custom intake manifold design

Do those LED rings function as your headlights? I knew this would result in major surface marring so I made a little jig by cutting sections from a 6” aluminum pipe, welding them to flat bars. At Marcella Manifolds we design and fabricate custom intake manifolds for any and all performance applications. Industry standard designs have been produced by years of research and development. I began sticking things together. Runner length, plenum size, and countless other factors are optimized to provide maximum performance in each unique application. We build custom intake manifolds and related components. Each manifold is fully customized to the customer’s specific needs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Carbureted or fuel injected, naturally aspirated or forced induction, V-8 or inline 4 cylinder, VED manifolds can be found on almost every kind of engine, in every type of motorsport; proving each weekend that if you need to win, there is simply no substitute. Now I had to figure out the runners. *Please Note: Custom Built Intakes are Non-returnable.

I read about annealing where you heat the metal past a certain point and it loses the temper, making it much easier to shape.

It’s also made here in town (Toronto) and for a great price, so I stopped by the K-Tuned office to pick one up. This page from Scientific Design of Intake and Exhaust Systems, by Philip H Smith and John C Morrison, gives an idea of how drastically runner length affects the amount and timing of peak torque. But then it worked and I bent the plate to shape in the vice using a thick length of angle and a solid rod. All of these had drawbacks in my mind. It’s quite the showpiece! I picked 3/16” wall, which is almost 5mm thick. The PPF flange nails it. We have an unmatched record of performance and reliability in all of the major racing classes and a solid reputation with the top engine builders. It is almost as strong as 5356 with none of the concerns and most of the desirable properties of 4043. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It’s a robust design with large runners and flows surprisingly well. Weld strength and the quality of the materials used is critical in constructing a custom intake manifold. Visner Engine Development, LLC

Today VED uses many years of experience to create some of the best performing and most beautiful intakes on the market. Or so I felt. They make a 90mm throttle body with fitment for a Mustang (both flange and TPS). When Visner Engine Development was founded, custom intake manifolds were the focus of the company. Our manifolds are engineered and designed with the knowledge gained over years of racing and winning.

The TB itself is small, so even modified the largest aftermarket option I had seen was about 2.7”. New website coming soon. Complete design flexibility. I read that if you rub soap on the other side of the one you’re heating, once the soap turns black, the metal is annealed. Fax: 616-726-6601Contact Us. In preparation for this, I wanted to convert the engine to standalone management, using the speed-density strategy (engine speed vs manifold air pressure/temperature = amount of fuel). I asked PPF and they said that they’ve had good luck carefully crushing one end in a vice. The parts arrived from Sweden faster than UPS can deliver from California. The Carbon pTR intake manifold is built for boost with adjustable velocity stacks, Nitrous bosses, and integrated …

The plenum has no baffling so only the middle two runners have a clear shot at the throttle body and to get to the others, the air has to do a hard 90. From $350 eBay specials to the $2500 Driven Innovations manifold. I digress. Thanks for sharing. Built to make power, designed to be beautiful, our carbon fiber intake manifolds are one of a kind. And to give credit where credit is due, the now 25+-year-old BMW manifold never failed. I still have this post from r3vlimited saved because it is absolutely adorable in retrospect. Today VED uses many years of experience to create some of the best performing and most beautiful intakes on the market. 6.5", 8.0" and 9.5" runner configurations for optimal tuning.

I cut the shape out of 6061 sheet.

