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CUSTOM DUALLY'S FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! Get your Squarebody Nation Gear at…”, The best vintage cars, hot rods, and kustoms, Stream Black Jeans by JohnBlaze aka JHNBLZ from desktop or your mobile device, 4,697 Likes, 158 Comments - Ken M @n2trux media (@n2trux) on Instagram: “Squarebody Sunday!

For tunes, a JVC head unit was installed. There were thousands of different ways I could have gone and it was very difficult to stick to an overall theme that would have good results in the end. I know everyone has different tastes, the vehicle you drive is an expression of your personality and nobody is the same. These tires stick out just enough to give the truck a really aggressive, “I mean business” look. “I called Eric up one night and asked him if I could fill the holes in the fender panel,” said Corbin. From the pump, he custom made a dual feed setup with oversized steel braided lines to feed the p-pump. Miller had previously owned quite a few cars, but never a truck.

“I can manually crank up and down the injection pump on the fly inside the cab. So, he spent the time to really make everything fit in the tight space. Man was that a lot of work,” exclaimed Corbin.

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The heads were fire ringed and 60-lb valve springs were installed along with titanium guides. For the rotating assembly, they opted for Mahle Marine pistons, but opted to stay with the 12-valve rods and crank. Receive the latest newsletter with the content you love from Diesel Army, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! There isn’t much space and most people who do a conversion just push the grill out or don’t run one at all.

He did paint it and fill it with lots of goodies. Our selection of body panels includes everything from cab corners and beds to …

Miller opted to use a set of heated and powered King Ranch seats out of a Ford F-150 for the interior. So, he spent quite a while looking for the right combination. To send power to the front and rear, a NP205 transfer case was used, but it features the extreme duty bearings for a little extra insurance. Well, we are happy to say that it is done (as much as any project will ever be) and here is his story!

When we meet up with Miller at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza we also met his good friend and painter, Mike Corbin. It is funny to think that this was an old SWAT truck. Everything looked great, but it wasn’t until the truck was running that the pearl really popped!

“I opted for those chargers for every day towing. He ended up moving the factory fuse panel under the dash, but needed to add a second Painless Performance fuse panel and a bunch of their wiring kits to finish wiring everything up. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request.

Behind it, a NV4500 5 speed with an upgraded 1 3/8-inch billet input shaft was connected.

How the times have changed. These are very rugged seats that can handle a lot of abuse. On top of that, it had to have great styling that would turn heads and good fuel economy,” Miller continued. Once everything was filled, sanded and prepped, Corbin took everything up to his work (he works at an auto body shop) and painted the truck a custom pearl white with Dupont’s new water based paints. So, he installed a 1.5-inch steel braided hose from the tank to a FASS 220 lift pump. To bring a little more color and texture into the cab, Miller opted to upgrade his steering wheel to a Mohagany and chrome steering. Raybuck offers an impressive selection of 1973-1987 Chevy/GM truck body panels made of heavy gauge stamped steel. Anytime we get the chance to follow the build-up of a truck from scratch, we are all over it. Then he focused on finishing the doors up with all new motors and seals. The steering wheel was a gift from his wife! Next, he installed the dash, which is factory.

From editorial work to wrenching, there isn’t much he hasn't conquered head-on.

The intake and valve covers were in pretty bad shape from the accident, too, but I managed to revive them,” said Miller. Once everything fit, he used some high temperature paint and he wrapped the exhaust to reduce the radiant heat. Such a staple should have the best, which is why we offer 9 generations worth of interior including seats, door panels, carpet kits, and more. One of the best features about the truck (other than it was built from the ground up) is that fact it will be used! Once the cage was installed, Miller went to work with Dynamat. It wasn’t until I saw the driver’s side, that I realized I shouldn’t have filled the panels.

The truck has a really great look about it due largely to the width of the tires. To get the headlights and front grill to mount properly, Miller spent a lot of time cutting the core support and redesigning the mounts for a 2nd Gen Dodge intercooler.

He braced the frame in a number of places (including a HUGE I-beam in front) and built a custom engine cross member. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

After mounting the rear bench, Miller managed to squeeze a 10-inch JL subwoofer behind the bench. Eventually he ended up purchasing a 1984 Chevrolet Crew Cab Short Bed truck that had a 6-inch lift. Here Is An Excellent Resource For You, First 1,000-Miles: Dissecting The New Toyo Open Country A/T III, SunCoast Spring Shakedown: Outlaw Diesel Super Series Round #1, Street Legal Cocaine: Montana Cherry’s 1,600-Horsepower 04 Ram, Modernized Mega Cab: Skyler Jones Drives What Once Was A Dream. Stuffed with modern technology this is the ultimate ride!

With everything together, Miller didn’t think it looked cool enough. Miller had his eye on a CaseIH Sprayer that was hit by a train traveling 55 mph.

During this whole process, Miller ended up getting married. Your base model was the "Custom" followed by "Custom Deluxe", "Cheyenne" and "Cheyenne Super".

