how powerful is cal kestis

Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. But anyway, I see Cal Kestis on Obi-Wan's level in terms of combat style but Kal at least has Force Freeze (Kylo Ren's power) giving him an edge how powerful he could be some day. In an escape pod, Tapal gave Kestis his damaged lightsaber, and he kept it with him until the crystal broke on Dathomir five years later. Kestis was swept into a vision of a potential future if he kept and used the holocron.

Now able to escape the cave, he made his way towards the vault. He's the most well-trained and often named the most powerful Jedi to have ever lived. Upon returning to Dathomir, Kestis obtained not only the Astrium, but also a new member for his team, the Nightsister Merrin.

Cal Kestis Although his training was incomplete, Kestis' skill with a lightsaber allowed him to face dangerous opponents like the Inquisitors and huge beasts. Kestis joined the crew of the starship Stinger Mantis after they rescued him from the Inquisitors. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. Kestis was then attacked by Jaro's spirit, resulting in his lightsaber being destroyed. [1], After the destruction of his master's weapon, Kestis constructed a new lightsaber on Ilum. [1], On Dathomir, Kestis returned to face the shade of his master. Once finished, remove this notice. Kylo Ren doesn't disappoint when it comes to his abilities, having been trained by his uncle Luke he's obviously skilled.

In training sessions with his master, Kestis was taught that with persistence and the Force as his ally, he would overcome any obstacle, and later in another he would be trained to use his Force power of telekinesis. Landing on the forested planet, they found the remains of the resistance, which had been nearly wiped out by the Second Sister. Upon doing so, the Second Sister sensed and heard Darth Vader lurking behind her. Vader was meant to bring balance to the force, so it's evident that his connection was strong. [1], During the Clone Wars that spanned the galaxy, Kestis, like many other Padawans, served in the Grand Army of the Republic as Jedi Commander while training as Padawan under the command of Jedi General Jaro Tapal. Kestis was unable to save the life of his master, who died imploring his pupil to stay true to the Jedi way, await the Jedi High Council's signal, and trust only in the Force. During his time fighting together with the 13th Battalion in the Clone Wars, Kestis and the clones that were part of the battalion had a very friendly relationship and the betrayal of the clones due to Order 66 left him visibly shaken emotionally. Eye color Kestis was narrowly saved by two individuals, Cere Junda and Greez Dritus, after having faced the Second Sister in a lightsaber duel. She revealed herself to be Trilla Suduri, Junda's former Padawan. Gender Two Inquisitors were sent to find Kestis, the Second Sister and the Ninth Sister, and after the former brutally murdered Prauf, who was voicing his frustration about the Empire, Kestis attacked her with a lightsaber, revealing himself as a Jedi. After being trapped in a cave, Kestis was able to improve his connection to the Force, and by necessity, relearned the ability to wall-run in the process. [5] He is portrayed by Cameron Monaghan. He was attacked by a Chirodactyl who persistently tried to kill him, but after it died during his fight, Kestis mourned his death, saying that he wanted to be able to say that the creature was fine, despite trying to kill him.[1]. This distracted Vader long enough to save Kestis, who then engaged in a fight with Junda against Vader. Junda said he had an experience that changed his perspective, but she believed that the return of the Jedi Order was the best option to defeat the Empire and asked what Kestis believed. This lightsaber was constructed using parts from Tapal's damaged saber and the lightsaber of Cere Junda. His first two encounters with the Second Sister ended in defeat, though he was able to escape her on both occasions.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was responsible for training Luke and Anakin, who were both highly skilled.

He and Mari Kosan, a member of Saw's guerrilla fighters, agreed to find Tarfful for Kestis. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. Vader, sensing the anger in her, tried to convince her to give in to the dark side while continuing towards the pair. Vader was able to effortlessly break Kestis' Force barrier, pulling Kestis towards him with the force. Saw and his Partisans were in the middle of a campaign to liberate a nearby wroshyr sap refinery. Kestis also struggled with the revelation that Junda had given up Suduri under torture. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. *Jedi Fallen Order spoilers*. The only reason why he's not higher on this list is that as powerful as he is, he still ran away from Darth Vader instead of engaging in combat. Kestis quickly finished the message and asked Junda why she was no longer a Jedi. Upon reaching it, BD-1 projected a message from Jedi Master Eno Cordova, who went over the details with the holocron and revealed that to access it, Kestis had to find the tombs of three Zeffo Sages. They were once again found by the Nightsister Merrin who began raising undead Nightsisters to attack them as they proceeded on their way. After Kestis' connection to the Force was damaged by the trauma he suffered during Order 66, he retained some basic use of the Force, such as the enhanced physicality of a typical Jedi. Shortly after escaping that threat, Kestis came upon a Wanderer, who claimed to be studying Zeffo ruins. Kestis and Junda activated their lightsabers in response to the danger Vader posed. [1], Junda leaped for Vader head-on with the Second Sister's lightsaber. [1], On the way to Kashyyyk, Dritus approached Kestis telling him to go easy on Junda. Eventually, Kestis began to open up more about his past, and when confronted by the dark side on Dathomir for the second time in the form of his master, Kestis fully accepted his past and grew from the experience, acting much more level headed and wise, showing an almost mentor-like attitude towards others. *TPM spoilers*, Around how strong do you think Cal Kestis is? Before Vader could kill him, Kestis attempted to escape the Sith Lord by pulling a piece of machinery down on top of him, however, Vader effortlessly managed to stop the attack before throwing Kestis out of the room and down the walkway. However, the Second Sister's forces had caught up with him, and the Inquisitor ordered her forces to shoot the sarcophagus down. Sometime after the near-extinction of the Jedi Order, Kestis stopped wearing his Jedi robes.[1]. He also retained his ability to use the rare, naturally acquired gift of psychometry, a Force technique that allowed him to sense the history of objects and people through the Force if he touched them. During his duel with Malicos, he proved unable to free himself from the former Jedi Master's Force Grip. One day, Kestis and his friend Prauf were at work, and when an accident put Prauf's life at risk, Kestis was forced to use the Force to save him.

