doug henry motocross crash

Some 63 points ahead of Greg Albertyn in second, Henry toppled the competition. That did wonders for my confidence and I felt if I could come out and make a clean start in the main event, I’d have a chance.”.

I was so excited to be back racing with the guys. He wasreleased on a $2,500 bond and is due to appear in court on May 26. Let's just say he was the unofficial long distance jump record holder for a long time!!!!

RIDE-CT & RIDE-New England welcomes comments from readers, both here and on social media, but requests that “CPR” be maintained. Obviously you are a much better rider than the rest of the world and have never suffered from arm and thus have never experienced whiskey throttle...... Or more likely, you don't ride and have no idea what you are talking about. Instead of fusing the vertebrae, the D.C. physicians cut Henry open from his back, around his side and clear across his stomach in order to clean out the minute pieces of his shattered lumbar.

What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County.

If people had no problem talking about Damon Bradshaw's battle with suicide and quitting the sport at the time, why can't they accept and face Henry's suicide attempt?

He followed that with a bronze in 2006. “It was a strange feeling, floating up there. No big words, not lousy slogans and quotes from “life-saving books” or magazines, no mystery winners in the eternal battle with reality. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. Arresting officer Alex Jones’ report stated that Henry was stopped in Harwinton and interviewed. or. It was only natural that Henry would jump up to the 250 class in 1995 and show his mettle against a deeper field, which included Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig, Mike Kiedrowski, Mike LaRocco, Greg Albertyn, Larry Ward and John Dowd. He regularly finished in the top-5 on privateer Yamahas. MXA’S WEEKEND NEWS ROUND-UP: FROM HERE ON OUT IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MATH, MXA VIDEO: INSIDE DYLAN FERRANDIS’ STAR RACING YAMAHA YZ250F, MXA RETRO TEST: WE RIDE COOPER WEBB’S 2015 STAR YAMAHA YZ250F, CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1962 BSA 500 CATALINA SCRAMBLER, CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1967 GREEVES CHALLENGER, CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1965 RICKMAN BULTACO 250 PETITE…, FLASHBACK FRIDAY | RICKY CARMICHAEL GETS BOOED, MXA TIME MACHINE VIDEO: WHAT GLEN HELEN LOOKED LIKE 47 YEARS AGO, MXA VIDEO: WE RIDE A FACTORY MECHANIC’S INCREDIBLE YAMAHA YZ250, MXA VIDEO | WE RIDE JASON ANDERSON’S TC250 TWO-STROKE. Instead, Doug was as relentless as the whoops and rocks that fill the quarry and he became a three-time AMA Pro Motocross champion, an X Games gold medalist, a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, a pioneer, a hero and a national treasure of American motocross. Motocross Action Magazine - The worlds leading publication about motocross and supercross. Endorsement: Steve Morgan, David Berger, David Diamond for L.A. County Superior Court. Blah blah blah. Bailey and Henry rode hand-cycles custom-built by Dan Gurney Racing while Dymond and Ward rode … Morris [Pa.], and I was anxious to win two in a row.

From that point on, every time I read or heard about Henry, I always wondered WHY he did it.

While undergoing rehabilitation, Henry and his father built a practice Supercross track on seven acres Doug had purchased next to his home in Oxford, Conn. “I was thinking one day, what an irony it was to have my dad out there, after seeing his son suffer a broken back in a race, helping him build a track so he could get back on a bike and risk doing it again.”. Doug Henry is lying in a hosital hoping to walk again and your throwing around this kind of complete bulls--t. Doug Henry is one of the nicest guys you would ever hope to meet.He is truly one of the good guys of our sport.

Thank You. Accessibility Help. I decided to stay on. Doug Henry became the de facto four-stroke rider in 1998 when Yamaha asked him to race the production YZ400 exclusively. These two New Englanders proved that outstanding racers could come from a region with four seasons and snowy winters. I remember watching a video about Doug about his comeback after his first broken back and thinking this is one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard. Henry raced Southwick every year to earn national points and keep his trademark national #19. He went on to win several X Games medals in Adaptive Motocross and snowmobile racing. Fortunately, Stacey was along and she remembered enough from the time before that she got us there.”. Not my back, but mentally. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account?

“We all recognize Doug’s strength and dedication, we just wish he would quit proving it,” said former national champion David Bailey, now an ESPN commentator. The bike bottomed out and in trying to just hang on, I kept the throttle on going up a steep hill. He slowly worked his way back into shape, and Team Yamaha took a chance on him for the 1996 season.

See more of Motocross on Facebook. Comments must be “Clean, Positive and Respectful.” Debate is encouraged, nastiness isn’t. The result was a broken back, and for the rest of 1995 and part of 1996, Doug Henry would no longer be a professional motocross rider. A suicide attempt is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Pulling for you Doug.

