blood go to my feet.


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