On the exhaust side of things, a PDI 3-piece exhaust manifold serves as the base for a BorgWarner S300 with a 62-mm high pressure turbocharger, which is fed by a BorgWarner S400 with a 74-mm compressor wheel. While Larry and the crew at TMI were busy stitching up our one-off interior, we pulled the C10 into the Classic Trucks Tech Center where we gutted the cab… In addition to all new gauges, the truck would be awful to ride in during the summer if it didn’t have some ice cold air. After everything was dry and ready, they were installed on the truck in Miller’s shop/barn. With everything just about finished, it was time for the nightmare; wiring. He ended up winning “Best Custom Diesel” at the 2014 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza (the debut of the truck.). Miller works on his family farm where they buy and sell salvage AG equipment (in addition to farming). The factory dual saddle bag fuel tanks were installed and Miller wanted to make sure that fuel would never be an issue moving forward. Once all of the fabrication was complete, he moved the frame outside and sandblasted it. In 1973 & 1974 Squarebody trucks were offered with 4 different trim levels for the interior. “It may be an old truck but it still has a lot wiring with all the newer technology,” Miller said. Not only did Corbin fill all of the holes on the fenders, but he did the firewall, removed and filled all of the holes from the badges and completely smoothed the tailgate.

Unfortunately, when we pulled the dash out, we realized there was no vin in the truck,” said Miller a little frustrated.

Miller tried to keep the truck as clean as he could.

USA1 has put together an interior kit giving you the option to pick different available product combinations. All rights reserved.

Miller had taken most of the loose parts (including the cab) over to Corbin’s single car (very narrow) garage. Miller got pretty clever on the fuel plate of the p-pump. Not wanting to leave anything up to chance (remember how Miller ended up with the engine), Miller custom fabricated a 2.5-inch full roll cage for the cab of the truck. (You can unsubscribe anytime), For any questions, COPYRIGHT © 2020 SQUAREBODY SYNDICATE. Miller wanted a 4wd truck, so he added a Dana 60 with 4:10 gears (to match the 14-bolt rear end) and built a custom mount for dual Fox Racing shocks. The truck has an extremely aggressive look, but was built to handle almost everything. Miller opted for Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 36×15.5R16.

“My goal throughout the build was to make a very strong dependable every day work truck and weekend warrior,” stated Miller. Due to the unusual combination of parts, Miller had to custom make his exhaust.

There they bored the engine 0.040 over and prepped the block for the rotating assembly. Bagged and bodied #swb #crewcab dropped on big inch #billets. No matter the cab type or model year, we’ll help you find what you need at a competitive price.

I wanted a torque monster with fast spool up,” smiled Miller.

The fuel runs through a new set of 0.093-inch stainless lines and to the SAC 7×14 injectors. The front clip is off of a ’91 Suburban. © 2020 Power Automedia. Then Corbin shaved the marker lights off the fenders, shaved the antenna and filled the original mirror holes. Most small items When checking out … When I step back and look at my truck, I nailed it!” exclaims Miller. #73_87…”, - Ford, Chevy and Dodge Truck Owners and Enthusiasts, 1989 Chevrolet C30 Dually Up for auction here is a 1989 Chevrolet C30 that is in great shape. With a sound foundation, Miller installed a 6-inch lift with Sulastic rubber shackles and Adco sway bars. Miller knows the importance of an intercooler and really appreciates the clean lines of the factory truck. If you don't see the 1973-1987 Chevy truck body parts you are searching for, call or email us, chances are we have them in stock. He has posted a few videos on Facebook and has a build thread on the

The fuel plate adjuster is run directly into the cab and spinner level so he can adjust it as he drives.

Our … For the past couple of years, Eric Miller, out of Iowa, has been building his dream truck.

“The motor was fine, except for the oil pan, pickup tube, and injector lines.

They laughed and joked that there was only about a foot on each side of the cab in his garage for Corbin to work. “I’ve seen these old trucks rolled and they crush like tin cans,” explained Miller. So, there is no doubt that this truck will be seen and the owner is truly appreciating his hardwork and dedication.

Then the bare metal frame was primed and painted gloss black by Miller as well. Unboxing SCT’s New Livewire Vision, First 1,000-Miles: Dissecting The New Toyo Open Country A/T, Where Racing Fuel Started: The History Of VP, Interview With The Diesel Brothers, Heavy D And Diesel, Lessons Learned: Eric Eldreth Owner And Tuner At Innovative, Lessons Learned: “Idaho Rob” Coddens MAX’D OUT RACING and ATP, PRI 2019: Erson Cams Talks Rich History And Power-Making, AMSOIL Earns Award For New Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane, PRI 2019: High-Performance Diesel Shaft Rocker Kits From, High-Performance Racing Fasteners: How ARP Fasteners Are, Others Follow, Where We Lead: SunCoast Diesel Shop, Brotherhood Built: Behind The Scenes At Firepunk, SEMA 360: Goerend Transmission Drops New Billet Pump Gear For 48RE, SEMA 360: Fluidampr’s New Pro Pulling, Cummins, And 2JZ Dampers, SEMA 360: Hot Shot’s Secret Showcasing New Blue Diamond Trans Fluid, SEMA 360: Industrial Injection Dropping CDT Injectors and XR Turbos, Buyer’s Guide: First-Gen Cummins, 1989-93, Considering A Cummins Swap? Then he custom fabricated mounts for the 6×9 5-way Pioneer speakers powered by a JL Audio XD700 5 channel amp. “Luckily, I ended up finding a great 1989 Crew Cab out of Arizona that was actually an old SWAT truck.”.


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