I landed the bike perfect, but when it hit, my arms and legs couldn’t support me. [2] In 1994, he repeated as champion in the nationals, beating riders such as Steve Lamson and Ryan Hughes while battling a severe stomach ailment. He won the Troy National in Ohio and ended the series in sixth overall. That didn’t stop the Connecticut native.

In 1995, the rider from Connecticut crash-landed after flying off a steep hill and broke his back.

Doug Henry (born September 6, 1969) is an American former professional motocross racer.

With the possible exception of the insane in the cayman Islands. Log In. He said the bike just got away from him in the rough stuff and caused him to pin the throttle at the worst possible time. I came up short, nose-diving into the bank.

Some features of this site require JavaScript. Having accomplished all his goals, Henry scaled back to a partial schedule for 1999, where he dabbled in snocross for the winter. He just has that will to always be up front and win. Instead of braking for the jump, I was wide open. [2] He accomplished this with one whole round left.

His history speaks for its self. He knew it was bad as soon as he launched. Doug Henry was a gritty New England racer who never gave up. I'm a writer working on a piece that will be released this spring and I'd like to interview some fans who witnessed it or the aftermath. Henry was slipping off the back of the bike on the face of a hill, inadvertently applying full throttle, launching him off the hill, causing him to fall from nearly 80 feet in the air to flat ground.

All of the riders, including Doug, were scrubbing speed at the top and dropping softly down the hill before pinning the throttle into the upcoming right-hander some distance away. If Doug Henry never went near the motocross course in Budds Creek, Md., again, no one would blame him. I couldn't believe it either, as it did appear like Henry just pinned it in a suicidal attempt to stay in front of McGrath. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I think you have been smoking something other tha a clutch...... That is the craziest thing I have ever heard!!!! There were two laps to go and I was running second, maybe three or four seconds back of Mike LaRocco, and just ahead of Jeremy [McGrath] when I made a little mistake on a double jump, which was followed by a downhill.

He competed in the AMA Motocross Championships from 1988 to 2006.

Judicial seats on the Superior Court may seem the most obscure ballot items, but they now loom large as building blocks in a foundation of justice. You know what, don't even bother to explain.

Well, that’s how I felt. He took third place.

Of course, Doug Henry proved more than just that. “They didn’t think I needed to be airlifted, so we headed off in an ambulance. Henry's back was broken, but he suffered no paralysis. Henry broke his back on March 4, 2007, in a Supermoto race. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. He said he couldn't believe it when he saw Henry launch full throttle. He later stated that Doug flew at least "60ft". This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You will only receive our top stories,typically no more than 5 per day. Log In. Sign Up.

Doug Henry huge jump and crash at Henry's hill (Budds Creek) Jump to.

He accepted the offer. See more of Motocross on Facebook. He would go on to defeat Jeff Emig, Jeremy McGrath, Ezra Lusk, Kevin Windham, Mickael Pichon, and Greg Albertyn, earning five overall wins in one of the most competitive seasons ever to take the 1998 250cc National Championship at Broome Tioga Sports Center. “American Iron” Magazine Suspends Publication.

In my heat race, I got a hole shot and beat [national champion] Jeff Emig. His results caught the watchful eye of Team Honda. I have no idea what kind of medication the institution has you on but I think they need to check your dosage. To Doug, get well soon and I am sure all in the TT community are pulling for you. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. My butt slammed down so hard [on the seat] it snapped the L1 [first lumbar] vertebra. Both of my arms were snapped just above the wrists.”. It was the first time a four-stroke engine--about 40 pounds heavier than the two-strokes--had ever as much as qualified for a main event.

Has anyone ever seen an interview that clears the air? The believers included Team Honda, who didn’t re-sign Doug while he was in rehab. Henry came out fast last season, finishing second to Greg Albertyn in the first of two Coliseum main events and then winning the second.
Doug Henry also fought against the tide of misconception. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved.ThumperTalk® is a registered trademark. © 2020 - Motocross Action Magazine. I saw Doug's crash live in 1995. The baritone echo of Doug’s mighty Yamaha four-stroke reverberated through the hills of Unadilla and Millville. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This is the machine that started the four-stroke revolution in motocross. “For a while, I thought it was hopeless, but the Thursday night before Las Vegas, my tuner [Pete Steinbrecher] and I worked six hours in the parking lot, after the track closed, getting the carburetor working right. I’m also looking forward to 1998 because Stacey and I have a new 38-foot motor home that we’re going to drive from race to race and see as much of the country as we can.”.

I had two choices, to bail off the bike in midair, or try and ride it out. Sections of this page. I never lost consciousness, and my first reaction was to see if my arms and legs moved. Doug Henry (born September 6, 1969) is an American former professional motocross racer. He battled through a strong but unspectacular supercross season where he finished 7th overall. just like everyone else.

To Doug, get well soon and I am sure all in the TT community are pulling for you. When I realized I wasn’t paralyzed, my thoughts were to get back to the truck and get ready for the next moto.


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