depth shark tier list
Strikes fear in the divers, causing them to hallucinate another goblin shark. The stamina received is proportional to the speed and angle of the hit.

Striking from Stalking gives increased thrash damage for a short duration.

The Oceanic Whitetip stalks the open seas and has been involved in a number of major incidents with shipwreck survivors. this is not for me specifically but from what I've seen from myself and other pro players. All rights reserved.

The Thresher has a unique passive feature. Thresher sharks, as well as its two relatives in the, The fastest known tail-snap done by a Thresher shark was measured up to 80 miles per hour (30 miles per hour is the average), Tier 1: Duration: 4s, 100% Rage Gain, Cooldown: 15s, Tier 2: Duration: 4s, 120% Rage Gain, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 3: Duration: 4s, 140% Rage Gain, Cooldown: 8s, The Bull shark does not have the same direct power as the Great White or Tiger shark has but makes up for it using its, Trying to dive in and out as Bull is a very effective strategy since it can quickly give itself temporary health and stamina through. They obtain their ferocious name from their striking patterns of bars and stripes. Most hammerhead sharks, compared to other sharks, are typically more social during the day and hunt alone at night. The Bull shark is one of few sharks in the world that can survive in freshwater. Although sluggish in nature, the Goblin makes up for this in combat with its intimidating appearance known to incite panic in divers. The Great White is as large as he is dangerous. When a Thresher shark hunts, it uses its tail to lash and snap against schools of fish, stunning and/or killing lots of fish at once, leaving the shark to feed at its own pace. It's not the best early game, but if your teammate is at least capable of getting kills you will quickly be able to snowball out of control and be unkillable. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). You rely on hit and run tactics that require powerful tail, but once mastered the fastest shark in the game is a force to be reckoned with.

Weakness: low stamina pool. Still, if I must rank them it'd be like this: Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Though it lacks immediate force, the Bull's true strength lies in its ability to Enrage, temporarily becoming one of the strongest beasts in the sea. The Tiger is probably the all-rounder of the shark species, having balanced speed and toughness. Its active ability is Relentless Force.

I don't think the differences in balance in a objective view are enough to warrant any weight at all.

How do you deal with good divers who fight in open water as hammerhead? Communication is important when playing Bull since it has a harder start than others. I am not a good mako and I probably do better with bull and goblin than any other sharks. The Thresher has a very agile jiggle bone that acts as its tail. Tier 1: Attack: 32 damage per second, Protect: 30% damage reduction, Tier 2: Attack: 40 damage per second, Protect: 40% damage reduction, Tier 3: Attack: 48 damage per second, Protect: 50% damage reduction, Tier 1: Mark Duration: 6s, Amount Healed: 30, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 2: Mark Duration: 12s, Amount Healed: 60, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 3: Mark Duration: 18s, Amount Healed: 90, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 1: Thrash Damage: 110%, Cooldown: 20s, Tier 2: Thrash Damage: 120%, Cooldown: 18s, Tier 3: Thrash Damage: 130%, Cooldown: 15s. Releasing rage built from nearby diver activity, the Bull proportionally gains up to 160% Health, 200% Stamina, and 166% Damage.

Only three species in this game have a double-digit number of attributed fatalities, that being the Great White, Tiger, and Bull sharks. These days I just pick sharks based on maps and how many good divers I'm going up against. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. This skin pattern is actually more vivid in juveniles and it will gradually fade as the shark matures. The Whitetip's pilot fish switch between assisting in attacking prey and protecting the shark. The great white shark has been known to attack humans and has been involved in and blamed for more attacks than any other shark, making it one of the most dangerous sharks. Smelling out delicious prey, the Blue can help other sharks heal, or perform its own hit and run attacks. Being both slow-moving and hard-hitting the Great White will continue his onslaught as bullets and spears sail his way. With a sleek but fragile frame, the Mako is built for speed and agility. As a matter of fact, this aggressiveness makes them even more dangerous and prone to taste-test humans more often compared to most other sharks. Weakness: super low health pool. Though they do occasionally attack humans, it is most often a case of an investigation. The Thresher shark might seem like a creature out of fantasy, but rest assured, it is an actual shark. Tiger sharks are registered as one of the most dangerous sharks to humans, only rivaled by the great white and a rival itself of the bull shark. The Hammerhead is a difficult shark to utilize on all maps since its damage does not come from simple thrashing, but rather ramming divers into walls and objects. If the target dies while the Mark is active, the killer heals a portion of its health instantly. Tier 3: Duration: 6s, Now additionally gives HP back. The Lemon begins stalking its prey, becoming difficult to see until it attacks or takes damage. Actual sharks cannot swim backward, straight up, or straight down as depicted in this game. Thresher - My personal favorite, the thresher is the ultimate team shark. The Goblin is best known for its terrifying extendable jaw packed full of needle-like teeth, and it's distinct surfboard-shaped like nose. What is your shark tier list? 1.