The throttle body dictated the height of it. How To Fabricate A Custom Intake Manifold, Scientific Design of Intake and Exhaust Systems, 90mm throttle body with fitment for a Mustang, We Modify A 2016 Mazda 3 Without The Owner Knowing, Mazda RX-7 13B-REW Rotary Engine Build: Part 4, Mazda RX-7 13B-REW Rotary Engine Build: Part 3, Mazda RX-7 13B-REW Rotary Engine Build: Part 2, Twin-Scroll Turbocharging: Still The New Hotness. I liked the look of the DI manifold, which emulated the stock one but with a deeper manifold and tapered front. It is now my absolute favorite aluminum filler rod. Big block Chevy blower sheet metal intake, tall design. When I started the turbo project, it meant adding more vacuum references. Beyond the sketchy fittings, the manifold design is really not great for a boosted engine. The head flange is perfection. 4700 36th Street Each manifold is fully customized to the customer’s specific needs. This is for good reason – it’s a great structural material, not far off from lower end mild steels in tensile strength. Runner length, plenum size, and countless other factors are optimized to provide maximum performance in each unique application. Kentwood, MI 49512 It’s a robust design with large runners and flows surprisingly well. Good idea. At home in race cars, sport touring builds, show cars, hot rods, off-shore powerboats and off-road trucks, we supply some of the most powerful intakes you can buy for naturally aspirated or boosted performance. High horsepower cars from classes like X275, Pro Modified, Pro Stock and others, rely on manifolds that are not the typical out-of … FOLLOW @VisnerEnginefor builds, info, and more TAG US: #VisnerEngineto get featured! Now I had to figure out the plenum. For more information or pricing, please contact us. Inspiring! Like all non-ITB BMW owners, I suffered from major TB envy so I wanted to go big. Again, in practice, it really seemed to work fine, probably because the intake was quickly pressurized so the delay in filling the outer runners was negligible. It was scary to consider, but at this point, I knew that this had to happen. I really like your squishing jig. Custom Fabricated and Billet Intake Manifolds for Street/Strip/Track. It worked like a charm! Unmatched craftsmanship combined with record setting performance. Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm • Sat: 11am-4pm • Sun: Appt only, Intakes are flowed on a new JKM Dual Flow, U Weld Sheet Metal Kits Offered at $1,000. The tubes I got from PPF were mandrel bends at the correct angle but they are just generic round tubes. I’m not a motorsport engineer or fluid dynamicist, so these were based on my feels but in the end, since I’m not out to win professional racing trophies but to be happy with my car, that’s most important. The Driven Innovations intake, for instance, was meant for OEM fitment so it was constrained in dimensions beyond what I wanted. Very nice project. The intake on my BMW E30 track car, like everything else on it, gradually evolved with project ideas and my ability to implement them (usually keeping my ideas at least a step ahead of my abilities). The stock BMW TB is 2.5” in diameter, with a good chunk of the area being taken up by the butterfly, leaving not a whole lot of room for air to flow through. This meant adding a MAP sensor to the intake. But it is a pain to form and in heat treated form it is quite brittle. The next question was the throttle body. Phone: 616-726-6600 But after mocking it up with this throttle body, it meant the plenum or runners would be too small. The general geometry of the manifold is also not ideal for a high-performance application, as the plenum is small and the runners are very long, both things conducive to low-end torque but not so well suited for high RPM jam. CPC - Custom Plenum Creations | Custom Designed CNC Machined Intake Manifolds Bringing you the latest in design, simulation & fabrication of sheetmetal and CNC machined intake manifolds to suit a whole range of popular performance engines. Maybe they go the wrong way and fly things over Russia from LA? The most common grade of aluminum metal suppliers sell is 6061, usually in T6 temper. Sportsman, professional racers, and leading engine builders rely on us to provide the proper sizing, length, and volume for their specific application, based on over 25 years of on-track products success. The Carbon XR intake manifold features dual throttles, tall deck fitment without spacers and 12.5” long runners for superior torque curves. So twin-scroll turbocharging is back in the news, thanks to Toyota recently announcing that the new Lexus NX compact crossover (above) will be powered by a 2-liter direct-injection gasoline engine that…. I have watched it expand on the dyno as we hit north of 30PSI and it never gave up any of its nipples. I heard of K-Tuned making some nice throttle bodies and I checked their website. For Big Block Chevy w/ 12deg Pro-Filer Heads. But others’ experience reassured me that this would likely not happen. By Don Creason March 25, 2013. CNC machined flanges, runners, and lids are mated to billet plenums combine to form a proven recipe for performance. With several atmospheres of pressure in the manifold, it seems like those fittings threaded into the thin plastic would come shooting out like a bullet the first time the engine sees boost. [editor’s note: “adorable” because Dmitry’s E30 is now equipped with a 1000+hp fully-built engine].

