common gull variations

[3] There are differing accounts as to how the species acquired its vernacular name (see Etymology section below).

Iceland and glaucous gulls are the only large gulls with whitish wing-tips (at all ages). {

[11] John Ray earlier used the name common sea-mall. When the adult's bright yellow legs aren't visible, look for a strong bill with a large red spot (often extends to the upper mandible) and a slightly darker back. Il existe quatre sous - espèces , dont deux sont considérées comme des espèces distinctes par certaines autorités: Les goélands communs et miaulements se reproduisent en colonie près de l'eau ou dans les marais, formant un nid tapissé sur le sol ou dans un petit arbre; la taille des colonies varie de 2 à 320 ou même plus de couples. Registered charity number 207238. The Wildlife Trusts is a movement made up of 46 Wildlife Trusts: independent charities with a shared mission. The Gulls will often fight one another for mates, using their beaks to tear or peck at their enemies. The name "common gull" was coined by Thomas Pennant in 1768 because he considered it the most numerous of its genus. It breeds on coastal marshes, sand dunes, rocky ledges and shingle beaches, and even on buildings. Adult mew gull.

[10] It is said that uncommon gull is a more accurate description. In summer they have a black hood, but in winter just a black cap and ear spot. font-size: .8em; Uppertail coverts are white, streaked or spotted here.

Mew Gull is isolated in this respect and is the Nearctic counterpart to Common Gull from which is differs in structural, plumages and mitochondrial DNA (Zink et al 1995). Le nom "sea mew" est une calque du nom néerlandais "zee meeuw". Il se distingue en outre du goéland à bec cerclé par son bec plus court et plus effilé, qui est d'une nuance plus verdâtre de jaune et n'est pas marqué pendant la saison de reproduction. Malling Olsen and Larsson (2003) (from hereon “Gulls”) separate Mew Gull Larus brachyrhynchus off from Common Gull Larus canus, and report of Kamchatka Gull L.c. 1cy Common Gull variation Posted by Graham Catley at 8:42:00 pm.

En hiver, la tête est striée de gris et le bec présente souvent une bande noirâtre mal définie près de la pointe, ce qui est parfois suffisamment évident pour prêter à confusion avec le goéland à bec cerclé.

Adults have pale grey upperparts, dark underwings and white wing-tips. Compared to glaucous, Iceland gulls are smaller, with a thin bill, small head and large eye that conveys a gentle impression. When taming was attempted, the gull seemed to forget it’s tasks and return to a Common Gull’s usual behavior, even when raised away from others of its kind. A winter visitor. Common Gulls are unpredictable creatures, as modern examinations have shown. Diversity. A medium-sized gull, it is similar in appearance to the larger, herring gull, but lacks the famous red spot on its bill. The Common Gull has a highly variable body size, anywhere between a foot to two feet long with a wingspan of two to four inches accordingly as it is twice their body length.


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