henry long ranger

The hammer is automatically cocked when the action is cycled.
For more information, please visit Henryusa.com or BurrisOptics.com. The soft rubber recoil pad does a good job of softening the blow to the shoulder, but the short 20" barrel produces considerable muzzle blast. To keep things steady for groups, I utilized my favored Caldwell Rock shooting rest.

So, to put the Long Ranger through its paces near the 6.5 Creedmoor’s eponym, I traveled some 60 miles east. When Henry first introduced the Long Ranger series, it released models in the time-proven calibers of .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and .308 Winchester; this gave shooters options for everything from varmints to elk. For those who like to pursue deer, I went with Federal’s 140-grain Non Typical Whitetail SPs. Weight as tested: 8-3/4 pounds w/scope, empty mag. Henry Repeating Arms (www.henryusa.com) has long been known for supplying a better grade of American walnut on its standard grade rifles than almost any other US manufacturer and they out did themselves in the case of our test rifle. If the results of my limited testing are any indication, this amounts to only 20 percent of what this rifle is capable of. One glance tells you that Henry built it with pride. But having the option to crank to it up to 15X means that every woodchuck is in serious danger in the offseason. After years of performing wildlife surveys, conducting avian activity budgets and looking for nuisance critters through a set of crosshairs, it takes a lot for a piece of glass to impress me. This system is very smooth, although the follower of an empty magazine drags slightly on the underside of the bolt. What does this have to do with the Henry Long Ranger? SIG Unveils Custom Works P320 FCU, Dives Into Custom Market. We’ll get there. The site of the Creedmoor range lies in what is now Queens Village, part of New York City’s five boroughs. Henry Long Ranger Lever 6.5 CRD 22" 4+1 American Walnut Stock B. We hope that Henry will see fit to offer a deluxe option as soon as possible.

The all-new SIG Sauer Custom Works P320 FCU (Fire Control Unit) allows for shooters... by Ballistic Staff / Carbines are all well and good in thick brush country or confined spaces, but it takes at least a 22" barrel to come close to realizing the ballistic potential of the .308 Winchester, or any other high intensity cartridge. Since it was obvious the boss at Henry was considering producing a new .308 Win. The six-lugs create a strong, consistent lock-up from shot to shot. We attributed this mostly to the 4.25 pound trigger pull, although barrel heating could have also been a factor. Aug 14, 2020, Stay in the know with the latest from the Ballistic newsletter, Umarex Hammer: A .50-Cal, Big Bore Air Rifle for Hunting Big Game, Genesis Arms Gen-12: The 10-Round, AR Shotgun That Uses a .308 Lower, The Semi-Auto, 6.5 Creedmoor RISE Armament 1121XR Easily Hits 1 Mile, Why the YETI Tundra Haul Has Become Our Favorite Wheeled Cooler, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our. I’ve always likened Henry rifles to the finest Swiss chronographs. The gun lacks any superfluous safeties, relying on a transfer bar to keep the gun drop safe without adding any unnecessary steps to getting a round off or to interfere with trigger feel. Sideways rain doesn’t make for an especially pleasant day at the range; though every day at the range is a good one. The initial caliber offerings are .223 Remington, .243 Winchester and .308 Winchester. The group size for the groups we fired with all four brands of ammunition averaged 1.56". The laser checkering was done slowly and carefully, without singing the wood. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 BudsGunShop.com. Guns and Shooting staff members Chuck Hawks, Rocky Hays, Jim Fleck and Bob Fleck handled the shooting chores.

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I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. Ejection is to the right through the solid top receiver's oval ejection port. The magazine will not clear the lever if the lever is all the way forward. The traditional forged steel operating lever opens and closes the bolt by means of a rack and pinion system. You can use our Live Chat if you have any questions about the item you just added to your shopping cart. The Long Ranger digested everything with ease, with the largest group only measured 2.24 inches. The hammer, lever and magazine bottom plate have a matte finish to match the receiver. (CW1), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. The NRA would hold its annual matches there in the following decades and attract international competitors. For those looking to ring steel or keep their “back 40” clear of unwanted critters, I opted for Hornady 140-grain American Gunner soft points (SPs).

As a deer gun, I’d likely set the scope at 4X and leave it. I went to the last vestiges of farmland and rural countryside left on Long Island. There is a floating, steel, bolt guide rail in the right side of the receiver. The extractor seems to function reliably, although it grips only a small area of the case rim. Steel, detachable sling swivel studs are included. There would be no breaks in the clouds that day. Because of the magazine tubes found on lever-action rifles, bullet selection was limited to flat-nosed projectiles.

The receiver that holds the system is formed from aerospace grade (whatever that means) aluminum alloy with a matte black finish. ASSORTED 45ACP AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), VARIOUS 40 S&W AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), VARIOUS 223 REM AND 22LR (TARGET AND HOLLOW POINT), "Internet Purchases Only" I subjected a rifle that is as pretty as any I have had the privilege of using to nearly 2 inches of rain over the course of a few hours. Having your long arm share the same ammunition as your wheelgun meant that you only needed to keep one type of ammo on hand. The Long Ranger is not supplied with iron sights, which is fine with us, but the rifle comes with two-piece, steel, Weaver/Picatinny type scope bases mounted at the factory. When Henry first introduced the Long Ranger series, it released models in the time-proven calibers of .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and .308 Winchester; this gave shooters options for everything from varmints to elk. Being in such a congested area, I was only able to test the Henry out to 200 yards. Dubbed the Henry Long Ranger, the initial offering of the new rifle is a traditionally styled (as much as is possible, given the new action and a detachable box magazine) lever action carbine with a round, sporter contour, 20" barrel and a two-piece, walnut stock. At one point, even our own Annie Oakley would compete and win there. Enter your email address to receive our best deals and other store updates. This beautifully figured stock is graced with extensive, diamond pattern, wrap around, laser cut checkering on both butt stock and fore-end.

The flat meplats found on typical lever rounds limit their ballistic qualities; long-distance properties typically suffer because of that and the straight-walled cartridges they occupy. A couple of years ago, Anthony Imperato (the owner of Henry RAC) and I exchanged a couple of e-mails regarding the possibility of a new Henry lever action rifle for high intensity cartridges on the order of the .308 Winchester. This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item. Due to time constraints and the warm weather, we were not able to let the barrel cool down between groups, although we did give it a few minutes to at least partially cool between shooters. There is … The commendably slender fore-end terminates in a blued steel cap, while the butt stock has a straight hand, a high comb to align the shooter's eye with optical sights and terminates in a nicely contoured, black recoil pad. The lever must be up, or at least not all the way down, to remove or insert the magazine. This fine scope features a Duplex reticle with a tiny illuminated center point for use in dim light.


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