Next was the size of the throttle body. I decided to keep the plenum shape I had planned on but basically just having the throttle body on one side. Hogan’s Racing Manifolds has been fabricating custom intake manifolds for over 40 years. The Carbon TR intake manifold features a single throttle forward facing tunnel ram configuration. The intake manifold was originally the plastic piece from an M50 (the straight-6 used in the 1992-95 E36). Not a huge deal when the engine is drawing the air, but not so much when the air is being crammed in at high pressure and velocity. The intake manifold was originally the plastic piece from an M50 (the straight-6 used in the 1992-95 E36). This bugged me since I’ve personally never liked the rounded log intake manifolds you typically see on boosted JDM cars, especially the hand-fabricated ones where you just use half of a pipe for it and a plate to fill it in.

I had seen some aftermarket aluminum options, with a wide price range. I found it’s not quite enough, I needed to heat it a bit further. The material for the plenum was something I thought would be trivial since any metal should be better than the thin plastic.

These were done using NPT brass fittings tapped into the plastic. 18 degree Chevy Pontiac small block nitrous intake, aluminum sheet metal. That didn’t stop it from bothering me. Marcella Manifolds - Custom billet and fabricated intake manifolds. K-Tuned now sells a weld-on flange for it, making it easier to mount their TB to a modified or fabricated manifold, but at the time they didn’t have this available so I used a Freed Engineering flange instead. Our Specialty - Complete Fabrication and Testing: $2000, 5.3 bore spacing 900+ cidBillet Runner Tunnel Ram, Worlds Fastest Naturally Aspirated CarFeaturing Weinle Motorsports Billet Intake, Semi-Hemi 815cidSheet metal intake with shear plates, Custom aluminum intakesmall block Chevy curved runners, 500cid DRCE-2 billet runner intake manifold, Big block ChevyProfiler 12 degree racing heads, Dual throttle body turbo sheet metal intake, Curved runner pro stock sheet metal intake, Ford 460 sheet metal intake with shear plates, 510 Boles Racing Chevrolet Hemi 815cid sheet metal intake, Big block Chevy sheet metal conventional style, Brodix 12-degree small block Chevy sheet metal intake, Big block Chevy 632cid 12-degree Pro-Filer sheet metal intake, Racing sheet metal aluminum intakes, Ford Hemi, Blower intake, Ford 655cid custom blower sheet metal intake, Blower intakeFord 655cid custom blower sheet metal intake, Custom racing sheet metal intakebillet curved runners, Big block Chevy blower sheet metal intake, tall design, 18 degree Chevy Pontiac small block nitrous intake, aluminum sheet metal, 5.0 Bores RAcing billet runner sheet metal aluminum racing manifold, Small block Pontiac Chevy nitrous sheet metal racing manifold, 4.9 Olds DRCE-2 billet runner racing manifold, For Big Block Chevy w/ 12deg Pro-Filer Heads, 18 degree Small Block Chevy IntakeCustom made by Weinle, 815cid Chevy Hemi Prostock ManifoldCustom made by Weinle, Small block Chevy sheet metal single carb pyramid top, Dart 14-degree Chevy blower racing intake, sheet metal, Brodix big block Chevy 620cid sheet metal racing manifold, Custom racing aluminum sheet metal blower intake manifold, Dual Throttle Body Intake Ford Kaase Hemi heads 500+ cid starting at $2500, New 123mm Fuel injected Boosted Manifolds from Weinle Motorsports, New Blower Manifold for 565cid Ford Bigfoot Monster Truck.


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