i see london, i see france, i see coco's underpants

Thanks for the blog love @WisteriaHome !! Gotta get back to London, you have inspired me . Cate Giannousopoulos Moore liked this on Facebook.

A Canadian living in PARIS : what life was like... What you think about, you bring about. Philippa Gregory has been described as the master chronicler of British royal history. Don’t have the time or resources for a jet plane? If only I could fit a box of chocolates in my pocket. Excuse the pun. …. LOL. I’ve always wanted to go but just haven’t yet.

I love home. You would love it, and it is a damn sight cheaper than any of the W’s :More money for scones and beer(not together, obvs) , What a hoot Kellie ! What a fan-tab-ulous idea. No probs. WiFi in your pocket. Okay. Glad you enjoyed your trip to our fair ilse (or green and pleasant land, as we like to call it). It was pretty cool. I hope the Queen doesn’t find out that he is looking a bit daft. It is like Downton Abbey on steroids. Lynne x, I’ll be visiting England in about a month & a half!!! Royal concentration minus the Royal stance. Cheers ! Modern art mixed amongst the Tower walls. I would describe her as having an epic talent for taking boring history and turning it into sexy romantic story telling. xx, What a great post, Lynne! Another reason to travel to London : The pubs. The last time I was in London the weather was so bad, I hopped a flight to Dublin.

Glad you enjoyed your trip Lynne! Need a change in perspective?

Ahhh thannks Nikk-ster ! Psssstt….This isn’t a real blog post. Awesome. LOL Jackie. Ha !

carbalicious… sounds like heaven on earth to me.

Thank Gawd I didn’t see her Majesty’s underpants. Need to take a breather ? x. giggle! I personally think the phone booths would be great as converted public potties. Not anymore. Looks like you had great fun! Keep thinking. The next time, we are only shopping with each other. Are you ready to wander around the Tower of London ? Don’t do data roaming. : http://t.co/ZZIhNX7Hk5”, I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! xo Cheers! It’s fab. Normally, the word history just makes me want to yawn. We will stop at every bakery.

Where are you from ? I want to go back. “I left there kicking and screaming and hanging on to the chandelier.” And who couldn’t use a chambermaid right?! I thought you may enjoy a trip down London lane. Oh please Lordy Lord Lord oh Lordy, don’t tell the Queen I talked about her knickers. Awesome hotels are my fav!!!! Practical idea minus the dreaded complication of attaching a septic tank. Travel. It’s a travel journey and you are coming on a wee hop skip and jump to London, UK. My bet is that she has a bedazzled thong throne. Perfect timing. I saw London. Did you know that you can rent a portable mobile hotspot for use in the UK ? No boys allowed. We will be at one with carbs. I pitched a fit and had a temper tantrum leaving. Let’s go back and buy some more.

And thanks for the usual splendid recap.

Here’s to happy travels ! It is so easy to just stay at home. Anything with the word PIE or GRAVY is an automatic bestie. Use wi-fi or rent a wee mobile hotspot to use for your phone or laptop. Oh hells yeah !

I didn’t see France. https://t.co/ulyaowBZBh, I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! haha! RT @lynneknowlton: {New Blog Post} I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! Kim would LOVE it too !! “mad as a box of frogs” LOVE THAT ONE ! Your email address will not be published. Note to self : Do not strip naked in front of the guards.

Should I confess that you just made me drool ? My bet is that she has a bedazzled thong throne. […], […] face* I lost the voting challenge to travel to London UK for […]. The English language is blooming marvelous. Not too big, not too small, just the size of Montreal. I’d have a beer with you any ol’ day Janet !! Wish we could go have a beer together at the authentic English pub , You did ? The designer in me had my mind wandering with ideas. If you have ever paid data roaming charges you will know exactly what I am talking about. http://t.co/c3G4E92OIS. Teachers who make it boring need a kick in the patootie The first stop : The W Hotel at Leicester Square. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Those fellas in your first picture does not look amused. One place i’ll go also is #AbbeyRoad, {New Blog Post} I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! We bugger those words. LOL. Those words can make a road trip ~ EPIC fun. Who knew that chicken wire could be so funky ? Dublin is on my bucket list. P.S. Those fellas had a serious face on foooshur! Treehouse LOVE : Do you work with furry jerks ? Be. It can mean a trip to a friend’s house. I discovered this site before I travelled : Visit Britain.