Some sharks in the game are anatomically female, as they lack the fin claspers that are characteristic of male sharks, and are often larger than real-world males tend to be (females are larger than males across most species).

Also known as a Fox shark, it has two relatives, Pelagic Thresher and Bigeye Thresher. Its active ability is Juggernaut. Just curious to know what shark is best and worst in your opinion. There are however sharks who can live, short-term, in mixtures of salt- and freshwater. Thrashing a diver around makes the Thresher violently swing around his tail, damaging divers as long as they stand in the range. There are way too many variables involved, skill gap, a lag spike at the worst time, someone having a bad day, someone having a great day etc... Hard to say for me really. Lunging while turning quickly and backpedaling causes the tail to get stuck inside the shark's own body. All rights reserved. S tier: Mako - Really impossible to deal with a good mako. Tier 1: Attack: 32 damage per second, Protect: 30% damage reduction Tier 2: Attack: 40 damage per second, Protect: 40% damage reduction Tier 3: Attack: 48 damage per second, Protect: 50% damage reduction Blue Edit. These test bites can, however, be devastating to a weak human body and blood and limbs can be lost.

The Great Hammerhead fights tooth and nail as he thrashes and bashes prey to a crimson pulp. It does, however, use its head occasionally to pin down rays, which they then devour, venomous barb and all. The shark depicted in the game is a Common Thresher shark, the largest of the known thresher sharks.

With a solid build and powerful muscles, the Tiger is adaptable to a wide variety of strategies ranging from hit-and-run to all-out aggression. Making lists is hard because they are map and skill based, plus how good or bad the divers are in order to counter it. The Bull shark gets its name for its habit of headbutting prey before and during an attack and its aggressive nature. Often seen living in a mutualistic relationship with pilot fish, the Oceanic Whitetip and its friends live and die together. Its active ability is Adaptive Hide. © Valve Corporation.

A good hammerhead should always be on top of any list, and (((goblin))) being on bottom because its cancer trash. This species specializes in aggressive tactics, with the highest durability of all sharks. Tier 3: Duration: 3s, Damage Reduction: 50%, Ignores all crowd control effects for the duration. Thresher is far more effective in high level games than Bull. The Mako may be the smallest of the trio, but don't let that trick you; he's fast as hell and twice as mean. Bull is mostly a pubstomper like HH, but some HHs can still wipe a good diver team early which I don't see happening as fast with Bull. © Valve Corporation. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Diving in and out in quick succession lets a Thresher use his quick damage to take down his target then escaping, much like the Mako. Mako: If it wasn't for this shark's miniscule grab hitbox, I'd say this thing was overpowered. 2. The Great White in the game is unusually large, being about 6-7 meters long, near the same length as "El Monstruo de Cuba", the largest Great White in recorded history, captured in 1945. The reason being that the pectoral fins of a shark are very rigid and cannot bend upwards like most species of fish. Picking the correct evolutions for your shark can, and probably will be difficult without extensive experience with different diver mentalities, players, weapons, and upgrades. Tier 1: Duration: 5s, Evolution Point Bonus: 5, Tier 2: Duration: 10s, Evolution Point Bonus: 10, Cooldown: 12s, Tier 3: Duration: 15s, Evolution Point Bonus: 15, Cooldown: 6s. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat., Tier 1: Duration: 3s, Damage Reduction: 30%.


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