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Individual fraternities and sororities vary in organization and purpose, but most share five common elements: Fraternities and sororities engage in philanthropic activities, host parties, provide "finishing" training for new members such as instruction on etiquette, dress and manners, and create networking opportunities for their newly graduated members. Greek letter organizations have often been characterized as elitist or exclusionary associations, organized for the benefit of a largely white, upper-class membership base. The Greeks do not currently have houses on campus but are trying to work with the University to hopefully have them again. Members of fraternities and sororities disproportionately come from certain socio-economic demographics, which perpetuates an unhealthy divisiveness within the student body based on ethnicity, income and a perpetuation of patterns of exclusivity and privilege. However, keep in mind Greek life can be expensive. The oldest ban was at Princeton, though Princeton has now had fraternities since the 1980s.

In 2016, Chi Phi began allowing transgender members, or those identifying as male, to join the social fraternity. "[58], Some colleges and universities have banned Greek letter organizations on the grounds that they are, by their very nature and structure, elitist and exclusionary. There are no on-campus or official Greek houses, though Greeks will tend to live together on and off campus.

At some, often small, colleges, fraternities and sororities occupy a specific section of university-owned housing provided to them.

Chances of getting into UT- non auto admit. Phi Sigma Kappa's chapter home at Cornell, completed in 1902, is the oldest such house still occupied by its fraternal builders. In 2007, an anti-hazing hotline was set up to report incidents of hazing on college campuses. [86], It is common for members of Greek-letter organizations to have higher-than-average GPAs mainly due to access to test and homework banks filled with previous tests and homework assignments collected over the years by members of their organization. Currently, 46 national fraternity and sorority organizations support the toll-free number, which generates automatic email messages regarding hazing and sends them to the national headquarters directly from the National Anti-Hazing Hotline.

[8] Alpha Tau Omega became the first fraternity to own a residential house in the South when, in 1880, its chapter at the University of the South acquired one.

Founded in 1902, the NPC is one of the oldest and largest women's membership organizations, representing more than 4 million women at 655 college/university campuses and 4,500 local alumnae chapters in the U.S. and Canada. Students participating in rush are known as "rushees" (Potential New Members "PNMs") while students who have accepted a bid to a specific fraternity or sorority are known as "new members" or in some cases "pledges". It's Power", "Behavior differences seven months later: Effects of a rape prevention program on first-year men who join fraternities", "A Prospective Analysis of Sexual Assault Perpetration: Risk Factors Related to Perpetrator Characteristics", "Sorority Participation and Sexual Assault Risk", "Correlates of rape while intoxicated in a national sample of college women", "Colleges Condone Fraternities' Sexist Behavior",,,%2C%20sororities%2C%20and%20academic%20organizations,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, North-American Interfraternity Conference, "Protecting the Right of NPC Members to Remain Women-Only Organizations", "Policy on Sweethearts/Little Sisters/Auxiliary Groups", Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity, "Current Policies and Position Statements", History of North American fraternities and sororities,, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Articles with disputed statements from October 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.


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