Love her to bits. Brilliant !!! LOL ! Maybe we can collectively come up with a designer idea for the phone booths of London. Data roaming costs just suck it. The next time you do that, I want to jump in your suitcase ! As a kid, history class was always the best place to catch a nap. That would be the best travel accessory evvvvvha. : http://t.co/PaFvHCa8g3. – http://t.co/p2uz6bI12D via @lynneknowlton, RT @lynneknowlton: {New Blog Post} I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !!

EPIC. Travel changes things up, doesn’t it? It would take serious concentration to avert the eyes from nutty tourists dancing about trying to distract him.

@lynneknowlton thanks! Zero. The photo opportunities alone make me excited! thanks for the great tour! We will eat things that are mashed and slathered with gravy. I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !!

Philippa’s books changed my view about history. PS – I’m totally telling the Queen on you. xx, I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !!

LOL. Deal. : http://t.co/PaFvHCa8g3, {New Blog Post} I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! Look who is hanging out at the Tower of London. This DIY shower curtain will make your breasts larger & waistline smaller *snicker*. Next time you are over to London, stay at The Hoxton. You will LOVE her. Travel. As usual i’m late to the party, but so enjoyed this little travelogue. I see London I see France...I see Chris' underpants - YouTube Thank Gawd I didn’t see her Majesty’s underpants. A hot steamy love affair with Paris & blogging. The weather was super rainy but I didn’t care.

Go Aer Lingus! , Thanks for taking a bloggy trip down London Lane with me @bubbleoffcentre #London rocks out loud http://t.co/FtXARwxAQa. We need a Canadian bloggers road trip ! That hotel rocks out loud. And I know you…xx….you are the same way.

@lynneknowlton my pleasure, lynne – it was a great trip! This city will wet your whistle with its awesomeness. Hello Ms Sandi !!!! With or without your head. The kind where you find yourself living amongst the Kings and Queens and you don’t want to leave.

– http://t.co/h7vXcQRot9 via @lynneknowlton , I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! xx. Then I fell head over heels in love with The Boleyn Inheritance and lost myself in The Constant Princess (Boleyn). Our bladders would smile though, wouldn’t they? Currently you have JavaScript disabled. And holy smack dab you have a degree in History? And the fabulous shoes those Brit’s wear! It is a tapas restaurant and it was FAB FAB FAB !! http://t.co/gwP0fAkgi1. Replace the glass panes with mirror panes. Well I am going to your pinterest page and traveling with you too. The gal with the most gorgeous shoes in the UK ! Your email address will not be published. Only if they spoke to me with an English accent and taught me English potty mouth. Sign up! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I’m a Canadian. And when I get my road trip to Scotland we will be chuffin’ brill together , Thanks for the hot tip on the hotel ! Awhhh,  maybe he was knackered ? Full of naked characters ~ perched with bow and arrow. Ready to roll on your trip? Next on my list is Scotland. I was hooked after reading The Other Boleyn Girl. Funny you should say that Shannon ! Not one yawn. One day, I will organize a tour of cool places, and we will go along with some other cool interweb folk. xx http://t.co/ulyaowkocH, Thanks for the RT Missy !! Mashed, slathered in gravy …. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. None. There's a few laughs; a few tears; and no limits. Here we go. Required fields are marked *. Deal ? You just made me MISS YOU all over again. Travel. She is a dim wit. Sexy ones.

: Not too big, not too small, just … http://t.co/0caBrtvn4J, RT “@lynneknowlton: {New Blog Post} I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! I left there kicking and screaming and hanging on to the chandelier. http://t.co/c3G4E9kq7s, I see London, I see France, I see the Queen’s Underpants !! Alexandra Katschilo liked this on Facebook.

Wooohooo !!! I like to save my nickels for beer and scones ~ Not at the same time.

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