After fighting their way through the recaptured refinery, Kestis and BD-1 regrouped with Mari and Choyyssyk to meet Tarfful. Kestis, who kept Jaro Tapal's lightsaber, was traumatized by the ordeal. Greez said it would be Kestis who would choose where to go next, Dathomir or Zeffo. [6] In May of 2020, Fallen Order received an update allowing the player to play using Kestis' Inquisitor outfit for the duration of the game, though Kestis donning the outfit is non-canon.[7]. Kestis was also a skilled mechanic and was able to repair and modify BD-1 as well as make repairs to his master's damaged lightsaber. After a drawn-out duel, Kestis pulled her lightsaber towards himself, thrusting him into a Force echo showing Junda and Suduri tortured and Junda giving in to to the dark side. As Kestis escaped into Miktrull's Tomb, he tried to call Junda but was interrupted by the Second Sister slicing his comm. He usually reacted with anger or dismissed his past when it was brought up. Darth Maul made the biggest impact on fans when he first appeared in Attack of the Clones, and with good reason. Having decided to rise up against the Empire, Kestis set the course for Zeffo.[1]. By going through difficult trials and reconciling with his past, Kestis finally became worthy to be enshrined as a Jedi Knight. He had no chance and had to flee to survive.

By then, Kestis had been recognized as a fully-trained Jedi by his new mentor. [1], Kestis worked for the Scrapper Guild alongside Prauf. This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of article quality. During his escape from Order 66, Kestis lost this weapon when it fell down an elevator shaft after a pair of Clone troopers shot the lightsaber out of Cal's hand. The only reason why he's not higher on this list is that as powerful as he is, he still ran away from Darth Vader instead of engaging in combat. By Pressing Back.

As Kestis stumbled to his feet, Vader forced open the closing door and hurled parts of the floor at him. You either had it or you don't...but I also thought Rey had this power as well but that's another story. With the possibility that Tarfful could be one of the Wookiees detained there, Kestis and BD-1 agreed to help him. Kestis' mission to restore the Jedi Order took him to the ancient world of the Zeffo species. On the way back, Kestis found a mural that made BD-1 project another message from Cordova, which said that the Zeffo had an interest in the planet Dathomir. Including Kylo.". ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. How do you think Return of the Jedi could have been better? Seeing that he probably wouldn't survive a confrontation with Vader, let alone be able to defeat him, Kestis realized it was time to go and just barely managed to make it to the turbolift on the other side of the room and reach the lower levels to escape. When Kestis fully healed his connection to the Force, he was able to use telekinetic techniques such as Force push, Force pull, and Force Repulse to great effect, even against groups of enemies or large beasts. After Kestis and Merrin found the all-important device, the crew stood ready to return to Bogano and retrieve the holocron.[1]. Ahsoka on the other hand went against Vader in Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale in a prolonged fight to give Ezra and the others a chance to escape. Not only was Ahsoka Tano trained by Anakin Skywalker, but she also battled him as Darth Vader and survived to tell the tale in Star Wars: Rebels. Vader was able to push him to the ground and stagger him, resulting in a blade lock. Male[2] [1], When Kestis opened the door to his escape, Vader was already there waiting for him. After landing on Kashyyyk, the crew of the Mantis found themselves embroiled in a conflict between the Empire and an early group of rebels. [1], A speaker of Galactic Basic, Kestis also understood the droid Binary language. She also revealed that to achieve this goal, they would need to travel to the planet Bogano to retrieve a Jedi Holocron containing a list of Force-sensitive children scattered throughout the galaxy. However, just as he received this news, Junda discovered an Imperial transmission revealing the Empire was close to unearthing another tomb on Zeffo. Even though we've only seen Qui-Gon Jinn use the force a few times, he's secured a spot on the list because he is, after all, a Jedi master. Kestis managed to escape and landed on a passing train, but, having been discovered, he had to flee for his life once again.


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